Friday, May 27, 2016

The Beast System Owns Every Bit of Your "Wealth"

cc from Vatican City

 1 Timothy 6:10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

I wanted to discuss some insights around this verse which validate its truthfulness. First I want to define wealth in this context. Wealth includes all monetary assets: money, investments, property, possessions, businesses, and etc.

I'm also going to speak about Americans, but largely this applies to a world-wide audience (not global, rather world-wide - earth is flat).

Yes, we need money to get by and live in this beast system we're in today. No longer can people simply own a piece of land and work a self-sustainable farm – without having to pay taxes. Taxes is nothing more than a tithe we're paying to the Vatican, which is the Great Whore that rides the Beast in Revelation chapter 17.

Even though we need the funny paper money to play this game they've created to control us, we don't have to ambitiously hunger and thirst for the accumulation of this fake money. Having ambition to be rich is sign you're serving money and not God. 

Someone who resides in the body of Christ Jesus would simply give away any money they acquired that was past a reasonable amount for their needs. Excess money and investing into the beast system is not what a real believer would do.

Let me explain why investing into the beast system and trying to acquire wealth is a foolish thing to do.

They Own the Banks, Law, and Wall Street

Say, for instance you made $10 million working hard at your own private business. Instead of helping real Christian ministries out in the world, you invested into an IRA, property, banks, etc.

Every bit of money that's in the bank and invested in mutual funds, property, etc. – is not even really there. All that's there is only nominal numbers, which workers for the beast give you, to represent what's supposedly there. Workers for the beast system, directly have total control over whether you'll ever get any money that's now in their control.

Say you own ten pieces of land. How do you prove you own the land? A deed or title showing ownership right? And who is the arbitrator when the government or financial institutions (which all work for the government) say you don't own the property? The answer is the law, the courts – and who owns the courts? Exactly...

All they have to do is say you have no money, and you don't own your property – and you can do nothing about it. The only reason they allow and will allow you to have the money or property, is if you go along with whatever they demand – like the mark of the beast coming soon.

There is No Law

You have to realize there's no law anymore in America. There's no justice for each citizen anymore. Personally, I believe America after 1776 has been this way. Only before 1776, was anyone actually free in the colonies.

1776 was simply a Jesuit inspired and planned revolution to gain “religious freedom”, so the Catholics could take over -- and look who's in charge now...Oh and the Muslims were created by the Vatican by the way...

What most Americans don't understand, in their relentless pursuit of gaining and accumulating money and “wealth”, is that America is in a state of lawlessness. The only justice that comes is because of people who love the truth (Jesus Christ is the Truth) and uphold justice individually – this means there are still judges, cops, even politicians and bankers still upholding justice in America, but the Satanist in charge of the entire beast system at the top – are entirely lawless, just like their master Satan.

Get The Right Perspective

Stop worshiping money and “wealth” and thinking it's going to get you anything. The only thing valuable is eternal life after this cursed existence is over. True wealth is faith in the Holy Bible, salvation by Jesus Christ, and the goodness of God on this earth. The world is poor, wretched, and miserable, while believers in Jesus Christ are the richest people on earth.

The entire system is rigged, numbers in a bank and on some piece of paper or digital screen – don't have any value at all. All these celebrities and rich sports stars have all their millions and billions in the banks and in Wall Street, so in actuality they have no money at all except what they have in their pockets and under their beds – and their handlers know how much they have there too. Besides Federal Reserve notes are worthless anyway.

Even if you have a thousand gold bars, what are you going to do with them? Are you going to trade someone for some bread or gas? What will they do with it? 

An entire new system of currency would have to be established around a gold standard in order for any worth to be placed on precious metals. And exactly how will this happen when the beast system controls everything? This system is only going to get bigger and more in control until finally Jesus Christ comes back and wipes them out in an instant – BAM!

All we can do is be wise about how we handle the money and resources we have, knowing God gives us all good things. Give God control over all your money and materials, and desire in your heart God's will be done and not yours. Give your money to Godly ministries and make use of it while you still can, before the beast system simply says you don't have any money.

Scott Stapp Example

A year and a half ago (Nov. 2014) Scott Stapp, the lead singer for Creed, went through this, when he became born-again as a believer in Jesus Christ, and then found himself among wicked people, including his handler wife.

He escaped their grasps and went off on his own to try and figure out how to expose them, and get justice for the money they stole, and to rid them from his life – so he could live for Jesus and raise his children for Jesus – BUT when he went to his bank accounts they said he didn't have access to his accounts. He had his ID, but he was restricted from getting any money out completely.

Scott had millions of dollars in the couple bank accounts he had personally, but he was denied getting a hold of any of it, and he ended up hungry and living in his truck for months. He posted a couple videos late in 2014, telling what was going on. He ended up losing even his truck and was riding around on a bicycle!

The news media; mouth piece of the Vatican beast system, called him crazy, bi-polar, blah blah, until finally they got a hold of him months later and put him in “rehab.”

Months later, he came out brainwashed and saying everything they wanted him to say. His ISIS connected Muslim wife was there by his side, while he said he'd been bi-polar and crazy...blah blah blah. See, they threaten you and your families lives, until you submit. Point is, he was blocked from all his money and possessions until he was a common homeless beggar...

This scenario has happened many times before to celebrities, Willie Nelson was one, and many times they simply kill them.


What is wealth then to you? You could work your entire life accumulating money and stuff, and it can all be simply taken away in one day by the beast – and there's NOTHING you could do about it. Think about it and maybe re-evaluate what you're living for and how.


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