Sunday, February 12, 2017

False Christian Revival

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There seems to be a false Christian revival brewing in America and around the world. Puppet conservative leaders are being given the support and green light from the Papal powers to be. The Jesuits have their main actor: Trump, in place, playing the “blue collar conservative Protestant Christian." The “right” is solidifying under Trump, in order to fight back the socially engineered marxist liberal insanity and corruption that we've faced for decades.

The Jesuits (Satan's tools) are hard at work in the theater as well, molding popular cultures from the new digital age. While many are operating on a false sense of security, others are confused and deceived by the two-party solution.

Trump is the Pope's tool, even though they act otherwise at staged times. Truth is, Trump is a willing participant of the Vatican led New World Order, of course, run by the Anti-Christ: The Papacy.

Many sincere Christians are being deceived, and will fight for Trump and the causes that we'll face soon enough. The causes will be even worse than the further degrade of Christian morality, on the level of worldwide war, where tens of millions of people die. Yet, either way, death is the wages of sin, so we must be in the body of Jesus Christ.

True believers in the Holy Bible understand, sooner or later, that Roman Catholicism is the Great Harlot that rides the Beast. Also, that the Man of Sin and the Little Horn is the Papacy, in other words: all the Popes since 538 A.D.

True believers know this is true, therefore, they'll suffer the wrath of Satan.

Yet, we should worry only about being subjected to the wrath of God, because only God has the ability to destroy both the body and the soul. We are only immortal and eternal in Jesus Christ, because He is God. We live through the power of the Life, the Light, the Way, and the Truth, which is Jesus Christ, which is the Word of God.

The main power of deception is ignorance and silence. The main reasons for good people to be silent and willfully ignorant of these Christian truths are:
  • fear of man more than fear of God
  • lust of the flesh, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God
  • greedy for mammon, self-worship, fame, and materials

For these temporary pleasures, for this short mortal life, good people keep silent and stay willfully ignorant. The truth is not, generally, palatable to the leadership and authority, yet the regular people actually are interested.

Christians naturally love the truth, because John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

That means Catholic beliefs are Anti-Christ, as they believe and say salvation is through them only (7 Sacraments), and those that rule the church think they are divine agents from the god of this world, death, and sin, Satan, of whom they worship as Lucifer. They believe in light (Lucifer) and darkness (Satan), and believe these both must be present to have a balanced reality – this is only true if one wanted eternal life in our perpetual state of sinfulness.

...That would be torture more than anyone could bear. Death is either going home to Father God at the resurrection of the righteous, or being raised up after the Millennial Kingdom and judged by God on the Great White Stone Judgment, to then be burned in the lake of fire, to be destroyed both body and soul, with eternal results.

There will be no eternal, immortal soul, suffering in the flames of hell alive; the wicked will suffer their due punishment in the lake of fire, before they're burned up completely and eternally destroyed.

Others will simply be burned up quickly and relatively painlessly. Their regret will be the biggest pain to deal with, knowing they willing rejected the truth or erroneously thought they really were Christians, although they never read their Bibles or gave God much thought in their lives. They'll realize: I never really did believe in the Holy Bible, of course, in its preserved and inspired forms, notably the KJV 1611 AV, from the Majority and Received Text.

The God of the Holy Bible is the only true God and is life and love John 3:16. God shows us love by sending His only begotten Son to die on the cross for our sins, so we may get to heaven and live forever, with a loving, righteous, and awesome God.

Satan tries to make God seem unloving and unfair, yet fails to deceive those that believe in, and live their lives according to, the Holy Bible. 

Christian Persecution in America 

An example of how Satan calls evil good and good evil, is the political prisoner (by the Vatican): Tony Alamo, who was placed in U.S. prison systems for 175 years for supposedly violating the Man Act, which is a law put on the books to fight against prostitution being facilitated across state lines.

This is actually only a law used as entrapment, and was all they could do, because there was no evidence for his guilt, in reality – or the parents (church members of Tony Alamo Christian Ministries), who had dozens of their children stolen by U.S. government law enforcement agencies in 2008; most haven't been returned to their parents even today in  2017 (9 years later); even though, no evidence has been found of their, supposed, abuse or neglect toward their children.

Tony Alamo Petition (Free Tony Alamo)

One of the main reasons why the Vatican didn't like Tony Alamo, is because he and the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries befriended brother A. Rivera, allowing the born again Christian believer and ex-Jesuit priest to speak at the ministry.

This was around the year 1984 and the result was Holy Spirit preaching for an entire week. This can be found on YouTube: Dr.Alberto Rivera, ex-Jesuit Priest.

Because Tony was a friend to someone so dangerous to the Anti-Christ Papacy and Jesuit order, he was targeted like Abraham Lincoln was when he helped Charles Chiniquy.

