Friday, November 27, 2015

4 Drone Whistleblowers Are Being Railroaded by the Roman Beast

   Earlier this month on Nov. 19 there was a press conference held where four former U.S. Military veteran drone operators blew the whistle on America's illegal and immoral drone program. Brandon Bryant, who has been speaking out for three years was joined by three others at this press conference: Michael Hass, Stephen Lewis, and Cian Westmoreland who all three spoke publicly for the first time about the horrors of what they were asked and made to do in the name of patriotism. 

   The video below is from Dahboo777 from YouTube who explains the government is freezing their bank accounts now as penalty for coming out and speaking about the hidden truths about our drone military program. The article link I'll place below goes into some of the types of immoral acts they were told to do as part of their duty targeting helpless people all around the world and even children. 

   This is par for the course when it comes to the Jesuit Vatican New World Order, but these guys couldn't do it anymore and to try and make it right are coming against what they likely know to be a ruthless killing machine Beast system- by shedding light on their secret doings. JFK was trying to do the same thing, remember...

   Pray for these guys that they find salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ if they haven't already, and that they may be protected and given favor to speak out successfully against this beast system. Don't get made at them for what they did do, because the important part of this story is they stopped doing it and are trying to make it right even though it will mean heavy consequences in their lives. 

   Dahboo says the main stream media isn't reporting on this, I'll take his word for this as I don't watch television and am disconnected with all mainstream sources (and controlled opposition sources as well). CNN and the rest of the hollywood sets are not going to be tasked with covering something like this, so you have to share the story yourself and read between the lines. Admittedly I have just become aware of this story and haven't done very much research at all, but I felt I needed to bring it to your awareness and do what I could to spread  real news in the land of the Jesuit Vatican New World Order illusion beast system...all roads lead to Rome, don't forget it...

Article: "'You Can't Buy My Soul': Drone Whistleblowers Speak Out" by Kevin Gosztola on

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