Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Why Do They Hate Jesus Christ?

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   It's an interesting fact, that our mainstream culture and society all have one common enemy. We can tell who they consider their enemy because of their blatant mockery of him over and over every chance they get. That common enemy is Jesus Christ, God, the Creator of all things. The question I'm asking is why do they insist on hating this man?

   I conclude through the manifold evidence presented through music, movies, and mainstream culture, that Jesus, the Holy Bible, and Christianity is mentioned negatively as a central theme. Isn't it interesting that Jesus is the central focus of mockery from people who don't believe he is the Christ? I wonder first of all, why do they care about this man and the Bible? Obviously, Christians aren't oppressing them if they can blatantly mock them and Jesus in mainstream culture, and have been able to for a long time. The other interesting question is, why do they hate a man who was so kind and nice? I mean if he was just a man like they say, then why hate him so much? If they think the Bible is just a fairy tale, then why don't they also get mad at the tooth fairy with such venomous hate?

   See, this is solid evidence that Jesus is God, and there is a Devil whom the world serves. The rulers of this world, and those who are their workers of iniquity, all hate Jesus. It's almost as if they think if they can get everyone to hate Jesus too, and then get rid of all Christians, then the world will be a better place. Even though the people who are leading this mantra are wicked vile people, easily discerned by anyone who has any commons sense at all. I mean destruction and evil are apparent even to a child who hasn't read the Bible. Honestly all these haters of Jesus are simply very selfish people, who if they were unopposed by the Christians and Jesus, would make this world a living hell.

   The fact that mainstream culture, through every faucet of society, mocks Jesus, is evidence that he is God. Why make such a big stink about Jesus, if he wasn't God. Why hate the Bible and Christians if they're just a bunch of idiots who believe in a fairy tale? Christians aren't persecuting anyone. In fact Christians (who really believe) have always been persecuted by the same logic of the mainstream culture, through the guise of religion. Blame religion on the oppression, but not Christians. Just because a religion says they believe in Jesus Christ doesn't mean they do, people are Christians if they believe in the Holy Bible, and follow Jesus, who is the Word. People who twist the scripture and pervert the Bible, aren't Christians.

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   All someone has to do is spend a couple hours out of their lives to watch some YouTube videos on the Satanic mainstream culture, especially the music industry and Hollywood. After this education, a person would have to conclude what I'm saying here is right on. To say otherwise is simply a lie, and if they claim there is no merit to what I'm saying, they're liars. There are many liars out there, of course, this is how the mainstream culture works, they lie, cheat, and do everything wrong they can think of. This makes them free they think, they also think they're getting away with something. Even though they're half brained fools who are completely ignorant of what life is all about, they don't care, cause they're living for the moment, for their selfish pleasures. Interesting how these are the leaders who think getting rid of Christians is going to make the world a better place.

   If your looking for evidence that the Bible is truth, and are having a hard time coming to terms with Jesus being the Christ, well, I would suggest you take a look and question why the mainstream culture is focusing on Jesus in a negative way so often. In fact, Jesus Christ is the central theme, these artist are revolving around. Why? If Jesus was just some crazy man who thought he was God, why such the fuss? I mean there have been thousands of people who have thought the same, but no-one hates them with such passion? I guess you'd have to ask as well, if Jesus Christ was just another crazy man who thought he was God, then why has his life had such an affect? I mean why? Are Christians that skilled in manipulating people, to make the Holy Bible the number one best selling book of all time? I mean look at Christians honestly, they are the meek, the lowly, the poor, the persecuted by religious. How did these meek, poor people have such an influence on the world? Even though Catholicism has done so much damage to the true faith in Jesus Christ, yet, the true message lives on in love and power.

    Truth be told, there is a wide road that leads to destruction and many there be that are on it. This country has been deceived, and the cultural icons are blatant haters of Jesus Christ. Many people are following these deceived people and will end up in hell, and then the lake of fire for eternity. Just look for yourself at the central focus on hating Jesus Christ in our culture. This is a telling sign that proves he is God. Cause the world is at enmity against God, and the whole world lies in the wicked one. Only those who are born again Christians will escape this horrible deception, and make it to heaven, not because they deserve it, but because they love God and the truth, and accepted Jesus as the Christ.    


  1. Thanks for reading KJW, and commenting. Deductive reasoning concludes truths beyond the conditioned common themes which are brainwashing people into this short sided insane conclusion, which is defined by the cultural icons. That being the false belief that Jesus is not God.
    I feel bad for these fools, if they don't repent, they will be regretting their choices for eternity.

  2. Dont give up your day job, which I assume is licking windows

  3. Brain Paul, thanks for coming by and reading, and proving my point. Makes no sense what you say, but that's to be expected from a hateful ignorant fool.

  4. I places the video + this text in my G+ website
    thank you for sharing Brother ,
    bless you in Jesus name , Michel Dillions = )

    kingdoms who make advertisment about ,,homosexual behaviour,, wil go down , The Bible , says this over and over again , they aslo said , that they were bored with right and wrong , OMG , they are in for a treat , one of these days , even Sodom and Gomorra will look pale by it

  5. Thanks Michel Dillions, the video was created by the Goodfight Ministries, they have a channel on YouTube and expose many mainstream bands and the music industry.
    I agree, the homosexual agenda is a sign of the end times, and there is no fear of God in these people today, the Judgment of God needs to happen and will.
    God bless, thanks for your comment.

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  7. It is not so much about hating as much as it is about discrediting Jesus for his excellent testimony. By discrediting his testimony, the dark force of this world can try to cast doubt on who he truly is as they attempt to invalidate his teachings. It really doesn’t make sense for them to spend so much time even acknowledging him but it does serve as evidence for the true believers, just as you stated in your blog post.


  8. The foul spirits that are working through those who are the workers of iniquity are hateful towards Jesus. Those that have no fear of God, and serve mammon, do hate Jesus, or anyone who believes in Jesus, because they expose the truth of their ugly evil nature they've given over to.


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