Monday, July 25, 2016

Why is Shaeffer Cox in Prison?

Did you know that America holds innocent people in prison because of their politics? Political prisoners is a phrase Americans don't generally associate with our “free Republic”, yet Shaeffer Cox (along with Tony Alamo) is a notable example of how unfree this country really is.

Shaeffer Cox has his own Wikipedia page, so we know he's really arrived. Too bad he's sitting in prison for 26 years in Illinois, although he's from Alaska and the trial was held there. They (Vatican led NWO, FBI) claim he plotted to kill some federal officers, but this is simply a complete lie the FBI infiltrators told about him.

The truth is actually easy to see if a person just looked into this case a little, FBI infiltrators were sent into his circle of friends in Alaska acting as if they were something they weren't, these undercover FBI agents then tried to instigate Shaeffer into plotting to kill federal agents, but he would hear none of it. See, Shaeffer Cox is a peaceful man, a soft spoken articulate man, of whom the same government who killed JFK (notably) thinks is a threat – basically, because he makes too much sense.

I'm not an expert on this case, but I do want to write an article and try to inform people who care about innocent people being put into prison for being good citizens and people. Shaeffer Cox is an amazing Christian American man who saw how corrupt the legal system is in the U.S. and decided to set up common law courts in his community.

His movement was based in the U.S. Constitution and common law, which is what's been used for thousands of years – and is what we as free citizens are actually under. Common law is basically common sense: don't infringe on someone's property (steal or trespass) and don't hurt anyone physically. And if these rules are broken, the guilty must pay back what they took or be permanently shunned from the community as an outlaw. There's more to it than just this, but basically it's a form of justice that actually helps people and communities.

Shaeffer Cox made it clear he didn't support any violence against the current system, but because he was a supporter of militias (Constitutionally legal) and was so effectively reaching people – he was framed and put into a CIA prison in Illinois. He's since been placed in general population.

LoneStar 1776 (YouTube channel) has been helping get the word out about Shaeffer, just as he did with Kent Hovind. Shaeffer has been in prison since 2011, and so faces another 20 years if he can't file a successful appeal to get out. His wife and two small children may have to be robbed of their husband and dad for 26 years. Satan loves to destroy Christian families the most.

In the video directly below is a speech Shaeffer Cox made in 2009 in Montana, which sums up what he believes and the real reason why he was imprisoned. Below this video is another video summing up his story:

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