Saturday, October 31, 2015

Are You Going to Believe the Bible, or the Papacy and/or Deceived Futurist?

This are great videos below to gain an understanding of true prophecy, and to dis-spell the lie of a future Anti-Christ to come. The Anti-Christ is already here and has been here since 538 A.D.

This is the simple true interpretation of the Holy Bible seen obviously through history, and is the interpretation that all the Christians have had since Jesus died and rose again. Only in the last couple hundred years has this future Anti-Christ lie prophecy become mainstream in a Jesuit infiltrated ecumenical American.

America in 1776 was founded for the purpose of allowing Catholics to gain ground in a majority Protestant country which wouldn't allow Catholics to hold office or worship their superstitious and idol worshiping religion which always persecuted the saints of God- and still does.

We all are going to be accountable in the end with God, whether we believe the Holy Bible or the Anti-Christ and his manifold lies such as macro evolution, big bang theory, atheism, new age spiritualism, and every other false religion and doctrine other than the truth, the Holy Bible. Mystery Babylon is the Roman Catholic Church which manifests every false teaching and demonic worship since the serpent in the Garden of Eden.

Come out of her my people...

This is a great presentation of this truth of which even the remnant of God in American hardly know. If you think futurist like Alex Jones, the Hagmanns, Steve Quayle, Paul McGuire, Tom Horn, Eric Jon Phelps, David Lankford, Gary Stearman, L.A. Marzulli, or even Russ Dizdar know anything about prophecy- then you have been shorted of the truth- Futurist like them and the many others on their shows and like them (whether sincere or not)- are ignorant of this simple prophecy interpretation of which all the Christians before us since Jesus knew to be true. 

They need to wake up and stop telling the Futurist prophecy lie and start exposing the true power that rules the world and that will play out in the future- the Papacy and the Roman Catholic Church there at the Vatican City in Rome, Italy. Truly, all roads lead to Rome in this Beast system, where you will find the seat of Satan and the Vatican Jesuit New World Order at the Root. 

Monday, October 26, 2015

Poor Roadkill, So Peaceful and Silent...

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Driving down the highway, then get on the Interstate, see some poor dead animal here and there - didn't make it to the other side. The raccoons, beavers, oppossums, cats, dogs, deer, or whatever lovely or unlovely creature they were- they simply got in the way of progress- 

or did they. 

Progress, yeah right, if this is progress we are surely insane- which 99.99% surely are-insane that is...

The broad road to destruction, wow, the narrow way seems to be even more narrow than a fairway at the U.S. know the trophy with Jezebel on top- which all the ignorant golfers kiss like it's a Good thing. Such it is, although they can hit that narrow fairway, they still may just miss the mark with Jesus Christ. 

So many will be there with them in hell for sure. Why, well, we live in a fallen world...

It's not like it's hard to get saved, Jesus did the hard work, problem is people love lies instead of the truth. 
The truth isn't cool, the truths is uncomfortable to the majority of people, and I mean the super duper majority. Like wow majority, so many ignorant deceived people it's a outright tragedy, and that for sure. 

What a tragedy to burn in hell for eternity just because people wanted to sin and live this really really dumb life we call progress. 

Cars always riding my bumper, freaking out, they must have something important they are doing- maybe their wife is pregnant or they are trying to get to the hospital for some lost limb- they turn ahead of me at the Dairy Queen- after they pass me flipping me off and nearing colliding with me and killing us and a few others- maybe even some poor beaver- Geezzz, this world is really in trouble. 

The girls, whores, sluts, whatever they are- the brainwashed harlots walking around naked when they get even a sliver of sunlight from a rainy patch in the week- who they trying to impress? Don't they feel uncomfortable dressed in their underwear to simply go to a college classroom. What are they doing in these class rooms when most of the woman/girls/females are naked? What madness, the super duper majority- 

Oh yeah this is women's rights, this is the fruits of the feminist movement. Maybe if they had a good heart behind their public nakedness, but merely this blank stare- this Jezebel in the making- waiting for some dupe to have sex with her so she can exclaim her victim-hood when he treats her like a slut and doesn't call her after he defiles her in the worst way. Geez, who would of guessed. Maybe call Dad and Mom and ask for a vacation and sort it out with some pills and some Oprah- that will help, then drive crazy and try to ram some poor honest laborer trying to feed his Christian family. Sound like progress. 

