Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Why the Vatican Led NWO Wants Donald Trump to Be President

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 As much as I've tried to not pay attention to the presidential election in 2016, between Trump and Hilary, I've been unable to shut it out completely. Something strange is happening in this election, something that warrents my attention more than usual. The topic has to do with the remnant Christians praying and supporting Donald Trump for President.

What this means to me is: the deception is especially thick this election year.

In an effort to break this illusion from Satan and help us see through the lies, I want to explain why the Vatican led NWO wants Donald Trump to be President of the U.S.

The Perception of Hilary

Interestingly, Hilary is being made out to be a crook on her deathbed. She's even been having convulsions in front of reporters, and is being scripted to act totally inept and crooked. We have to understand: nothing comes across mainstream media (esp. about the presidential election) that isn't scripted to carry out the agenda, thus, the American peoples' perception about Hilary is purposely formed, but why?

The purpose Hilary's act is carrying out (to fulfill the agenda) is to: scare people so bad (this monster could be our President) that they'll blindly follow Trump, who by they way, tells the (naturally and justifiably) disgruntled masses everything they want to hear.

The main purpose is to make it seem like we've elected a “real American” who is “sent by God” to “make America great again”, and Hilary is the best contrast to that character.

The perception of Hilary, just as well, could've been her as the savior and the patriot, because every single bit of mainstream media (and most big alternative media) are working directly for the Vatican led NWO (Alex Jones being a leading disinformation agent working for the Vatican in the alt. news scene).

Hilary is purposely being made to look like a crazy monster who is on her death bed. Trump is purposely being made to look like: an unconnected to the elite, Christian, patriot, regular guy, going against the NWO globalist. The mainstream perception of these candidates are false and misleading; the good and the bad is scripted and used to manipulate those who believe what the mainstream says.

Donald Trump's Catholic (Jesuit) Connection

Donald didn't just go to a Catholic university (like Texe Marrs went to and graduated from Notre Dame, by the way), but he went to a Jesuit university for 2 years: Fordham University located in New York City, NY. This being one of the 28 Jesuit universities located in the U.S.

Also, it should be obvious to anyone who investigates this even a little, that Trump is a Freemason – obviously a high-level mason being such an elitist.
So, the question I'm asking is: why are the remnant Christians supporting and praying for Trump to win the election with these damning facts? Almost all the sincere ministries my wife and I follow and listen to are supporting and praying for this Jesuit trained, high-level Freemason to become President! Why?

Well, because Hilary is very scary, and Trump is being made to look like an evangelical Christian patriot! When he's actually a faceless, sell-out, elitist, playing his big part in the Presidential play – and, possibly, his even bigger part to come (WW3).

Why the Jesuits Will Get Trump Elected

Be careful what you ask for Christians, and be careful who you cast your vote for (not because it's actually counted at the Federal level, but because God sees it).

How do you think the Germans felt who supported Hitler before he turned out to be a deceiver and war mongering demon? Trump is very much like Hitler, and America is very much in the decadent shape Germany was in before Hitler came to save the day: “Defend the Homeland!” It's all an act folks, he could care less about America...he's a servant to the Vatican and the Anti-Christ Papacy.

The Jesuits are the Nazis, the Communists, and the Capitalists too – and don't forget, worshipers of Lucifer. They're also liars, because they're father is the father of lies and cannot tell the truth. Trump has learned well that the ends justify the means (Jesuit teaching), when he lies and deceives the American people into thinking he's something he's not.

The truth is Donald Trump is the son of an elite and crooked New York City businessman (Fred Trump), and has been groomed and brought up in the elite Freemason lodges and secret societies in New York City; this city being one of the epicenters of wickedness in Satan's world kingdom – Isis, the light bearer (Satan), holding the torch of enlightenment: Mystery Babylon Religions, i.e. the Statue of Liberty, given by the French Masonic lodges.

Trump attended Fordham, the Jesuit university of New York City, likely, the second most prestigious and influential “higher educational” center in the U.S., only surpassed by the Georgetown University blight upon our nation and world.

This Catholic and Jesuit connection should be telling enough for every Protestant Christian to not believe a word the deceiver says; he will say anything he needs to, in order for the ultimate agenda to take place.


Donald Trump, in my opinion, will win the U.S. Presidential elections in 2016, and instead of being true to his “everyday, honest guy, patriotic, Christian persona” – he'll instead be forced to be the war mongering, race war instigating, and martial law initiating U.S. President. Donald Trump is, likely, assigned to prepare and led us into a patriotic war, that is: world war 3 (Christians vs. Muslims/Atheists).

