Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Illegal Immigration At Southern US Border Exploding

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  Can you imagine the sheer desperate humanity that is flooding in through our southern border into America? How exactly are these people going to be taken care of and what exactly are they going to do here? 
   What we are looking at here is the North American Union in real time, where they have effectively opened the borders as though Mexico was simply another state in the union. Although, the difference is Mexico isn't subject to the laws and isn't part of the US, so therefor lawlessness can abound there without recourse. 

   It doesn't take a rocket science to understand what the New World Order is up to here, mainly the complete destruction of America by any and all means available. Those who aren't brain dead communist can see the acute danger of letting just anyone come over the border into our communities. There is likely terrorist coming along with the desperate looking for work simply. 

   How exactly can anyone be in support of allowing a completely open border with a country that is being taken over by drug cartels? It's not lost on me, that problem, means, solution is at play here too. Meaning, the NWO boys have created the problem in Latin America to cause this flood of refugees and terrorist minded people to come in to our home and then eat away our resources and security until we are destroyed even further. 

   Here is a good report from Infowars below, explaining the particulars of the current situation. If you thought it was a problem before, this year the problem is accelerating to the point where now there are 90,000 children the US is taking care of in facilities that reporters can't even sincerely report on with open access. 

   In case you didn't have enough to worry about with all the other problems that are stacking up against us in America, don't forget this one. Remember though to keep these problems in perspective, knowing it's a spiritual problem we are facing. Our hope is in Jesus Christ, and in Him lies our solution. If this country would repent and come back to God, our borders would find a way to be closed and our neighbors would stop being terrorized by the wicked rulers that are terrorizing us too. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Veteran Put Into Mental Hospital For Facebook Post Critical of Government

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    The American government is arresting veterans because they are critical of the government on Facebook! This may not be a surprise to you, but here is a case that really gives evidence of this taking place. 

     26 year old Veteran Brandon Raub was arrested without being charged by the police and detained in a mental institution for a week before being let go because of his family and friends outrage and a judge saying his rights have been broken. 

    The American media isn't telling us anything about this, but Russian Times is. In this interview below we get the full take on what happened and what is going on under the communistic program implemented by the government four years ago called Operation Vigilant Eagle, where all dissent of the government is silenced, especially the veterans who have faithfully served our country. 

    Attorney John Whitehead from the Rutherford Institute has been defending Brandon and other such cases from these attacks from the government. 

    This shows us that dissent is not welcome in America by the current Administration and those who pull the puppets strings. This should outrage all Americans whether they a liberal or conservative. These are rights that if any one side loses, both sides will loose. Although maybe it's not a surprise, we ought to be shocked at the boldness of the traitors who somehow have taken over our country and are putting good citizens who are veterans in mental hospitals for a critical facebook post. What an insecure bunch of cowards we have in leadership today. 

Here is the interview with John Whitehead:

And a more detailed article:

Monday, June 16, 2014

Night of Terror Leaves 48 Murdered in Mpeketoni, Kenya

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     In Kenya, 48 people are killed from late Sunday night til early Monday morning in the coastal town of Mpeketoni. Authorities say it was al-Shabab, an al-Qaida linked terrorist group that was responsible for this horrible nightmarish crime spree. Two hotels were set on fire as well. 

  The attacks were carried out by Islamist who were targeting men who were not Muslim or who didn't speak Somalian. They would ask questions about Islam and if the men couldn't answer correctly they would kill them. Obviously, this is Jihad in action. 

  This same group was behind the Westgate Mall attack last September in Nairobi, in which 67 people were killed for similar reasons. 

   The Kenyan security forces moved into Somalia in October 2011 and this attack is part of the retribution for this. The Kenyan Security Forces were unable to secure the people in Mpeketoni, as this rampage went on for nearly 12 hours unstopped. 

   This is religious persecution from those who follow Sharia law, from those who follow the Koran's directive to conduct Jihad, either peaceful deceitful Jihad like they are doing mostly here in America and Europe, or all out violent Jihad, which is being waged in Africa and the Middle East. 

   Christians are their prime target you could imagine, and this can be proven through witnesses and evidence of their targets. The persecution continues all over the world of Christians and what is our leadership in Washington saying or doing about it?

    In fact, isn't it true that our leadership is actively helping al-Qaida in the Middle East (Syria) and Africa (Libya)? 


