Friday, November 16, 2018

Airbnb and the Rental Crisis: Nefarious Agenda of Sharing Economy

While Uber and Lyft destroy the taxi industry, Airbnb is destroying the long-term rental markets in cities and towns all across the world. 

Airbnb is the biggest culprit of the rental crisis we're experiencing in the U.S. The question I ask is why are the powers to be allowing these huge billion dollar sharing economy companies to operate unregulated in the industries they are competing in? 

This is giving them an unfair advantage and inevitably destroying the industries they are in, such as the taxi industry. 

There are a number of reasons why the NWO is using the sharing economy to further their nefarious agenda. Here are a few:

- create more online dependency 
- create a societal problem with homelessness and the working poor to initiate socialist policies and grow the government
- suppress and destroy middle-class jobs and replace with slave labor jobs that are easier to control online
- promote a false sense of security with the online world
- destroy segmented private industry in favor of large corporations with only one person to control or influence. 
- further control our lives with online controls, integrating our work, home, and social lives fully online.
- urbanization, agenda 21, pricing working class out of decent places to live.
- high rents make it even more difficult for working-class men to support their families without the wife having to work full-time (if not impossible.

These are some of my thoughts on why the NWO is behind the rise of sharing economy companies like Airbnb and Uber. While these companies might be exciting and fun for people to use now, eventually, they'll become the only option for consumers to use to rent a car, take a taxi, or stay in a hotel. Once they have the monopoly in their respective industries, the quality of service will go down, prices will go up, and the apps will start taking a larger cut and asking more from hosts, drivers, etc. 

Hopefully, this helps put the puzzle pieces together for people wondering how these billion dollar companies are allowed to operate without playing by the same rules as the hyper-regulated industries they are competing against unfairly. 

If we care about our communities and want to resist supporting the beast system, we should completely avoid using these services. 

In summary, Airbnb is the reason why rents are so high and places are so hard to find for rent. It's destroying communities and causing a rental crisis for working class people. By supporting this company and the sharing economy, people are directly supporting these negative consequences and the nefarious agenda of the NWO.

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