Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Stark Reality of America

   Henry Gruver, the prayer walker and man of God spoke last year about the sheep being separated from the goats. As the time gets late in these end of end days, his words are coming true. The division between born-again believers in Jesus Christ and non-believers is growing wider and deeper than ever, on the largest scale ever. There are those who know the truth, and see through the illusion the New World Order is presenting, and those who don't. Some of those who see through the illusion aren't Christians, but are being called out to be. And some of those who say they are Christians don't see through the illusion, and will likely fall away.

   The start reality is that most people don't want the truth, they embrace the lie of Satan. They serve their own desires and have no love of the truth. We know this is why they are blinded by Satan, from seeing the reality around us. The truth of this world we are living in is a real nightmare manifesting into reality. I have hope in Jesus Christ and look forward to his coming, but I know it won't be easy in the coming years. In the coming years, the remnant of believers are going to be tested mightily by the onslaught of wickedness that is pervading into our everyday lives.

   I'm only 34 years old, but even I'm seeing the difference between 15 years ago and today. The exponential degradation of our society is rampant and sickening. Yet, more people are turning away from Jesus than ever before in America. This country is becoming a hateful wicked place, with God haters on the rise destroying everything good and Godly. They have no conscience about their hatefulness towards Jesus Christ and those that serve him. This country, is turning into a demon infested wasteland of wickedness.

   I know the Bible tells us to look upon the things of God, what is lovely, what is pure, what is good. This is good advice for us, and God's grace is sufficient for us to endure these times. This is why God tells us to separate ourselves from worldliness. The further separated we are, the less influence the Devil has on us. Yet, us believers who are doing this know while we are separated from this world, the gap increases with the majority of people who are neck deep in worldliness. Since I don't listen to worldly music or watch TV, when I see these things while living and working in the world, it's a stark contrast to Godliness. The filth and sickness that is commonly accepted now, is a shameful blight on all that is good. The absolute mind controlled masses under perversion and greed, is a creating a monster of iniquity oozing into every faucet of our society and culture. The only power to stop this spreading cancer of wickedness, is the blood of Jesus and the un-compromised belief in the word of God.

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   That people have different opinions is fine, but it's beyond this now. Christians opinions aren't being accepted now by the majority, but every other person's opinions are. The hypocrisy is apparent, but the majority doesn't care about fairness and truth. They want to punish Christians, they don't even know why, but it's because they are being programmed to do so by the powers to be. The powers to be are being led by Satan, who they worship. The majority of Godless people in America don't know why they think the way they do, but it's simply because they've been conditioned to hate Christians, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Bible.

   They always want evidence, but when you give them it, they deny it. You see, these Godless people are given over to demons, and the demons are what is speaking through them. This is how us Christians can love our enemies, but hate the demons inside them. Make no mistake though, when you are talking to someone who denies Jesus Christ, they are a vessel for Satan and demons to use.

   It makes no sense otherwise, for non-believers to be so adamant about hating Christians. A person can go through their life now days for decades and never have anyone ever try to tell them about Jesus Christ. Yet, they'll say they hate when Christians shove it down their throats. I met a young man and his girlfriend when I was a cab driver, and they were saying there is too many Christians in America, and that's why they wanted to get out of the country. This was interesting, because Eugene, OR (where we were) is such a Godless New Age place. I asked them where the Christians were at, cause I'd like to meet some. It's been my experience as a born-again believer in Jesus Christ, to have meet very, very few real believers, or really any at all who talk about Jesus -- in my over a decade of living in Eugene. This kind of attitude from our youth, is just what I'm talking about, it makes no sense except they are possessed by demons. Cause there's no reason otherwise to hate Christians.

   The stark reality in America is beyond what we can comprehend. The future of this country doesn't look good at all. The wicked are more bold every day, the Church is falling away more and more every day. Just look at the Grammy's, where there took place 33 marriages, including many which were homosexual marriages in the atmosphere of a church background. That is mind blowing wickedness, and what do people say? They say they hate these Christians for shoving Jesus down their throats, when no Christian has ever talked with them, but gay marriage is shoved down our throats, for sure.