For a more detailed report:

Monday, June 9, 2014

Larry Sinclair Claims Obama is a Homosexual Addict Murderer

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   Have you ever heard of Larry Sinclair? He came out back when Barrack Obama was running for president for his first term in 2008. He claimed Obama had a gay love affair with him, as well as Obama snorted cocaine and even was part of murdering other gay people he had love affairs with. 

   Seems on par with Obama, who the homosexual community calls the first gay president. Although, Obama claims to be a Christian, he wildly supports any gay legislation that comes near him. He also goes out of his way to personally call and support any gay celebrity that comes out publicly. Yet, as a supposed Christian, he can't seem to find the time to make a call to help people like Yehya Ibrahim, a pregnant woman who is going to be executed for being a Christian in Sudan. 

   Truth is Obama and his homosexual Marxist regime just couldn't silence this guy soon enough, and his story slipped out. All they could do is collude to muzzle out the man and try to make him seem crazy. You judge for yourself if Larry Sinclair is lying, or if he is telling the truth. As for me, I believe Larry and it makes absolute sense that Barrack Obama is in fact a homosexual by preference. 

   If you want to get the book Larry Sinclair wrote, watch the 2008 press conference, or listen to an interview of his on The Hagmann and Hagmann Report -- then these are all available below. Maybe this will help people wake up to the fact we have a lying sodomite addict murderer in the office of the Presidency, and we can take stock of how far we've fallen away from the Christian faith in this country known as America.

Book: Barrack Obama and Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies, and Murder
Author: Larry Sinclair

   Larry Sinclair Interview on The Hagmann and Hagmann                                             Report

(2008) Larry Sinclair Press Conference Exposing Barrack Obama

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

White Stone Remnant Conference Recap

White Stone Remnant DVD Trailer:

The White Stone Remnant website where you can purchase the full DVD of the White stone remnant conference is at the end of the post. 


Holiday Inn in Bozman, MT 

Revelation 2:17 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.



               White Stone Remnant Conference

   The White Stone Remnant Conference was held May 30th – June 1st 2014. That was a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It was held at the Holiday Inn conference room in Bozeman, Montana.

   Bozeman is a city of 38,695 people (2012), it sits in the south west corner of MT above Yellowstone. It is a beautiful city in the middle of the amazing Montana mountains.

view of Montana from our hotel
   My wife and I were able to travel the 870 miles there, from Pleasant Hill Oregon where we live. We heard about the conference three months before, from David Lankford's radio show which we listen to every week. He has two, hour long shows on Blogtalkradio every week through his ministry called The Voice of Evangelism. David Lankford was one of the five main speakers there.

   I can hardly begin to write this recap, considering I will surely do it injustice trying to cover all the ground needed to explain this event. Although it is a hard task, I'll write this as best as I can anyway. In a way, I just want to live it out a little bit longer and then place it in a nice article package so I can remember it longer. I will put a few pictures of the trip here, but I'm also going to write a travel article in A Writer's Review (my other blog) – that will have even more of the 126 pictures I alone took (wife took even more than me) of this journey through five states.

conference room
   The conference held about 480 people in a large flat room with a stage in front. The chairs were placed in two sections with a large center opening and smaller openings on the sides. The pool was in the room outside the meeting. There was a security presence there of one uniformed officer and a couple plain clothed officers in the back which could be seen. The event didn't have any security troubles and went very well.

   When we walked in we were given a folder and a name tag, which was a small laminated card with our names and where we were from. This we hung around our necks with a nylon string attached. This let the security know we were registered to come in and also let people see our names and where we were from to help us get to know each other. There was coffee, water, and soda for people to drink outside the meeting room, and also there was four tables in the hall where the speakers had their books and materials available. Some of the materials were free, some for sale, and some available with a donation.

   The speakers in order of appearance were: Russ Dizdar, John Kyle, Linda Kyle, Greg Evenson, Coach Dave Daubenmire, Steve Quayle, Mathew Abbot, and David Lankford. Coach Dave, Linda Kyle, and Mathew Abbot were the surprise guests who spoke for short periods between the main speakers. All of these speakers were great and we were blessed very much by what they had to share.



                               Russ Dizdar

   Russ Dizdar started the event off with a three hour presentation, in which he explained the Satanic agenda in the world and in America. He shared personal testimony from his 30 years as an investigator of the Satanic hidden crimes and his journey to understand them and the results of them. Russ has been a “boots on the ground” type of Christian who is in the thick of the spiritual battle happening in the world today. The battle is the spirit of the Anti-Christ vs. the Holy Ghost.

