Thursday, January 28, 2016

Natural Cure for Cancer?

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(Update 6/5/16: Wanted to share an article I just wrote called "MMS: Natural Cure for Cancer, Diabetes, HIV, Malaria, Autism, and more")

This post is going to be a mini resource center for those who want to know the truth about Cancer, and how to effectively treat it organically and naturally. 

There are many repressed news stories about doctors and clinics all over the world in the last couple decades, where cancer was being cured with natural organic cures. These clinics and doctors were and are shut down, killed, and/or bought off by "them".

Chemotherapy is a conspiratorial systematic way to kill people who have a disease they created in the first place. Chemotherapy is a great way for the Vatican led New World Order Luciferians to steal people's wealth by having the patients pay for their poisonous death. All the while, they repress the real cures for cancer and their Jesuit Catholic run medical system in America keeps doctors and medical staff in the dark. If anyone does catch on and realize the cure is a simple protein, they either stay quiet about it or get fired and/or maybe killed.

The Problem and Solution:

The chemicals they're introducing into our food, water, air, and vaccines/medicines – are creating an overload of a destructive enzyme called Nagalase, and are creating an absence of a protein called GcMAF.

Nagalase cause cancer and many other diseases when the immune system is unable to defend itself because of the absence of a natural occurring protein in the body called GcMAF. They have designed their chemicals to create an absence of this protein and accelerate the presence of Nagalase, which are very destructive and cause cancer and other modern diseases.

GcMAF works with Vitamin D to boost the immune system and fight off Nagalase. Without GcMAF, Vitamin D is useless and the lack of Vitamin D allows the Nagalase to cause disease!

The natural cure for cancer is: boosting in the body the protein called GcMAF


Now, this is a simple understanding of what the problem is. The problem with cancer is not that there isn't a cure, but that people would rather believe the fool who wants to put them through chemotherapy and not the simple truth – that God placed the cure here for us.

We can prevent and avoid their diseases by eating organically and having a balanced intake of vitamins and herbs. Or we can continue to eat, drink, and take their popular poisons (GMO, High-Fructose Corn Syrup, Aspartame, Fluoride, Flu-shots, vaccines, pills, etc...) and pay for it with cancer and other common diseases like diabetes, MS, and many more.

Read the two articles shared below this post, and listen to the two radio shows from Greg Anthony below: talking about this subject and the dead doctors. After simply reading these two articles and listening to these two radio shows, you should understand better what's really going on in regards to this cancer thing. 

Hopefully, this information doesn't come too late, but we have to do what we can while we can. May the Lord Jesus open your eyes, and may you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Truly, salvation is the most important thing we can attain, and Jesus is the great physician and healer. 

Greg Anthony's Internet Radio Show:

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