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Eric Jon Phelps Exposes the Jesuits on The Hagmann and Hagmann Report
Pope Francis, The First Jesuit Pope 
Update 11/1/15

This is over a year and a half later since I wrote this post and I wanted to give a warning about Eric Job Phelps. 

I've come to believe Eric is not a sincere person, and I believe is a gatekeeper for the Vatican. His two main objectives as a Jesuit himself are to keep truth seekers from understanding the American government was founded by Jesuits in order to take it over, and second to keep Christians who are close to the truth about the Vatican and the Anti-Christ Papacy, believing the false Jesuit created Futurist lie- which EJP believes without every revealing all the Christians since Jesus died and rose again- believed the Anti-Christ would rise from the 10 toes of Daniel, and this being the Vatican and the Papacy. Check out this article and videos for a better understanding:
Article: Are You Going to Believe the Bible, or the Papacy and/or Deceived Futurist?

-----------------------------------------------------------Original Article 7/13/14

   Author, radio personality, Jesuit researcher, lecturer, and born- again Christian Eric Jon Phelps was a guest on The Hagmann and Hagmann Report's Blogtalkradio show last Wednesday July 9th. The three hour program was dedicated to exposing the Jesuits and their major role in world history and current affairs.

  Personally, I was very excited when I heard Eric was going to be a guest on the best radio show in the world. I've been listening to The Hagmann and Hagmann Report for over a year and have especially started listening to them of late more often. I've been a student of Eric Jon Phelps research for about 4 years now, so this was a special event for me and maybe for you too.

  The part about this interview that is so great is that I have heard no major alternative media give Eric any airtime since I've known about him four years ago. For instance three other places where you have never heard Eric as a guest are Omegaman Radio, Alex Jones, and Rick Wiles' Trunews. I can excuse Omegaman because Eric isn't exactly suited for his type of show, but when it comes to Alex and Rick, this is very telling. These two shows are mainly news shows that expose the New World Order, so for them to avoid completely the Jesuit connection is very suspect. Personally, I believe Alex Jones to be a dis-info agent from the Vatican, but Rick Wiles I simply believe has a religious demon which gives favor to the Catholic Church. How else can you explain Rick Wiles recent interview with Bishop Tony Palmer being so friendly and chummy, yet he avoids guests like Eric? After Rick's Interview with Palmer I stopped listening to his Trunews show, and stopped supporting him financially. Tony Palmer is the guy who had the Pope talk to his congregation through a cell phone and has been saying the Protest is over concerning the Protestant Church. Tony Palmer is spearheading the ecumenical New World Order one religion formation and Rick Wiles gave him a platform with no rebuttal.

  Anyway, to avoid the Jesuit question is very suspect considering the evidence that abounds of the nefarious nature of this secretive society that works for the Vatican. If you haven't delved into Eric Jon Phelps research then you likely don't yet understand the central part the Jesuits play in the New World Order.

   I have more respect for Doug and Joe than ever for having Eric on for an interview. Eric has been shut out of the alternative media scene for the most part and has not been supported by the leaders of the Christian Watchman from what I've seen. That's why this interview is so important and special, and that's why The Hagmann and Hagmann Report is so special.

   Although Alex and Rick think they are the end times news networks, in reality The Hagmann and Hagmann Report is the end times news network every remnant Christian should listen to and support. They have proven to be sincere and humble servants of God in the work they do. If you need deliverance and want to learn about this important aspect of Christianity then listen to John Kyle's Deliverance Today, or OmegamanRadio. Otherwise Doug and Joe are conducting the best news and views radio show out there today.

   I do want to say that I don't think Rick Wiles is actively working for the New World Order as a dis-info agent, but in my opinion he has too much pride and false doctrine, and this is showing itself in the bad fruits of him being in seeming accord with the Catholic Institution. Listen to his interview with Bishop Tony Palmer and see for yourself.

   Eric Jon Phelps is a wonderful guest and an incredible researcher and teacher. I have learned much from the interviews and lectures that I have found on-line from him. This interview was a gift from God for his efforts to expose the Jesuits and the New World Order, ultimately run by Satan. Having this opportunity to be on such a large platform as The Hagmann and Hagmann Report I'm sure gave his ministry a much needed boost and helped thousands of people understand who our enemy is more so. The interview is below, enjoy and God bless.

Eric Jon Phelps is the author of Vatican Assassins, here is his website:

Online News Radio at Blog Talk Radio with Hagmann and Hagmann Report on BlogTalkRadio


  1. Doug Hagmann went to a Jesuit school.

    1. Good point, lately I'm starting to be very suspicious about the Hagmanns and Quayle and many who come on their show. Stan Deyo for instance is a complete ecumenicalist who promotes Timothy LaHaye, Chuck Missler- obvious Vatican working so called Protestants.
      I just don't hear the testimony from Quayle or Doug that a person would have coming from the great Harlot that rides the Beast.

  2. Hi there, I went through your entire site to find this comment again- because I didn't comment when I initially saw it. Some minutes passed and my mum sent me an urgent message to listen to the hagmann report from 11-26-15 on scalar waves. I felt like with that synchronicity I had to follow up with you...

    So I stopped listening to Chuck and deyo and there are so many that have joined the list of gatekeepers-slash-watchmen that I struck off my safe list- at this point I forget why I was turned off. The only one who I do remember as permanently struck off is the shrill Alex Jones- needs no explanation. For the rest, I hit a mental exhaustion point with keeping track of who was legit. Life happens and prayer patterns change and basically I need to stay swaddled in the Word. How else to discern truth from chaff? But I wanted to write and ask you what your misgivings are, do tell?