WW3 is the next big real life play the Vatican led NWO wants to act out, with the help of the ignorant masses, i.e. “helpful idiots” (as Stalin called them), whom believe the constant lies coming out of Trump's lying mouth.

When Trump is elected, America, along with many deceived Christians, will think our nation is getting back on track, finally. Yet, when they say peace peace, sudden destruction will come.

Obama, the Lord of the Flies, and Bush, the masculine homosexual Nazi, – have done great work for the Vatican led NWO since 2000, and have put the puzzle pieces in place for Trump to roll in and save the day – creating such a nationalistic fervor that most will rush headlong into battle against ISIS and the Muslims at the slightest provocation!

Even the mere refusal of the enemy to listen (Poland) may light the flames and passions of nationalistic fervor for war! Defend the Homeland! Trump, Trump...hand salute...glory to America...

The well-intending American patriots and sincere Christians will soon realize (after WW3 destroys America and much of the world) that they were played like silly putty and Trump was the hireling that led them to slaughter and captivity – yet, it was their own sins that blinded them and led them into captivity, ultimately, Trump was just the judgment tool.


Of course, Hilary is a satanist, lesbian, murderer, as well as a demon possessed person who would equally destroy America, yet she's not the one picked to lead us into WW3. She's playing the perfect part to scare everyone so badly that they'll follow Fordham Trump blindly and stupidly – just like we did Obama in 2008 because of her.

The American people would never get into a war fervor for Hilary, they need a person acting like Trump to relate to, and who gives them hope for a normal, Godly America to be restored. Real men fight wars remember, not pansy liberals.

Don't put your hope in the governments of this world Christians, and stop being so naive and blind to the truth. Yes, we can make a positive difference in our local communities and districts, yet at the federal and even the higher state levels, the Vatican NWO is completely in control of this world.

Jesus, ultimately, is in control, and our sincere prayers and obedience to the Holy Bible (KJV) is more powerful than any vote – especially federal election votes never counted anyway.

This is what Trump really is: a fake, sell-out, Vatican NWO made billionaire, Freemason, Jesuit co-agitator, double-minded man, liar, actor, war-monger, glory-hound, and, likely, much worse than this – I'll be polite, yet just look up the Franklin Cover-Up case and see what many high-level politicians and business people do (especially those in secret societies and Catholicism) in America and across the world.

Fordham Trump and Hilary Rotten Clinton are both enemies of God and Jesus Christ. They both actively and consciously worship Lucifer and are handsomely rewarded for it in this world, yet they'll pay in the Lake of Fire, if they continue to have fellowship with darkness.

Trump, was raised in darkness, educated in darkness, and lives in darkness to this day – pray for him, yet realize the he's blind to his sins.

My real country is with God in heaven. America was started in 1776 by Jesuit influence, and has slowly been taken over by the evil masters of Mystery Babylon; this once beautiful Protestant land of British colonies has been taken over after religious freedom was instituted in our Constitution, giving Rome the green light to implement their religious and governmental systems in America.

The foundation of America was the beginning of the end for the Protestants in this land, as “freedom of religion” allowed the – once banned from holding office and worshiping their idols – Catholics to hold office and build their idol worshiping centers across America, beginning, of course, in Maryland; sweet, sweet, mother ISIS, Lucifer's ma.

Hopefully, this provides a different perspective for people out there wondering what's really going on, and will dis-spell the illusion that the Vatican led NWO is creating with their actors and constant media blitz.

Praise God for not being a respecter of persons and revealing the truth to the lowly and meek. Praise you Jesus for being so awesome, fair, loving, open, trustworthy, good, and not being a respecter of persons, praise God!

Greg Anthony, on his radio show Investigative Journal, has been covering the "Greatest Off Broadway Stage Play ever performed": a multi-part series on the presidential election play, which is the most honest and insightful coverage I've heard -- check it out.

Follow-Up Article: "At the Crossroads of Christian Faith in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election: Man or Jesus?"


  1. You nailed it. I suspected this and you confirmed it. So who do we vote for?

  2. Thanks for that Cynthia, I'm glad you understand cause your the first one besides my wife that sees this too. There's no solution when it comes to President or Federal government, only local voting. As you know the only solution is Jesus Christ, not man's government. God bless and thanks for commenting.

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