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   The point to this article, is to call Christians to grow closer to Jesus Christ. We are going to need the Holy Ghost in these end of end days, more than ever. Be edified, stand strong in the faith, and don't pay any mind to what these Godless people say. They know not what they do, demons are speaking through them. The non-believer in Jesus Christ who don't show signs of listening to the gospel are goats who are tools for Satan. They have no mind of their own, they have no absolutes, they have only their self serving pleasures to gain. There is no reasoning with insanity, so be aware of their schemes.

   Most people aren't going to make it to heaven, the Bible says this clearly. Wide is the road to destruction and many there be that are on it, straight is the gate, and narrow is the way, that leads to everlasting life, and few there be that find it.

   One day we will be with our Lord Jesus Christ, in peace and love for eternity. How great this will be, but those who reject Jesus will not be there in heaven, but in hell and the lake of fire. So, let their words and deeds be judged by God almighty from the book of life, and let us pray for them, for they know not what they do. As for us Christians, let's draw closer to the good shepherd and bishops of our souls. 

Here is one of Henry Gruver's Books:

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Why Do They Hate Jesus Christ?

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   It's an interesting fact, that our mainstream culture and society all have one common enemy. We can tell who they consider their enemy because of their blatant mockery of him over and over every chance they get. That common enemy is Jesus Christ, God, the Creator of all things. The question I'm asking is why do they insist on hating this man?

   I conclude through the manifold evidence presented through music, movies, and mainstream culture, that Jesus, the Holy Bible, and Christianity is mentioned negatively as a central theme. Isn't it interesting that Jesus is the central focus of mockery from people who don't believe he is the Christ? I wonder first of all, why do they care about this man and the Bible? Obviously, Christians aren't oppressing them if they can blatantly mock them and Jesus in mainstream culture, and have been able to for a long time. The other interesting question is, why do they hate a man who was so kind and nice? I mean if he was just a man like they say, then why hate him so much? If they think the Bible is just a fairy tale, then why don't they also get mad at the tooth fairy with such venomous hate?

   See, this is solid evidence that Jesus is God, and there is a Devil whom the world serves. The rulers of this world, and those who are their workers of iniquity, all hate Jesus. It's almost as if they think if they can get everyone to hate Jesus too, and then get rid of all Christians, then the world will be a better place. Even though the people who are leading this mantra are wicked vile people, easily discerned by anyone who has any commons sense at all. I mean destruction and evil are apparent even to a child who hasn't read the Bible. Honestly all these haters of Jesus are simply very selfish people, who if they were unopposed by the Christians and Jesus, would make this world a living hell.

   The fact that mainstream culture, through every faucet of society, mocks Jesus, is evidence that he is God. Why make such a big stink about Jesus, if he wasn't God. Why hate the Bible and Christians if they're just a bunch of idiots who believe in a fairy tale? Christians aren't persecuting anyone. In fact Christians (who really believe) have always been persecuted by the same logic of the mainstream culture, through the guise of religion. Blame religion on the oppression, but not Christians. Just because a religion says they believe in Jesus Christ doesn't mean they do, people are Christians if they believe in the Holy Bible, and follow Jesus, who is the Word. People who twist the scripture and pervert the Bible, aren't Christians.

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   All someone has to do is spend a couple hours out of their lives to watch some YouTube videos on the Satanic mainstream culture, especially the music industry and Hollywood. After this education, a person would have to conclude what I'm saying here is right on. To say otherwise is simply a lie, and if they claim there is no merit to what I'm saying, they're liars. There are many liars out there, of course, this is how the mainstream culture works, they lie, cheat, and do everything wrong they can think of. This makes them free they think, they also think they're getting away with something. Even though they're half brained fools who are completely ignorant of what life is all about, they don't care, cause they're living for the moment, for their selfish pleasures. Interesting how these are the leaders who think getting rid of Christians is going to make the world a better place.

