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Robbie "Lowdown0"
   The Lowdown Truth is a blog with news, views, and commentary from a Christian perspective. A love of the truth in a world of lies, and a love of Jesus Christ in a world that hates him. Topics discussed will include current events, social analysis, cultural symptoms, revisionist history, conspiratorial agendas, and more. 

   This blog was set up to edify the body of Jesus Christ, awakening them and unbelievers alike to the reality behind the illusion the Vatican Jesuit New World Order has created to distract us from the truth of the Holy Bible. I believe we are living in the end of end days, and that life is mainly a battle between God/Jesus Christ/Holy Ghost against Satan and the fallen angels. The battlefield is earth and the prize is the souls of human beings, who are made in the image of God. 

   My goal is to write sincere articles to help my fellow humans come to the faith of Jesus Christ as their savior. As for me, when I realized the true nature of the reality that we are living in, I became on fire with Jesus Christ knowing how evil this world really is. If I can help convince my fellow humans the reality beyond the illusion that the Anti-Christ Papacy is parading in front of us, this is a good start to bring you fully to the faith of Jesus Christ. As the ultimate battle is spiritual and not in the flesh. If you like this blog please subscribe. If you like what I'm doing and want to donate, thank you:

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  1. Robbie, God bless you and your wife in your endeavour to help the lost and give you favour in all that you need to serve HIM

    1. Thank you sister Sheeja, I appreciate all the love and support you give. Your strength in the Lord Jesus Christ is a refreshing change. May God give you and your family/friends favor and protection in Jesus name.

  2. Is it part of your "love of the truth" to do any research before expounding on the guilt of those accused in a case now widely considered to be among the worst miscarriages of justice? You could watch the documentary "West of Memphis", if you wanted to gain some insight into the case. If you do not do any research, you are merely adding to the misunderstandings that led to three youths losing 17 years of their lives.

    1. It doesn't take much research to realize the WM3 are guilty, as they themselves admitted many times, even in an official court of law with the Alfred Plea. It does take some research, though, and I did enough research to be convinced clearly of their guilt. Your welcome to have your opinion, of course, as I have mine.


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