Thursday, October 6, 2016

Free Pastor Tony Alamo Petition

Petition Photo: Tony Alamo Ministries 

Pastor Tony Alamo, who is 82 years old now, is serving a 175 year prison sentence for not keeping quiet about how the Holy Bible clearly points out that: the Vatican and the Catholic Church is leading the New World Order and is Mystery Babylon (the seat of Satan and the Anti-Christ religion). 

The details of this are found on an important petition created by Greg Anthony, which calls for the government to let Tony out of prison.

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Every born again believer in Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible should be interested in this case and signing this petition. The Tony Alamo Christian Ministries is still going despite the government's raid in 2008, where 36 children of the ministry were kidnapped by the government (then and soon after) by armed men with assault rifles dressed in black, saying they were the “law”. They already knew Tony didn't allow weapons on his properties, yet they needed to make it seem like he was dangerous – like the Waco massacre.

Tony wasn't there in Arkansas that day (they knew that too), nevertheless they found him later and took him in. The charges were formed from the coerced lies from brainwashed girls who had left the ministry – most have since recanted their testimonies of lies. The government, basically, subjected these “witnesses” to a form of MK-Ultra brainwashing and then paid them millions when they gutted the ministry of their money.

The entire story is documented and explained in detail by Greg Anthony on the petition, and over the last 8 years on his Internet radio broadcast: the “Investigative Journal”. He regularly has on members of the Alamo Ministry who are still winning souls to Jesus Christ and exposing the Vatican. They, unfortunately, had some of their own children kidnapped by the “law”; part of the 36 children the government kidnapped and has never given back to their parents, although no evidence of abuse has every been found or proven (by them or Tony).

I first learned about the Alamo Ministries when listening to Alberto Rivera preaching in one of their churches in the mid 1980's (amazing preaching). This was one of the big reasons why Tony was targeted, I believe, as Alberto was an ex-Jesuit priest who was exposing the Vatican as the Anti-Christ religion and the seat of Satan.

Alberto was poisoned to death in the late 90's by the Jesuits, but God used him mightily to expose the Jesuits' plans through books, recordings, and videos (which you can find on YouTube and Chick Publications). By the way, anyone who claims Alberto is a fake – is working for the Jesuits, like Eric Jon Phelps and Walid Shoebat to name a couple.

This story of injustice is an important one for Christians to know about and understand, because it shows there is no religious liberty in this country – if any liberty at all. Truly, with political prisoners being taken in left and right now, we have no liberty except what we have in Jesus Christ. Political prisoners in America that I know of: Schaeffer Cox, Shane Thomas Stuller, Bryce Cueller (a.k.a. Fisher of Men) , DanielSmith (MMS), and Tony Alamo (Kent Hovind is free now praise Jesus).

Prominent Christians who are ignoring this case, mainstream or alternative, are helping the Vatican cover up its crimes against humanity once again. See, the Alamo Ministries was well known in America, so we have to wonder why people like the Hagmanns, Steve Qualye, Alex Jones, and their pack -- aren't saying anything?

 I followed Steve for 5 years and never heard one mention of the Alamo case; we'd have to be naive to think he wasn't aware of this travesty. Alex Jones is a complete sell-out worker for the Jesuits, so it's no wonder he's not saying anything (Steve Quayle is a regular guest, by the way, and defends his pal vehemently).

This article is just meant to entice readers to read the petition brother Greg wrote for our brother in bonds. I believe that anyone who loves the truth will see clearly that Tony Alamo is innocent and sign the petition.

This case will also shed light upon the big secret, which the mainstream and controlled opposition alternative media are trying to protect: that the Vatican rules America and the world, and is spearheading the NWO – as the Anti-Christ religion with the Anti-Christ, himself, sitting in the seat of the Papacy. Satan, ultimately, is ruling the world with the help of his workers of iniquity, and those who ignorantly don't know who their manifested enemy on earth is: the Vatican.

I want to thank Greg Anthony for never letting this case die, and for creating this petition for our brother in bonds. May God bless him and strengthen him, as well as Tony and the Alamo Ministries.

Please give us favor Father God to get Tony and these other innocent political prisoners out of the insane prisons in America -- and help us expose darkness in all forms, including the Satanic Vatican and the Anti-Christ Papacy ruling the world -- in Jesus Christ's mighty and all powerful name, AMEN!

Sign Here brothers and sisters and spread the word: Free Pastor Tony Alamo Petition


  1. Thanks so much for helping. Let's spread the word worldwide.

    1. Amen brother, I'm glad to help somehow. If all of us who care do a little, a lot will be done, because a little is a lot with God. Sure would be a blessed day to see Tony let out.

      Watch ye and pray, lest ye enter into temptation. The spirit truly is ready, but the flesh is weak. SO GOD HAS TOLD ME IN MY HEART THAT THIS MAN IS TRULY HIS PROPHET & TEACHER.


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