   If your looking for evidence that the Bible is truth, and are having a hard time coming to terms with Jesus being the Christ, well, I would suggest you take a look and question why the mainstream culture is focusing on Jesus in a negative way so often. In fact, Jesus Christ is the central theme, these artist are revolving around. Why? If Jesus was just some crazy man who thought he was God, why such the fuss? I mean there have been thousands of people who have thought the same, but no-one hates them with such passion? I guess you'd have to ask as well, if Jesus Christ was just another crazy man who thought he was God, then why has his life had such an affect? I mean why? Are Christians that skilled in manipulating people, to make the Holy Bible the number one best selling book of all time? I mean look at Christians honestly, they are the meek, the lowly, the poor, the persecuted by religious. How did these meek, poor people have such an influence on the world? Even though Catholicism has done so much damage to the true faith in Jesus Christ, yet, the true message lives on in love and power.

    Truth be told, there is a wide road that leads to destruction and many there be that are on it. This country has been deceived, and the cultural icons are blatant haters of Jesus Christ. Many people are following these deceived people and will end up in hell, and then the lake of fire for eternity. Just look for yourself at the central focus on hating Jesus Christ in our culture. This is a telling sign that proves he is God. Cause the world is at enmity against God, and the whole world lies in the wicked one. Only those who are born again Christians will escape this horrible deception, and make it to heaven, not because they deserve it, but because they love God and the truth, and accepted Jesus as the Christ.    

Sunday, January 19, 2014

False Perceptions of Non-Believers in Jesus Christ

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   In the world today there are many false perceptions of who Jesus really is, and who Christians really are. Critics of Christianity are being misled by the world's wisdom, which is made up of lies and deceit. The evidence for this is in the leaders of the world itself, the cultural and governmental icons who are creating the parameters of so called reality. For those who think for themselves, deciding to not buy into this propaganda from these corrupt leaders, we are counted as enemies, which need to be defeated by any means.

   The irony is, those who think for themselves, outside of the popular mainstream influences of the world, are said to be narrow minded and non-thinking. The same people who accuse the fundamental born-again Christians of this false accusation, are the most conformed and brainwashed non-thinking people there are. It's a brilliant ploy from the devil, to make people think they're individuals, when in fact they're just like the majority of people. And in fact, they're terrified of being any different for fear of having to think for themselves, and be shunned by the false majority.

   I have a testimony that's hard for unbelievers to refute, one where I was once a secular humanist who rejected Jesus and the Holy Bible. When I was 19 years old, I decided to read the Bible for myself and conclude if I really did believe. I read Revelation and concluded it was fantasy, and proceeded to embrace this false reality the world promotes, and sought truth elsewhere. For the next 7 years I searched for truth as a secular humanist. I studied all different religions, and was a spiritual person who thought of himself grandly as a Transcendentalist who was versed in metaphysical existentialism.

   After years of seeking and discontentment, I wound up more confused and in the dark than ever before. I never was much of a drug taker (was a pot head) or party person, instead I worked hard, went to college, and stayed away from trouble. It's not that I liked what I saw in the world, but I was at a loss on how to explain this existence. What has always been my main goal, is to explain what this life is for, to find the truth I knew was there. I only found this when I started reading the Holy Bible again, when I was about 26, and from there I realized this book is from God. What I read described this life perfectly, and the world around me. Jesus is a real person, and God, whose love is so profound the world seemed a dark cold place without Him. Indeed, without Jesus this life and world are dark and cold.

   So it doesn't surprise me non-believers accuse me of being a non-thinker, but the accusation is so far from the truth. In fact, I'm more of a thinker than most people, I've always valued thinking over a social life, friends, family, everything – to pursue the truth. I would guess I'm more of a thinker than 99% of the people in the world. I'm a profound thinker, and have been accused all my life of thinking too much. Just now when I say I believe in Jesus Christ as my savior, non-believers are calling me a non-thinker and a narrow minded moron, or worse.

   I understand, they're scared to really listen to what I'm saying. They have no real answers for our existence, and are continually in confusion and fear. One thing that's for sure, we are all going to die one day. One day, we all will face death, and what comes after. Most people can't comprehend this finality, this end of their life as they know it now. I've heard of many stories of atheist and unbelievers who were terrified to die. Anton LeVay, the Church of Satan leader, was terrified when he was on his death bed, saying he was wrong (watch the video here). He was saying something was terribly wrong! The experience was so frightening, some of the satanist in the room with him, ended up turning to Jesus Christ. There are many stories of atheist dying and going to hell, to then be given another chance and come back to life, to then believe in Jesus. It was always anger and pride blocking their belief in Jesus.

