Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Indiana Sparks Outrage with Christians

Indiana Statehouse cc from wikipedia

On Monday the Salt and Light Brigade showed up in Indianapolis to support the Indiana's Pastor Alliance to express outrage at the recent backing down to the LGBT activists - the Governor Mike Pence of Indiana did- in allowing the LGBT mafia to thwart and change the Religious Freedom's Restoration Act for the worse. Instead of passing a bill to protect Christian businesses to simply practice their faith by denying homosexual request to cater to their gay weddings (basically), the Governor and the majority Republican Indiana Legislator passed some LGBT friendly legislation which further erodes America's and Indiana's Christian business owners from freely being able to practice their faith. 

You know the drill, the LGBT activist who are basically funded and supported by the New World Order Satanist go into a Christian business (not Muslim businesses) and ask them to bake a cake or take pictures for their so called gay wedding. Then when the business says no thank you it's against our Bible to do so, well then they get sued, threatened with death or injury, put out of business, and even threatened with hate crimes for jail time. All of this is unconstitutional and just plain cowardly weirdness, but us Christians understand this is ultimately the working of Satan and his minions who hate the Holy Bible of which we believe and follow. 

The couple of video clips below show some more on this event. Over a 150 people showed up including some of the Salt and Light Brigade (or is it Counsel?), anyway Coach Dave Daubenmire's Team, remember?! Have you signed up for the team yet Christian? They showed up in Indianapolis at the Statehouse and rallied together to state their case, which is a very reasonable and justified one. Although, it hasn't yet so far sunk into the ears and hearts of the politicians who folded to the pressure of the Nazi tyrant federal government. All we are asked to do from God is show up, pray, do what we can as soldiers of Jesus Christ. 

As a reminder, today is the day the Supreme Court is ruling on Same Sex Marriage. Be sure to pray about this. If they make LGBT marriage a human right, then the satanically inspired federal government leadership will make it unlawful for every state to not accept Gay marriage, and thus refusing to embrace Gay marriage in every way will become a crime for Christians (not the Muslims in USA though). This is obviously the working of Satan and those that are possessed with demons (which Muslims and LGBT people have in common)! 

Check out the clips below, the first one is some local news coverage where a Salt and Light Counsel shirt is even seen! The second shows a Pastor speaking very well about the cause of Jesus Christ and our rights as citizens of America. In the middle of this video a homosexual woman goes in front  the stage rudely disrupting the speech and saying everyone was hateful and all the usual lies, but instead of getting mad, the pastor gave her a hug and told her he loved her! Amazing, these end times are really heating up, but those that are in Jesus Christ are also heating up with their love and patience - having the mind of Christ! Amen...

Join the team Christians, pray and let's do what we can to help these small battles all over the country. We have to attempt to stand in the gap and do the work of the Lord Jesus Christ in these evil wicked end times. And hey, this is our precious country too, we can not let our country and our beloved states get taken over so easily without a fight!

Pass the Salt Ministries Website to Join the Team

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Earth is Flat!

A couple of weeks ago I thought this was a ludicrous thought and so when Mark Sargent (Flat Earth researcher) was on Canary Cry Radio, well I was sort of disappointed they weren't going to talk about something relevant. Thankfully, I decided to download the episode on my archaic MP3 player and listened to it at work that day. I haven't been the same since.

As of now after further research answering the initial doubts I had, I'm convinced we are living on a flat earth! It's actually obvious when you finally break free of the matrix New World Order group think. And, yes this is another conspiracy from the powers to be. This could be considered the biggest hoax they have hoodwinked the people into yet (which is saying something).

Now, I'm not going to go over every single argument here in this simple blog post, and I'm not going to begin a flat earth blog to begin to become a leader in the field. I do want to give a layman's approach to this deception we have been fooled into believing. There's some very good research you can find on YouTube on this, as well as websites and interviews. Just steer clear of the dis-info agents called the Flat Earth Research society. They are sort of like the Alex Jones of the New World Order conspiracy.
I'll leave some links and videos below this post, of course, for the serious inquirer that really loves the truth and wants to know if there is anything to this argument. 

Some notable leading researchers that I've found are Eric Dubay, Mark Sargent, and Math Bolylan. Unfortunately none of them are Christians (there is a Christian Perspective Flat Earth documentary below too) from what I've gathered, but they are sincere people who I think will probably become Christians eventually because they have a Love of the Truth, which is Jesus Christ in the end as we know. These guys know their stuff and think for themselves.

