Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Internet Radio Show Spotlight: "Hour of Discernment"

Radio Show on TalkShoe

(Update: show has been on leave since early March, I'm not sure when/if coming back.)

 Listeners can find “Hour of Discernment” on Talkshoe.com where they can listen live M-F 11a.m. EST, or they can download the 45 minute show to their devices and listen. Also, this show is syndicated on BlogTalkRadio.com on a show called “Mystery Babylon”. Both of these are ran and hosted by Christian brother Walt Stickle. From Oregon, Walt also runs a website called GrandDesignExposed.com

 All Christians (esp. Americans) should listen to this show. It's more important than Steve Quayle and the Hagmann Report. Because Walt not only gives the gospel, but also points out true history and what it means for us now through a Biblical mind-set. There is only one truth, and that absolute is the Word of God in its' inspired form. The Bible clearly points out the Anti-Christ as the Papacy, and Mystery Babylon the Harlot that rides the beast as the Vatican City and the Roman Catholic Institution.

Walt provides exciting insights into the true history of America as well as the world. And with the Historicist point of view instead of the common Futurist prophetic point of view - “Hour of Discernment” is able to make sense of history, the present, and the future. Jesus Christ is our hope and our salvation, and the Papacy is the Anti-Christ and the biggest enemy of Jesus Christ and His church - as the Pope is directed by Satan.

Tune in to Walt Stickle, as he hosts “Hour of Discernment” and find valuable knowledge that'll help you put the puzzle pieces together. Be blessed while finding fellowship with those who have the peace of Jesus Christ and the sound mind to have joy and love for one another. God is love, and it's loving to tell the truth.  

TalkShoe Radio Show: "Hour of Discernment"

BlogTalkRadio Show: "Mystery Babylon"

Walt Stickle's Website: GrandDesignExposed 


  1. Happy new year! Thanks for this article. It's been crickets on the interwebs for me looking for worthwhile stuff. Did you Have a chance to check out the ted broer piece on hagmann? I've grown to abhor their podcast with all the alien hubbub but I'm telling you Broer was on point. I like g craige Lewis, Michael heiser and Doug Batchelor. Batchelor dabbles in the great controversy as reference like all sda stuff- but I find he relies on the scripture and continually advocates that we study the word for ourselves and not rely on pastors- in my book he's legit. I'm rambling but I've been looking out for your new posts.
    So your state is in the news lately? Ha. Bless, SSargassoSea

  2. Thanks for coming by and the interesting comment. I've wondered about Ted, he talks about the Nogolas or whatever natural cure for cancer, which is powerful insight. I've never heard of Lewis, Heiser, or Batchelor. SDA have a lot of good teaching on the Roman Catholic Beast with the Anti-Christ Papacy past history and proof of their dominance today- Walter Veith puts out some great info. I can't believe in Ellen G White though, she was false in some ways. Miller was a Freemason. The mother harlot likes to mold her opposition.
    Some hold out in East Oregon near Burns where I grew up sorta, sure it's being controlled in news who knows what it's about so far.

  3. Heyyyyy,

    Nice to hear from you. I'm not into Ellen White as years ago I was taught that the 'force' she mentions in her writings is the same force from Star Wars, meaning the dragon deceiver satan. The word 'stuff' was a typo in my original post- I was acknowledging that sda people use Ellen white as reference but I have found Doug Batchelor though sda, to be an insightful bible based teacher. None of the people I mentioned are on the hagmann podcast. Heiser is a linguist and academic versed in ancient Hebrew, ancient Greek and Aramaic. He teaches that we must study the bible with historicity in context and consideration for original language of the text. G Craige Lewis is a pastor who has been teaching about satanism in music, specifically hip hop, and teaching people about heretical church teachings that have taken over the church like false prosperity gospels etc.

    Incidentally, Batchelor went public about what the pope represents I think before the last pope resigned and then he went public about what lines up in prophecy with the new pope's unification of religion message- so yea, he's been diplomatically and tactfully being honest about what Catholicism represents without alienating Catholics themselves. He speaks truth without hating the sinner or assigning blame to people by attacking the apostasy of the organization.


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