   Most people are brainwashed today into the Satanic elite's world system, of course they don't know it. Atheist and non-believers are simply followers of this hateful anti-Christ spirit, and can't think for themselves. Of course, part of their brainwashing is to think they are free thinking open minded people, but in reality they're just like everyone else, and are validated by the majority. Their false perceptions of Christianity is what they're programmed to believe, and they do. The whole time, they accuse every person who doesn't go along with the world's brainwashing, a narrow minded non-thinker. Really, everything they're accusing us of, is exactly what they are.

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   The narrow minded majority of Godless heathens are taught how to refute the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout their lives. From TV, public education, culture, government, and social pressures. These arguments are based on a false reality, in other words, they are lies which are unfounded in truth. Yet, because the majority believes them, non-believers feel justified to repeat the lies as if they were truth. Just another instance of not having the ability to think for themselves. If any non-believer would simply read the Bible for themselves in an objective way, they would conclude it isn't what the world says it is. It's a wonderful book full of profound truths, and supernaturally predicts major events throughout history hundred of years before they happen, like Jesus himself dying on a cross for our sins.

   And if an unbeliever would allow themselves to think for themselves, instead of stubbornly refusing to look at the evidence, they would find testimonies that would prove the Bible is true over and over. Testimonies of people being raised from the dead, of healings, of afterlife experiences where people died and came back to life, to talk of heaven or hell. To simply call all the millions of testimonies about the supernatural reality of Jesus Christ being God lies, is plain willful ignorance and non-thinking.

   To conclude, I want to encourage the non-believer to have some integrity and think for themselves. Before you accuse me of being a non-thinker, look at yourself and see if you've ever really thought for yourself about Jesus Christ. I found Jesus Christ by reading the Bible by myself, after reading many other books which only had half truths. There is something about the Bible which touches the spirit of man, not just the intellect. There is something it teaches about the reality of this world, and how evil it is. The contrast between Jesus Christ and this world, is one of light and darkness, one of good and evil. Myself, I want love and light, not evil and darkness. Believing in Jesus Christ in sincerity makes me a thinker, it makes me different than 99% of people around me. Why else would I choose such a lonely hard path, if it wasn't true?     

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Atheism, The Bad Word

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    Just the word Atheism has turned into a word akin to death to me. When I hear someone say they are an atheist, I think of cold and lifeless death. Also, what comes up is a hopeless and meaningless existence ending in nothing. The word just invokes fatalism and despair in me, and I'm guessing in others. I think this is the whole point in those who say they are atheist, to tell God off, and say I hate you and myself, which you created.

   There is only one truth, and the truth is the Holy Bible, the truth is Jesus Christ dying for the sins of the world. It makes no sense to have a trillion different truths, where everyone is manifesting their realities with their own existentialism. It makes no sense to think we have created ourselves. This is not logical, and neither is thinking there is a nothing. We can all agree there is something, and that this concept of nothing is not real.

   So why do atheist believe we all turn into this false notion of nothing? There is no nothing, how could there be this nothing when there is something. Sometimes we have to just keep it simple. God's creation itself is evidence there is a creator, a God. Science, history, mathematics, geography, sociology, and every other form of thought and subject, prove the Holy Bible is a supernatural book which tells us the truth.

   I know the atheist don't believe this and they hate all people who do. They don't hate me? Oh, could of fooled me, maybe what you mean is they don't hate me unless I mention they're wrong, and the truth is Jesus Christ? They don't hate Jesus Christ, oh could have fooled me. Every atheist I've ever met is rabid about hating Jesus Christ. Of course, they tell me I'm the crazy hate monger who is blinded and narrow-minded, and blah, blah, blah. You know, all the indoctrinated propaganda they've learned from our new age school systems and the communist cultural icons. You know all the lies and hate filled rhetoric they've been fed through every cultural, educational, governmental, and social channel available to the satanist elite who run our country and the world.

   Atheist, they are angry people for sure. They've been wronged by God (they think), they live to prove he doesn't exist, despite all evidence otherwise. They flock to the universities and validate themselves around other godless heathens who hate God too. They've been hurt and will not forgive, they've been wronged and are building an air tight case of defense, so no-one can hurt them again. “What does God care about all the evil in the world?”they shout! “Why would God allow all this evil?” they shout! “Why would God not help me when I'm hurting?” they really mean.