So, how does a plane flying from New York to London end up having the same times either way they fly? Whether flying east or west, the plane takes the same time to get there?! The plane takes the same time to get to it's destination whether flying from New York to London, or from London back to New York! Right there, this proves that there is no ball earth spinning at a 1000mph eastward as the scientific elite tell us!
Why can a boat see a lighthouse from the sea 80 miles away? The curvature of the earth wouldn't allow a lighthouse to be seen that far away, but it can be seen on a flat earth. Every mile away an object is it would go lower and lower, to the amount of about a half a mile below the curved horizon from 80 miles away, but the lighthouse is only around 200 ft high! Explain that one.

Let me just start talking to you here: NASA is a satanic organization created by the Nazi's that came over after WW2, Freemasons run NASA and are the astronauts, there are no planets spinning around the sun – they are  close in stars and lights, the sun and the moon are circling around the top of the flat earth from only about 3,000 miles away and they are the same size, there are no satellites, there is no real pictures of the earth that are not manipulated- and only one that is used in all the books from Apollo missions window!, Antarctica surrounds the disc shaped earth's edges, the Bible talks about the earth being fixed and unmovable, the Bible calls the earth a circle (not a ball), the horizon is always eye level no matter how far you go up into the air (20,000 ft. a non-government camera has been), ancient cultures all thought the earth was flat until 500 years ago when Jesuit Priest said otherwise (Jesuits!), Antarctica is off limits to private industry although it has vast resources, no private explorer can explore the North Pole or Antarctica, and on and on....

There is so much evidence that the earth is actually flat it's unbelievable. I learned about the hollow earth theory before a couple years ago, and I actually thought there was something to that, but it didn't resonate with my soul like this Flat Earth thought has. Spiritually, this reality of a flat earth settles in my soul and being with the up-most peace and reality. It's as if I knew it all along. I mean, flying around on a spinning earth in some vast universe just never clicked with me. From all observance, we are stationary and the earth is flat, not spinning and I don't care what some Jesuit says about some un-provable theories they made up about gravity and the solar system – it's all a lie!

Now, I've brought up some points, but as I said you are going to have to research this more on your own by simply watching one of the well-done documentaries down below by some capable researchers. I know you'll have some questions as I did, but as far as I'm concerned, those questions can be answered much better than the questions you'll start to have about this earth being a ball that is flying around the sun.

Now, about the motive of this conspiracy. This is in fact one of the most compelling pieces of evidence that I've come up with of why they came up with this ball earth theory. As I said before the Jesuits came up with this theory with a fellow named Nicolaus Copernicus (b. 1473 – d. 1543) who was a Jesuit.

By brainwashing people into believing the world is a ball in a vast solar system the elite New World Order, Illuminati, Vatican Jesuits, Mystery Babylon, white trash losers- could gain the worship of the sun and become the scientific elite, which everyone was in awe and dependent on instead of God Almighty – Jesus Christ. Do you get that...

By thinking everything revolves around the sun and the sun is 400 times bigger than the earth, then the importance of our tiny little earth lives becomes minimized to say the least. By showing that mankind is so advanced that they can land on the moon with one of their crafts shows that we don't need some God that the ancient dummies believed in. By having this galaxy and this solar system they could formulate and speculate there had to be life on other solar systems which are around every star we can see that is millions of light years away supposedly!

So, by making this silly spinning earth thing up, they could then pave the way for evolution, the Big Bang Theory, Alien life on other planets, a scientific elite, the worship of a centered sun, the deity of modern science which can “space travel”, and basically throw us off our very common sense itself by conditioning us to not believe what we know to be true- that we are stationary and the celestial bodies are revolving around the earth!

OK, this is very exciting to me, and I'm just the type of guy who cares less what anyone thinks. I simply want the truth! And this finding is one of the best findings the Lord Jesus Christ has led me to as of yet. I'm that convinced that we are indeed living on a Flat Earth, and let me explain if I can how this has helped me feel even closer to God and his creation.

Well, first of all I know what His creation is now, and so I can appreciate it that much more. When I go outside and look at this beautiful earth I can imagine all of this is made for us by God. We are the center of it all! The stars and lights in the sky are there for us to tell the seasons and that is exactly what the Bible says. When reading the Bible, it comes alive in new ways, and I can see where it over and over again alludes to a Flat Earth and not a spinning ball earth revolving around the sun. Your going to have to do your own research about this, Rob Skiba's show below has all the Bible verses you need to know to understand the Bible describes a Flat Earth.

In general, this is a very positive revelation to me. Mostly the conspiracies that I've uncovered through the help of many sincere Bible believing Christians have been hard to stomach because of the evil they uncover, but the Flat Earth uncovers a wonderful life giving truth. This truth is one that makes me feel whole and closer to God than ever, although now further away from the masses than ever as well. I'm sure this will be mostly the reason why you or other people may not want to believe the truth about this matter although you can't deny it. You simply are scared to be at odds with 99.99% of people on earth today.