   My wife and I have been listening to Russ for over three years now, and know him to be the leading researcher into the hidden Satanism in America and the world. His radio show the Ragged Edge has enlightened us to the reality of the millions of satanically ritually abused people who are among us and are programmed to do certain destructive things for the dark side. Although the subject matter is very dark and wicked, Russ has a very gentle loving manner in which he gets his message across. One can sense the outrage in him from what he deals with and knows, but also the love of Jesus Christ is shown by Russ in a very powerful way.

Russ Dizdar's Radio Show: The Ragged Edge

Russ Dizdar's Website:

Russ Dizdar's Book: The Black Awakening


                            Pastor John Kyle


   Pastor John Kyle was the next and last speaker on Friday night. Pastor Kyle is a deliverance minister, who specializes in enlightening Christians and unbelievers alike, about the reality of demons in our lives. Most people don't realize that demons are the reason why so many bad things happen in our lives. They can be the cause of many ailments and maladies, which people generally think is simply part of their personalities.

   Pastor Kyle explained with many scriptures, the nature and working of demons in our lives. He explained we are three part creatures: Body, Soul, and Spirit. A Christian can't have a demon in their Spirit, because that is where the Holy Ghost is, but they can have one in their body and soul. The soul is the mind, will, and emotions. He also went on to explain about how to combat them and cast them out in Jesus name. Christians have authority and power over the darkness, and Pastor Kyle explained this from the Bible and also gave personal testimony. Linda Kyle, his wife, spoke on a deeper cleansing after his talk, which helped us understand and remedy why sometimes people don't get the deliverance they need, when seeking it.

   My wife and I have been listening to Pastor Kyle for three years on Omegaman radio on BlogTalkRadio. I have personally gotten deliverance from him and talked to him on different occasions to get some prayer with some difficult matters. My wife has talked to Linda Kyle for prayer and deliverance as well. John and Linda are some of the most humble people you could meet and their love for Jesus is inspiring. Pastor John's preaching is hard hitting and isn't politically correct, yet he is light-hearted and has a deep love for people.

Pastor Kyle's BlogTalkRadio Show: Deliverance Today

John and Linda Kyle's Website:


                                            Greg Evenson

   Greg Evenson was the first speaker on day two, Saturday. Greg was a Kansas State Trooper and a Military man in his younger years. He is foremost a Christian though, as he states. His love for America and his sense of honor are inspiring. Greg's talk was full of personal, touching testimony and a call to action for believers to get close to Jesus and prepare to defend their faith, and against injustice from the tyranny facing us in America.

   We've listened to Mr. Evenson mostly from The Hagmann and Hagmann Report for the last couple of years. He is a special leader who values honesty and integrity in individuals and governments. Although he will talk mostly about the troubles we face as a nation, he always puts Jesus first as the most valuable asset in these perilous times we face. I guess I would describe Greg as a man with character who typifies the ideals of the American man at it's best.

Greg Evenson's Website:



                           Coach Dave Daubenmire

     Coach Dave Daubenmire came on during Greg's talk as his guest. Coach was an all-together unique character that fired up the audience and had everyone smiling at the same time. His shorter stature was made up with a roaring voice full of encouragement and criticism of the wimpy watered down nominal Christian church. His call to action was inspiring and on point, and his faith in Jesus was present in his praise of Jesus throughout his speech. Coach Dave was someone I had never heard of before and so I'm very grateful to have had the chance to be introduced to his ministry called Pass the Salt Ministry.

Coach Dave's Website: Pass the Salt Ministry


                               Steve Quayle

   Steve Qualye was the third speaker on Saturday. Steve is probably the most well-known of the speakers in the Christian Watchman remnant community. He has been a Christian Watchman on radio for over 20 years warning people of the New World Order, and explaining hard to believe things such as the Nephilim, underground bases, time travel, stargates, and more. Steve's talk was a mix of praise for others, testimony, and prayer. He spent a large amount of his time praying for the other speakers and brought up Doug Hagmann as well, who then spoke for a couple minutes. He also brought up Mathew Abbot, an ex-tattoo artist who spoke for 10 minutes about his testimony and what tattoos really mean in the dark realms.

