Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ebook Review: Ten Actions to Take to Resist and Prepare for the Coming New World Order

    Book two of The Ten Series is out now, called Ten Actions to Take to Resist and Prepare for the Coming New World Order. I felt compelled to write this before I started any other projects, because of the lateness of the hour in these end days. God has in his mercy has given us some time to get prepared, and this book is meant to help us focus on some simple actions we can take to do just that.

   The New World Order is a satanic system being set up by people who worship the Serpent Lucifer. Anyone who looks into the roots of the secret societies forming this emerging world system will find this to be true. It's no longer a conspiracy theory, as many would like to believe. Unfortunately, it's a factual conspiracy that can be proven over and over again. This book is meant for those people who already understand this and are wanting to get a grip on what they should be working toward in the time we have left.

  These ten actions are being implemented in my own life, some more so than others. We have to do the best we can with what the Lord has given us to work with. Every day we are working toward growing closer to Jesus Christ and further away from this world.

   The Christian remnant, although small, is powerful - and is in big enough numbers to make a significant impact on America and the world. A small sanctified remnant of God's people is more powerful than the wicked masses ignorantly working for the dark-side.

    I made a short video below detailing some of these things. The first book in The Ten Series is in the link below:

Ten News Stories Showing Satanism is a Real Problem in America

   I pray this book blesses and helps you focus on preparing and resisting this wicked satanic New World Order coming upon the earth. You can get the book in the link below:

- Ten Actions to take to Resist and Prepare for the Coming New World Order