I mean the amount of people deceived by this deception is so encompassing. Even the Christian remnant believers who I listen to are almost all ball earthers... except for maybe now Canary Cry Radio and Rob Skiba... This doesn't deter me though, and I truly believe this truth is about to make it's way to the Christian remnant scene and become a reality in other people's minds too. I'm excited for this to happen and eagerly await when Hagmann and Hagmann have a Flat Earther on their show to wake up the remnant about this powerful truth. I'm also eagerly and hopefully awaiting Eric Dubay, Mark Sargent, and Math Bolylan to come to the faith of Jesus Christ and really feel the impact this flat earth truth has on their lives and souls!

Now, what does this mean about Nibiru? I've been contemplating this, because it can't be as they say it is as a planet revolving around the sun. I'm not going to deny there is something coming, which the Bible calls Wormwood – but who knows what this is. I believe that God is much more intimately involved in the workings of the heavens above us than we have been conditioned to believe ultimately by the science of the fallen angels and their useful idiots. So, I think Nibiru as of now is a fabricated story which is being used for some other nefarious purpose. I know remnant Christians are talking about the elite hiding the coming of this “planet”, but I think they are stuck in the ball earth conditioning and are being manipulated as the Jesuit masters want them to be. Wormwood is real cause it's in the Bible, and it will come to bring judgment on Earth, but it's not a plantet revolving around the sun. I also understand ancient civilizations had a diagram of the solar system and this planet, but we have to remember this is a deception from the fallen angels ultimately, which were ruling those ancient civilizations.

Well, that's it for now. I'm sure I'll be talking about the Flat Earth more in further post and maybe even doing a Lowdown Vlog on it soon. Until then, blessings in Jesus Christ and I really encourage you to watch at least one documentary below before you call this bunk, cause it's the truth – the Earth is Flat! Praise Jesus!


Here is a Flat Earth Documentary done by a Christian point of view:


Eric Dubay's Website:
The Atlantean Conspiracy

Eric Dubay's Documentary:The Flat Earth Conspiracy

Eric Dubay's Interview on Higherside Chats:


Mark Sargent's Interview on Revolutionary Radio with Rob Skiba:

Mark Sargent's Flat Earth Clues Introduction


Math Bolylan's YouTube Documentary:
This Crazy Notion- The Flat Earth Revolution Pt 1:

This Crazy Notion - The Flat Earth Revolution Pt. 2:


Saturday, April 11, 2015

Join Coach Dave's Team Christians!

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Coach Dave Doubenmire was a guest on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report last Thursday April 9th. On the program he was calling out to the remnant Christians in America to join the team he is trying to organize to counter the enemy who is trying to take down true Bible believing Christianity in America. You can do this by leaving your email on his website Pass The Salt

Coach is a very honest and upfront man who loves Jesus Christ and hates evil. Cowardice is evil, doing nothing when evil is trampling all over everything that is Holy is evil. And because the cemetery trained pastors are too busy looking at porn and counting their money - well, someone had to organize some resistance. How can we even compete on the manifested battlefields in America when we don't even have a team!

Well, join the team and we can be alerted by Coach Dave when there is a battle that needs our attention. When there is another establishment being overrun by the LGBT militant haters of God, or the deceitful sick Satanist trying to give literature to our children in the public indoctrination centers called schools. 

He sends an alert and we do what we can in the areas we are stationed in (where we live). If all we can do is pray and write a blog, then do it. If all we can do is call our politicians and start a petition, then do it. If we can go down to the battle and protest and make our presence known then do it. 

For instance, Kent Hovind had a trial just a month ago that thankfully only ended with a hung jury. He has to go back to court in May I believe and see what they are going to injustly do then. Kent has been in prison for near a decade for no reason except he makes people who believe in macro evolution look like idiots!
Yet, there were only a few people there to support him and from what I heard they were not from that area. With churches all over America, why is the LGBT, Satanist, and Godless Government running over us without any opposition!

Let's give Coach Dave our email and report for duty Christians. Let's stand up and support those businesses who say they don't want to bake a cake for some queer wedding, let's say hell no to those weirdo cowardly satanist who want to give out their hellish literature to children. Let's be ready for the alerts and do what we can, with Jesus on our side we might be surprised by what we can accomplish even though we are foolish and nothing in the eyes of the world.

And guess who else may be surprised - the enemies of Jesus Christ. 

Coach Dave's Website: Pass The Salt

The Hagmann and Hagmann Report show with Dave Doubenmire

Friday, April 10, 2015

Why Are They Obsessed With The Holy Bible?

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This post is going to ask a question which is related to a previous article I wrote called “Why Do They Hate Jesus Christ?”. The question this time is: Why Are They Obsessed With The Holy Bible?