   I heard Steve Quayle on Coast to Coast AM about nearly five years ago. At the time I was in the dark about all the things I know now. Steve's passion for Jesus and his incredible knowledge about the hidden reality which defines the New World Order, astonished me and I began to search out things. Because of Steve, I found all these others speakers and many more through my own extensive research for the last near 5 five years. His body of work on the radio and through his books is amazing. This was actually the first time he had been a speaker for 20 some years. This was a very special occasion seeing Steve in person speaking in his home town of Bozeman. And he showed his humble sincere nature and love for Jesus by praying for everyone and serving everyone before he delved into his testimony and talk about the reality we are facing as the remnant of Jesus Christ in the end days.

Steve Quayle's Website:

Steve's Book: Angel Wars


                           Round Table Discussion

   The last part of the second day, Saturday, was a round table discussion with all five of the main speakers answering the question the guests had wrote and handed in before the discussion. This was a three hour discussion evenly dividing the questions between the speakers, hosted by event director Michael Bennet. This session tied up all the loose ends in people's minds and the varying topics kept it lively and interesting. Throughout the conference and in this round table session there was a sense of humor and love for the brethren. This was the first time that most of the speakers had even met each other as well as Doug and Joe Hagmann.


                              Pastor David Lankford

Steve Quayle and Pastor Lankford Baptising
   The third day, Sunday, had one speaker: Pastor David Lankford. What this was really, was a service with a two hour sermon. Pastor Lankford preached on how it seems “all these things are against me”. He used the story of Jacob and his sons as the reference. He shared much of his own testimony and practical examples throughout the sermon. It was a blessed and powerful word from an anointed man of God. At the end of the service he led us through communion and then he dedicated three children. After this he baptized about 100 people in the pool next door with the help of his friend Steve Quayle.

   At one point a sister in the Lord stood up and started singing in the service when we were waiting on the Holy Ghost to come down. She was barely able to start out the song, through an emotional Spirit filled reaction mustered out a beautiful praise song which the audience helped her finish as well as a surprised and edified Pastor Lankford. Amen sister.

   My wife and I have been listening to Pastor Lankford for a couple of years now. He has been a great help for us learning to sanctify ourselves from this world. I have especially been looking towards his ministry to guide me in the last couple years. His uncompromising message and dedication to the Lord Jesus has been one of the only tools the Lord Jesus has been able to use to un-thaw my heart to feel again the pains and joys of life. The wall of emotional defense I had built is still a formidable force in my life when I try to feel, yet with the help of Jesus Christ, Pastor Lankford, these other speakers, and others not mentioned – I've been able to feel again and even weep.

Pastor Lanford's Radio Show: The Voice of Evangelism

Pastor David Lankford's Website:



   That is the recap of the White Stone Remnant Conference though my eyes. I know it doesn't do the event justice, and hardly explains how awesome this event was. Yet, if you use your imagination a little and know of these great men and women, then you may be able to understand just how special this event was.

   We all have to thank Michael Bennet for putting on the event, and the speakers for coming and making it a truly blessed time in the Lord Jesus. Being able to go there with my wife, brother, brother's wife, and my niece – was priceless indeed. I wouldn't trade the experience for any amount of money or material gain.

   These are the last days, the judgment is coming to the earth, and Jesus Christ is going to return for his sheep. For now, we are in the middle of a growing chaos in the world. The secret societies are gaining complete control over the world's systems and are getting ready to implement a New World Order. The wickedness and darkness are growing by leaps and bounds everyday and most people are even unaware that things are getting worse. America and the world are under a mind control from the powers to be which worship Satan, who is the god of this world.

   The only way to escape the wrath of God is to deny Satan
and accept Jesus Christ as your savior. In the coming days the choice will become acute when people are asked to take the mark of the beast. If they choose to take the mark, they will be damned to an eternal torment away from God and Heaven. Soon this world will see the prophecies of the Bible come to pass, and in the end Jesus will return and put an end to this rebellion. The victory is in Jesus Christ, the winners are the Christians. The losers are the Satanist and those who take the mark.

   The speakers in this conference are the leaders of the Christian remnant. They have put their lives on the line to speak out against the powers to be which will silence all opposition with whatever evil means they can. All Christians who are sincere will have to be willing to die for their faith as the powers to be grow bolder and more tyrannical in the days to come. Count it a pleasure and a blessing to be named among the remnant of believers, to be fighting along side of these brave men and women. Count it an honor to be serving Jesus Christ, who humbled himself to die for us in our sins. How great thou art, God. Thank you Jesus for this conference and all good things.   

   You can hear and see the entire conference with private interviews by getting the DVD on the White Stone Remnant website here: