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Internet Radio Show Spotlight: "Investigative Journal" w/Greg Anthony

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 Greg is the host of a long running radio show, which has been on a few different networks in the past. At present Greg Anthony (middle name of Greg Szymanski) is on FirstAmendment Radio, where they allow him to speak the truth about the Vatican led New World Order. Greg's hour long show heard 5 days a week M-Friday, is “an alternative to the alternative news stations”.

There are very few people left in the Western world who speak the truth about the Beast Vatican and its insurmountable crimes of humanity in the past and present. Truly, the litmus test for every investigator who is supposedly seeking truth is: what is their stance on the Vatican and the Papacy? From the answer to this question, one will find out: if a person is either ignorant of, or part of the conspiracy.

Greg Anthony is a sincere truth seeker who does real investigative journalism, instead of the scripted acting all mainstream news shows do. Also, the script acting the mainstream alternative news stations do as well, such as BillHicks/Alex Jones, for instance. I don't think I could compliment Greg enough for his love of the truth, and his bravery to speak the truth – even when it implicates the biggest, baddest, richest, most wicked entity on the earth today: the Vatican Beast and the Anti-Christ Papacy.

I used to listen to the "Hagmann and Hagmann Report" and the crew of futurist they have on as guest, and one thing they never talk about is: the last couple thousand years of history where this Beast Vatican has ruled over the earth and persecuted the saints mercilessly. Just happens that Steve Quayle and the Hagmanns were raised Catholic, and Doug Hagmann even went to a Jesuit seminary – before he left, I guess, although I've never heard a testimony about this from him...?

One would have to be naive and ignorant to think the Jesuits haven't infiltrated every sector of our culture, including the alternative news and Christian remnant groups. Most of the people who listen to Quayle and Hagmanns are sincere Christians who are part of the remnant, but are deceived into thinking the Anti-Christ is coming in the future, instead of understanding the Papacy is the Anti-Christ and always has been. Basically, these dear Christians who are part of the remnant believe in futurism, so are deceived by these questionable remnant leaders...

I wanted to share Greg Anthony's “Investigative Journal” internet radio show, just in case there's someone who truly does love the truth and wants to know what's really going on in the world. No where else is anyone talking about the crimes the U.S. government did (and are doing) to the Tony Alamo Ministry. 

I listened to Quayle and crew for 5 years and never once heard about the injustice that happened in 2008: when the U.S. government raided Alamo's unarmed ministry with assault rifles, ultimately putting pastor Alamo in prison for 175 years on bogus charges with a kangaroo court. Then the wonderful Roman government went on to kidnap 36 children from parents who were part of the ministry (all because Tony exposes the Vatican). Never once did I ever hear the Hagmanns, Quayle, or any of their crew speak of this. Greg is about the only one talking about this huge injustice. 

Just to note, the Hagmanns also let people say Ablerto Rivera was a fraud on their show. Also, the only expose they did on the Vatican and the Jesuits was with the very suspect Eric Jon Phelps. Eric, is suspected by many sincere Protestant believers to be an actual Jesuit infiltrator himself...they love to lead the opposition. And, of course, the Hagmanns have him on, but what about Greg? What about Tom Friess and Walt Stickle? Nope...

There are many directions I could go in this article discussing these matters, but suffice it to simply highlight some interesting points. This spotlight post may just entice someone out there to listen in to a radio show that's not bought and sold by the Vatican Beast new world order. Greg is an entertaining and informative host with formal journalism skills, and importantly a Christian who loves the truth (Jesus is the truth, the way, the life).

One can listen to Greg's Show Live (and on downloadable archives) M-F 6pm Pacific Time on

"Investigative Journal" show can be found also on
Greg Anthony's Website: 

Also, FirstAmendmentRadio has a YouTube channel where you can listen to his show: FirstAmendmentRadio YouTube Channel

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