They are the non-believers in America, Europe, Canada, and Australia. I'll be talking about America because that is where I live, but in general this is the situation for all of Western Civilization. America is no longer a Christian nation, this I'll admit to with sadness. This country was founded by Christians and has been a Christian nation in the mainstream cultural and social perspective, but we all know this has changed in the last 50 years especially.

Of course there are still tens of millions of people who claim to be a Christian, but in reality there is only a very small remnant who actually take the Holy Bible seriously and are part of the born-again remnant. If I had to guess at the numbers as it stands, I would say it's about 2-5 million of Americans who are past the age of accountability (which varies likely depending on the person – generally 15 and over) who are born-again believers in Jesus Christ and believe all of the Holy Bible.

Without getting into all the news stories and instances of the repression and persecution of Christianity, I'll say clearly, the mainstream culture and the leaders of our society are nearly all haters of the Holy Bible. They not only don't believe in it, but they actually hate it. This can be seen by their approval of all other religious beliefs, yet their vehement opposition (or quiet allowance of it's repression and persecution) of the Holy Bible.

Now, I must admit I know exactly why this is happening, but I want to pose the question to point out the absurdity of the stance they are taking in their actions and thoughts towards the Holy Bible. Now we must note that the Holy Bible in the English speaking language is the King James 1611 Authorized Version. Just keep in mind that just because someone says they are a Christian doesn't mean they are. In fact the percentage of those who are false Christians is likely somewhere around 95% in my humble estimation – this in America.

I'm also not going to go in to detail about the conspiracy that is underway to destroy Christianity, but suffice it to say, if you say you are a Christian, you should well understand that Satan is trying to destroy true Biblical faith. Satan doesn't mind if you worship a false Jesus, just as long as you don't believe in the Holy Bible in it's entirety.

OK, so let's think like the "far superior" secular humanist new ager – who now is the majority in America. They believe that the Holy Bible is a fairy tale basically, some book written by some insecure males who wanted to repress women and control people. Really, their analysis doesn't go much further than that. I mean, if you just give the sinner something to validate their sin, they are largely all in. So, the hedonist secular humanist rules the mainstream culture and society making great headway in destroying all the vestiges of Christianity from the public sector and even in the churches themselves.
Bravo brainwashed masses, so now let me ask this: Why are you obsessed with the Holy Bible still?

Now, don't deny it. It's obvious that Christianity is very much still the center of all talking points, debates, discussion, questions, and every point of thought when coming to spirituality (and simply life itself). Of course now instead of people believing in it and accepting Jesus Christ as their savior, they are dogging it and talking about how it's wrong and false. But, if it's just some irrelevant book written by liars, then why don't they just forget about it? I mean Christianity is all but gutted out of society – so there really is no opposition to your secular thoughts? So, why do you continually think about the Holy Bible even to simply talk bad about it?

Of course, they'll say they don't think about it, but in my humble opinion this is a lie. I'll try to point out some examples. I've written at a handful of article writing site, am part of a handful of social sites, talk to various people in person, and keep up on the news in the world and the country as well as the culture. Hubpages for example in their question and answer section and forum always have topics and questions dealing with Christianity. I hardly ever see questions about any other religion or faith. I mean considering most people are secular humanist hedonist new agers, it would make sense that the topics and questions are mostly about those things, but they aren't. I would say nearly half of all topics and questions there are about Christianity. Of course almost always they are negative towards the real faith. Of course, blogging and article writing sites (basically the social Internet at large) largely consist of the liberal woman. Men are largely watching porn or playing video games...

The same thing with sites like Webanswers and Yahoo answers. And in general just the articles written at sites like Hubpages, Wizzely, Allvoices, Daily Two Cents, Persona Paper, and on and on – this same trend is apparent. Christianity, although a fairy tale to most people – is the most discussed topic in America- easily! I would say Christianity takes up more than half of all topic discussion matter in every segment of society and culture!

Amazing isn't it? I mean here we are a nation with absolutely zero representation of true Christianity in the mainstream culture or public education – and yet instead of dropping the whole subject of this fairy tale, they are absolutely obsessed with the Holy Bible continually. I mean by all means don't believe it if you don't want (no one will chop your head of for it unlike some people), but tell me:


If someone could answer this question adequately I would be much obliged. Oh, and just to note, this topic will be very interesting to them, very, very interesting – but why? It's just some fairy tale right!?

Truth is, the Holy Bible is the Word of the one and only God who created every one of us, and if we reject this book (even in part), which is Jesus Christ, then we'll die and go to hell. If we accept Jesus Christ as our savior, confess our sins, then we can spend eternity in heaven – and live in truth in this fallen world. That is the reason why the common brainwashed secular humanist new ager is so obsessed with the Holy Bible, simple.

Read the article “Why Do They Hate Jesus Christ” for more insight into this conundrum.