   Evolution is just another lie which even Darwin didn't even believe on his death bed. The whole theory is just a way for the secret societies to justify the hateful way they want to live. The whole so-called science is just a sham to create a breed of atheist like the ones who are now rabidly Jesus-hating with their all. How did it work out for Marx, Lenin, and Nietzsche? They all went insane and died misreable and demon possessed. They all were rotten people full of evil and hate. Well, for the atheist sake, Marx was a Satanist, so did believe in something. I think Lenin was too, but Nietzsche was a true blue atheist, and I think he died the worst of all three of those wicked men.

   Atheist are angry people, because they're constantly trying to prove something that isn't real. They constantly are trying to validate some illusion, so they can feel better about living a life full of sin. They are constantly running from their inner child which is telling them to believe in love and good. They are constantly trying to redefine nature and reality, but are always failing in their attempts. Really, the only joy they have is when they see a Christian fall and loose their faith. They get joy when a person believes in nothing like they do. They love when Jesus is mocked and Christians are persecuted, because they claim Christians have persecuted their kind for centuries without cause.

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   Kinda interesting, but atheist have many of the same characteristics of demons and fallen angels. They are void of love, and only have joy in selfish pleasures including persecuting those who are of the Light, those who believe in God. They have much in common with evil entities because they are possessed by these evil entities. That's why I can say in sincerity, I love the atheist, but I hate the demons inside them which possess them. And that's why I continue to try and reach the atheist, because I see a person trapped by evil spirits and wanting to be free. I see a person who God loves, but has been lost and astray. God loves them enough to have me try and reach them, and enough to have his only begotten son die on a cross at the hands of mockers, so they can be forgiven by believing he died for them. Praise God, for his love towards us, while we were yet sinners.

   Atheism is a bad word to me, it's like a cold wind of death. Yet behind that hate and confusion is a soul God died for and wants to save. This is why I'm writing this, and why I care enough to reach out to you dear blind and foolish atheist people. Wake up and see, you are trapped and need to be set free. Know love, by knowing Jesus Christ, and escape the eternal damnation you are heading toward. I was once blind and now I see, was lost but now I'm found. The amazing grace of Jesus Christ has set me free, and can set you free too.

Monday, January 6, 2014

The Remnant of Jesus Christ Fights On

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   As darkness grows in the land, and people are becoming colder inside, the divide between those who believe in the Holy Bible and those who don't, is increasing. Many people even say they believe in the Bible, but they don't, because what they believe isn't in the Bible. All the while they manipulate and twist the scriptures, to accuse and thwart real believers and the truth they are trying to share.

   Thank God I have a place to share, where I can be myself. This is my commentary on the troubles the remnant of believers in Jesus Christ are up against. There's a pressure against the truth like never before. The deception is taking many victims as we speak. The illusion this world is producing is so real and life like, those who believe in it's falseness are dangerously cold to those who say it's false.

   There is only a remnant of believers left, and they are spread abroad the country and world. America is getting worked over like no other country is, and the believer finds themselves alone or isolated, surrounded by mindless hedonist who are brainwashed to hate them. Every time a believer speaks out against what is obviously wrong, they're buffeted and maligned. This country is full of demonically possessed people.

   I'm not the type to play a fool, this life is serious to me. This isn't a time to celebrate, but to mourn. Their isn't much to celebrate anymore, almost all the news is bad. And for pointing this out, I am blamed for it being bad. All I do is state the obvious, and somehow I'm wrong for doing it. We are being bullied into speaking lies. We are being pressured to admitting we are the ones who are insane. The enemies of life itself, want the remnant of Christians to admit we are hate-filled bigots who want the worst for everyone and wish everyone who didn't think like us would die an eternal death. That's what they get out of the Bible.

   Honestly, I can't stand this country and most of the people in it anymore. I'm more than ashamed to live around such wicked people. See, I understand people are demon possessed, and it's the demons I hate, not the people. I care about the people, I want to help them get free and know Jesus Christ. This is why I delve into the hard topics and point out the truth to those I know will hate me for it. Then I try to keep my cool as they turn everything upside down and manipulate every single word I and the Bible say. I do all this because I care, I have to try.