How do we even come close to explaining this America, this world thing going down. All roads lead to Rome better believe it- Vatican New World Order- Satanic hatred for all of humanity- the Anti-Christ Papacy ruling over all the world and everyone who has any stature is surely kissing his beastly TOE. 

Oh geez, so simple, so ugly out here, getting so dark- in fact so dark indeed! Even the so called remnant are half blind, they teeter on the verge of political correctness, please don't raid my ministry like the Alamo ministry- please.. we won't call the Roman Catholic Church the Harlot that rides the beast- we won't teach true history and tell people the sick horrid things you've done and do- please just don't raid our ministries with guns and take away our children like you did with the Alamo Ministries...

Road kill, these poor animals, wonder what they think about these freak humans running around like chickens with their heads cut off- clueless- ignorant fools beating their fellow humans into the grave just to get a parking spot- what a sorry  world this is. Personally I can't wait to die and go to heaven. I know there is work to do, but geez heaven sounds so good about now...

Can you image these poor people rushing around on their pills and dreaming of their fornication- this world is all the hope they have? Wow, what a sorry people they must be, and surely are...

I can see it in their eyes, their soul is possessed, they are given over and devoid of natural affection- they are desperate and willing to kill you if you get in the way of their 10 cent raise! They are like animals rabid and hungry! Looking about on who they can falsely bear witness too, who will pay them the most to sell their souls! Sadly, sadly, sadly, American dies a death in front of our eyes. 

The only life is in the born-again believers who know who their enemy is. Those who are ignorant of their enemy are holding hands with them (ecumenicalist)- they don't know the voice of the Good Shepherd
 for he is screaming Get Out of Her My People!

Rome, the roads, leading, to the Rome the big thing you don't understand or know- the Rome thing- the big inquisition, the murders, rapes, the Rome Catholic thing, the Anti-Christ Papacy, that thing ol'Billy didn't tell you about and still doesn't while he eats his Grahm crackers, he is a cracker jack- and what pops up is Rome- always Rome- the enemy of humanity and God. Oh help us Jesus. 

The life is in Jesus Christ- Jesus Christ is the Word of God, the Word of God is in the King James Version 1611 Holy Bible where it talks about Roman Catholic Church- Yes, yes, the Harlot- 

It is the Roman Catholic Church and the Anti-Christ Papacy from which all abominations are from! Yes, believe it- this is why the Jezebel fornicating whore is riding my bumper and the mad man porn watching college male is dressing like a woman and raping women in the public restrooms. If only he was Gay he might be a good Catholic boy...

I love the roadkill, they are so still and silent. They are the only peaceful thing on the mad house Interstate and roads of this mad country. I want to bury them and say we love you and I'm sorry we killed you to get to our vain destination, for I'm sure it would be better to live in the woods and be at peace with the raccoons than to drive around this merry go round and contend with the Jezebel and Ahabs that simply sicken me...over and over again....

So many deceived people, 2.6 million people dead every year in America, so many are in hell now...burning and regretting every vain stupid thing they lived their lives for- poor wretched humans so foolish. 

We will all reap what we sow, be sure......

Friday, October 2, 2015

Fear Mongering Frenzy in September From Ignorant Futurist

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   Well, September 2015 and everyone's false predictions have come and gone. All the fear mongering and freaking out by some of the Christian community has proved to be again a lot of fearful blather again. Seems like every fall for the last three years this type of frenzy has become the norm. I have to believe that the shadow government has the Christian remnant exactly where they want them, of course what do I know. Personally, I was only looking at one particular judgment that was significant – that being the Anti-Christ of the Holy Bible taking formal control over the U.S.A. When he spoke to us through our governmental body with standing ovations and even tears from our supposed leaders- yes that being the Pope.

When Sodomites were given the green light for lawful marriage by the Catholic dominated Supreme Court (without one Protestant on it)- many fearful chicken littles were screaming judgment. This didn't sit well with me, because I see killing 3,000 innocent babies everyday as much worse than the Satanic inspired government giving the OK for legal marriage by the State. What does it matter if the State issues a marriage license? That means nothing to God- only a marriage under the one and only God of the Holy Bible is a real marriage anyway. So, even if a homosexual couple gets married under some apostate false Christians Pastor- this means nothing to God. An apostate is not marrying anyone under God, and if a Pastor is marrying homosexual they are automatically an apostate- so what does it matter if they gain the right for legal marriage? They will absolutely never gain the right for marriage under God. Yet, many of the Christian remnant community were freaking out saying judgment was going to come soon! These are the people who have closed their eyes to the absolutely wicked things being done in America for decades.