    1. Hey there Slim, once I learned that the Jesuit created Futurism doctrine was false, then I was able to see things with more clarity. As for the Hagmanns I realized something was wrong when they had on the obvious shills Shoebats- and Theodore said the Inquisition was a good thing and Walid agreed and no-one said anything like WHAT!
      Many other things, for instance Steve Quayle promoting and defending Alex Jones. See the official Jesuit line is: the Catholic Institution is a good place infiltrated by a conspiracy- which is false because it really has always been Anti-Christ Spirit- Always.
      Then I came across what happened to Tony Alamo (who these "watchman" never mention) and saw what happens to anyone who has any large audience and speaks out against the Vatican. See, Hagmanns are investigators, so how is it they haven't figured out what I've figured out? And to boot Doug went to a Catholic seminary and Quayle was Catholic (is) as well. They never talk about how they got free from this.
      Many more things, like who is this Zilinsky lady who came out of nowhere? She is a total shill as well, they all run in a pack- and there are some ignorant futurist Christians that are among them (Lankford, Kyle), but that is just to validate their lies.
      Thanks for coming by Slim, check out my YouTube channel, I have a couple videos about this and am planning on more...God bless, you're right we have to stay in the Word, and Revelation 17 helps understand the Vatican very well.

    2. Ok. I got you. Thanks for your measured response. Meanwhile I followed up on the podcast mummy suggested and I want to ask that you listen to it too. It's the Ted Broer, 11-20-15 broadcast not 11-26. Hagmanns aside, dude goes in on the scientific explanation behind being covered in the blood- in no way undermining our spiritual faith based beliefs - it is mind blowing what Broer explains regarding how scalar waves work. It also explains for me how they are programming some of these mass shooters- they don't talk about this in the broadcast, but the principle applies to how they might remotely mentally control people who aren't covered by the blood of Christ. It is super deep. If you'd like, I'd be interested to converse with you more on this if you choose to have a listen.

      For the Vatican, I grew up born again Christian, for a time practicing as seventh day sabbath Adventist under my mother's aegis. She was raised Catholic but rejected it for Christianity and we tried quite a few bible based Pentecostal denominations before she found peace, but I spent a great deal of time under the care of my Roman Catholic grandmother and attended convent schools and felt I had to please them both. I say this to say that I remember begging God to forgive me for pleasing my granny with the rosary rituals from as young as seven- I knew it was wrong to pray to Mary and the saints. By the time I hit high school (we start early where I'm from) we covered the Assyrians, Mesopotamians all the way up to Roman civilisation by 13- so we learned that the pagan stuff was recycled into RC and that the move to call it Christianity was political in genesis. I wanted to see it up close and finally fulfilled the dream of visiting Vatican City a couple years ago, and the papal vacation residence outside Rome. All steeped in apostate symbolism. It's uncanny how nothing is Christian at all. You mentioned flat earth as being a giant hoodwink over mankind- for me Catholicism parading itself as Christianity is the greatest hoodwink ever. I don't understand how people do not see this.

      Elsewhere on this site ( I finally finished each article last night), and in your reply to me, you mention the AntiChrist: it is my understanding that there are many present day Antichrists- as there were in Peter's day-according to the bible. Herod was one (there a few heroes but you know which I mean). The popes and current one is antichrist sure- and there are other obvious examples. In fact, Peter is a good example when Christ says , get thee behind me ....Jesus was speaking of the spirit in which Peter spoke right then, even though a few minutes before Peter was in the right spirit. So that, people can have and speak in 'the spirit of the antichrist' even while being Christian or well intentioned. Is this your understanding too?

      I so enjoy your site. I will check out your YouTube channel. Except for my mother, I have no one else who understands the NWO from a Chritian filter standpoint. God help us when the Internet is no longer available.

      His blood, abundance, discernment and grace upon you.

    3. Typo: a few Herods- not heroes. :)

  3. Thanks for your thoughtful comments Slim, it's a blessing to have a positive response like yours concerning the content on this site. As you can imagine it's a mixed bag with some of the topics I present, with venomous anger often being disproportionate to the questions I ask people to consider.

    As for my understanding about the Anti-Christ, I believe the Papacy is the dynasty of the Man of Sin.There are many Anti-Christs like the Bible says, but also the Anti-Christ is one man, and there is no other man in history that has fulfilled the characteristics of the Anti-Christ like the Papacy. There has never been a man that all the kings of the earth have bowed to and that has persecuted more saints in the name of Christianity as well. Alberto Rivera does a good job explaining this in his sermons at the Alamo ministry in 1984- these are on YouTube.

    I'll keep the Broer episode in mind and try to listen later, it does sound interesting. From what I gather Ted is a sincere person, but simply ignorant about the Futurist lie and therefor doesn't know his enemy well enough to not be among them. I believe he is sincere because he talks about the cure for cancer which many doctors are being killed over, the Hagmanns need sincere people on their show to validate their show among the real remnant believers who almost all believe in Futurism so don't understand the Papacy is the Anti-Christ and that the Vatican is the seat of Satan.

    I'm very glad you were able to escape Catholicism with the help of your mom's desire for truth. Sounds like you were taught much more than I when young. I was left clueless from basically agnostic parents.

    Your right about Catholicism being Christianity being the biggest deception, and the biggest tool the Vatican has ever had to implement this deception is the Jesuits and the Futurism doctrine they created in the 1500's as a counter-reformation tactic. Sincere Christians are looking towards everything else but the Papacy as the enemy, and in the mean time the Catholics rule over us and many are going back to the fold of the Anti-Christ. This is the greatest deception the Devil has, and is why NONE of the watchman talk about it, although every reformer believed it. Blessing in Jesus to you.


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