   Oh Jesus, help us, you know what it's like. They treated Jesus worse, of course, he knows what it's like to have everyone twist everything he said. It was the religious folks who hated him, and it's still the religious folks who hate him. That's the hardest part, it's those who call themselves Christians who are the ones who are trying to bring down the remnant the most. The remnant of believers shed light upon their hypocrisy, and they want to snuff it out before they're exposed.

   I'm not sure how well this came out, but I wanted to write it to help encourage others who are part of the remnant of believers. I'm not the only one waging a battle larger than I can handle, we all are waging a momentous battle with faith in Jesus to come for the victory! We fight on the best we can, with our weaknesses, with our troubles, with our fears and struggles, we stand in faith no matter what. Nothing will separate us from the love of Jesus Christ, nothing.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Godlessness = New Age Religion

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   As America and the world increasingly are becoming Godless, they're also becoming more spiritual. See, the New Age Religion (that encompasses all beliefs except fundamental Christianity) is comprised of people who worship themselves above all else. The selfish cultures the modern world has, are in direct result of this self-centered religious belief espoused most clearly in the New Age.

   We have to understand, there can only be one truth, and all the logical evidence (all evidence) points to the Holy Bible being that truth. The Word of God is Jesus Christ as it says in John 1:14 And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth. Then we read that Jesus is the only way in John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. From these verses we can conclude either the Holy Bible is right and it's the one truth, or wrong and the New Age relative all-encompassing religion is the truth.

   The ideas of reincarnation and self-actualization come from eastern religions like Hinduism. Hinduism actually dates as the oldest religion on Earth, but many don't put together it was created by the fallen angels, who came long before the Holy Bible was wrote down. The reason the Biblical flood happened was because of the Nephilim hybrids, which were created after the fallen angles mated with the human women and polluted the Earth with non-human species. These are the fallen angels which rebelled along with their leader Satan.

   The majority of Americans actually believe in angels, but mostly it's just the good ones they consider. Most angels are of God, but there is also an unseen supernatural army in the second heaven which is led by Satan himself. Their main goals are to deceive the humans on Earth and defeat God in the upcoming battle of Armageddon. Also Satan wants to trick us into not believing in Jesus as our savior and the son of God, because then we'll lose our soul in eternal damnation. Remember Satan hates our guts.

   Satan and his fallen angels masquerade as light, as Godly and good. That is the deception they used to snare billions of New Agers. Many people who think they are Christians are actuality New Agers, because they don't believe the Bible for what it says, but for what the world says it says. This is why there is an increasing acceptance of Chrislam, and Yoga.

   Hatha Yoga, is one of the forms of yoga which the Hindu religion uses to become closer to god, and be god. This is the physical yoga which Americans have embraced. They think nothing of doing their yoga exercises, but are actually inviting demons and wicked foul spirits into their bodies and souls. 

   Yoga is integral to the Hindu faith, and was popularized by the Beatles in the 60's. The Beatles' John Lennon and his wife Yoko, admitted they had done a satanic ceremony to sell their souls to Satan. Yet, who knows this truth? Most people think John Lennon was a good, loving, fun guy, but in reality the New Age deception snared him to even sell his soul to Satan himself. He joined a large group of entertainers who have done the same such as Bob Dylan, Carlos Santana, and U2's Bono.

   The truth is America is becoming Godless, because the only God is Jesus Christ, and that's who they are rejecting. All the while embracing their New Age religion which says they are god. The selfish, self-centered mentality this produces is manifesting into a culture of utter depravity and sinful wickedness. The end result will be a total destruction of our country and the world, with the only hope being in Jesus Christ.

   As we can see, America isn't getting better, but worse. The proof this New Age religion is bad is simply in the actuality of modern life seen around us. The increasing evil and mental problems are just a result of demonic worship and hedonistic lifestyles, which ruin every good thing and tear apart the fabric of goodness in our lives. The deception is so thick now, recovering from it's affects can only be done individually. As the nation gets ready for the man of sin to be revealed, and will embrace him with worship, Christians know: these are indeed, the end days.