I've become a Historicist lately, which means I no longer believe there is going to be this future Anti-Christ figure coming to power- I believe the Papacy and the Pope is and always has been the Anti-Christ of the Holy Bible. Mystery Babylon is of course the Roman Catholic Church the Mother of all Harlots. This is obvious to anyone who hasn't been brainwashed into the Futurist doctrine that the Jesuits came up with in the 16th Century. Yet, most of the Christian remnant (not even mentioning the nominal Christians who believe in Futurism) believe the lie and are ignorant of the true meaning of the Popes visit. Therefor everyone can be played like a fiddle because they know not their enemy in the flesh. Yes we war against spiritual wickedness, but manifested in it's most evil form in the Catholic Church to be sure- and this throughout history. And before the origin of that wicked Catholic Church is the Mystery Babylon Religions they believe in which origins back the Garden of Eden and Satan as a snake telling lies. See, all the Catholic Church represents is LIES. And when I speak of Christians, I mean Protestants by default and not those who are supporting and part of the Anti-Christ church and it's harlots.

Because I've been learning and seeking truth around this subject, I have been quiet in my blogs and videos. I feel bad for all the sincere Christians who are parroting the lies they have heard and spreading the fear and ignorance that the Anti-Christ wants them to spread in the first place. They think they are exposing the enemy and telling what the powers to be don't want them to, but in reality they are being played like fools by taking direction from futurist and actual controlled opposition like Alex Jones. Instead of just keeping quiet and learning something, many people feel like they are led by the Lord to continue to spew out lies they haven't thought through for themselves. That's the problem is people don't think for themselves, they- like lemmings -just go along and are the worse for it. This is why I never wanted to go to church and still don't want to, because inevitably at church mostly what you'll find is people who are delusional and think they are hearing from the Lord, when they don't even know who their enemy is on earth. Personally, I think most of these delusional people (many of which are women and Ahab men) are simply being deceived by demonic spirits and their Ahab husbands and Jezebel wives- aren't helping them see through the lies. Women are and always have been more easily deceived, and that is Biblical. Yet, in America and the West finding a Patriarchal household is more rare than finding a Protestant on the Supreme Court!

I would advise you to stop spreading what is being dished out for you to consume from the mainstream media sources and also the mainstream alternative news sources as well. This includes any futurist remnant Christian (as sincere as they may be) like Trunews and Hagmanns. Listen to what they say, but disregard their false prophetic views. Every Christian who is a Futurist is ignorant of what is really going on in the world, and fall into the exact trap that is set for them by the enemy that is unseen to them- that being the Catholic Church and the Anti-Christ Pope. Take what you will from this, but personally the Futurist doctrine never made sense to me no matter how many books and videos I read and heard. Only when I heard the Historicist view of prophecy is when I understood not only the future- but also the past. How many of our Christian remnant friends are talking about the Inquisition and what the early reformation church believed? Are we not Protestants? Do you even know what a Protestant is?

I can tell you one thing clearly, if you think Catholics are Christians, you are going to be led into the New World Order without a fight. Know your enemy, the Catholic church has always been the biggest enemy of Jesus Christ, liberty, and all that is Good. And most assuredly the Catholic Church has always been the enemy of the Protestants who lived in the American Colonies under Protestant British Control. By the way, I would much rather be considered British than American, as America is nothing more than a Catholic creation started in 1776 (at least Britain was once really Protestant as a formal country). Does all this sound foreign to you? If so, then I would advise you to stop talking so much and start listening and gaining understanding about the truth of America and our manifested Satanic enemy the Roman Catholic Church.

I still listen and love the futurist ministries we listen to, and also give money to, but when it comes to prophecy or history they have nothing to teach me if they are Futurist. They are still sincerely Christian and I know they will be in heaven, but they are unable to help anyone when it comes to knowledge about the past and prophecy.

Thanks for coming by, below are a couple links to shows and brethren who will explain Historicism more for you. God bless.