Who was the author of the great book: “50 Years In The Church of Rome”

Lincoln was his defense lawyer against a Jesuit influenced persecution; the flimsy evidence was staged and the priests witnessed falsely against the born-again believer Charles Chiniquy, the ex- Roman Catholic Priest.

Yet, the Lord through A. Lincoln, helped Charles get free from the clutches of the Beast. The Jesuits had their minds set to kill him as an enemy heretic from that day forward, until they finally had him assassinated on April 15, 1965. Lincoln was a born-again Christian believer, I believe, no matter what propaganda has been taught in Jesuit run school systems and culture. 

History Distorted and Repressed

Our history has been filtered through the minds of the Anti-Christ -- through his agents working for the Vatican – around the entire flat earth, worldwide.

This means all the facts aren't present in our establishment history sources, which are influenced, produced, and created by agents working for the Great Serpent, a.k.a. Vatican City.

Already, speaking about this prophecy and subject is a no-no, because everyone, nearly, believes (for good believable, yet fabricated, reasons) that the Muslims are the problem – and the liberal fools campaigning for them and, subsequently, for our country's destruction by them.

Well, yes the Muslims are a big problem, but only because the Vatican created Islam, in order to have a useful tool in its never-ending quest for wold domination under Lucifer. Realizing this root problem helps us live Godly lives separated from the Beast and its lies. 

People don't quite understand that not speaking about it won't make it not true or a non-issue. The Vatican is a major issue for those who believe in Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible, because they're the greatest mortal enemies to God and humanity on this earth, in the flesh.

There is only one God, one Truth, and one absolute; evidence shows, overwhelmingly, that one Truth to be: the Holy Bible, in its inspired majority text versions.

False Revival Unfolding

During this false revival, the main elements left out will be: the 7th day Sabbath and the Historicist prophetic interpretation, i.e. Papacy is the Man of Sin.

Everything else will be allowed and encouraged in the ecumenical false Christian revival, as long as the ecumenical movement is joined and agreed with.

All churches not willing to join the ecumenical movement, will be eventually persecuted as: hateful, ignorant, and brain washed people, going against the Sunday law, which will be the focal point for the ecumenical worldwide church and environmental movements. Peace and security, then comes sudden destruction.

I support only those ministries that preach against the Anti-Christ Papacy, as these are the brave and informed Christians who know what's going on in the country and world. The Bible tells us who the enemy is and what will be, and tells us to remember the Sabbath, to keep it holy, the 4th Commandment Exodus 20:8-11.

Some of the ministries we support are Futurist Christians, yet they know the Roman Catholic Church is the Mother Harlot that rides the Beast. Knowing this much is better than thinking that Catholicism is Christianity, then fellowship with darkness at large ecumenical gatherings, in order to: promote, lead, and encourage the Protestant churches to become harlots like their mother -- to come back into the fold of the Vicar of Christ, who's actually the Man of Sin using his false religious system tool.

Although, these Futurist Christians don't understand prophecy, still, they know their enemy enough to not go along with the Sunday law and the ecumenical movement -- those that are not against us are with us. 

  Even so, it's been a blessing to find there's still a small remnant of Historicist Christians who understand the Bible on a level we need in these end times; there are tens of millions of Christians that believe the Historicist prophetic interpretation of Daniel, Revelation, and the rest of the Holy Bible. 

This historicist prophetic view may bring persecution for speaking freely, but what good is living in this world if truth can't be spoken freely, which is: goodness, peace, understanding, and love?

Nearly all of the Protestant reformers were Historicist, as was the true Christian Church in the wilderness, including the Waldenses; and they kept the true Sabbath, the 7th day (Saturday). 

We don't need to fret and worry about our enemy, yet it's wise to keep updated intelligence on him, to be wise as a serpent, yet harmless as doves.

When I talk of this false revival, I'm speaking of a coming ecumenical Christianity that will be all inclusive, except for those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. "That minority must be eliminated," the wicked will say: "to have harmony and peace on earth, no matter if its Lucifer who rules or not." 

Those who love the truth, will not fall for this false Christian ecumenical revival, rather, will find the truth in Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible and come out of Mystery Babylon. Those who love the truth will remain faithful til the end, no matter what will be. Praise God for the victory in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Amen.  


  1. Praise be to our Father in heaven. He will raise up His peculiar people, and they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they love not their lives unto death.
    And the dragon was wroth with woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the COMMANDMENTS OF GOD and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.

    1. Amen, the Holy Bible is a blessing to those that believe and have the peace of God.The Ten Commandments are a delight to those that love the Truth and our loving Creator, therefor keeping them is a blessing and not a burden, and working toward this aim, our lives change and improve with Jesus.

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