Monday, August 24, 2015

What Happened to Ebola?

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September 2015 is next month, and most of us remnant Christians have heard many warnings concerning this month and time. I just want to share some thoughts of mine concerning this topic, which may not be typical of most.

We have to be weary of the mainstream media and what I call the mainstream alternative fringe media- of course, and we have to understand that whatever group think social engineering that we are undergoing in mass is all calculated and controlled by the powers to be. We also have to understand that truth doesn't matter to these people, but what matters to them is power – and to get this power they need sometime to only fabricate the truth in an illusionary spectacle and even ideology in the minds of those whom are being trained (brainwashed) proper in the establishments colleges and public education systems. And just what are these New World Order creeps up to?

Be wise as serpents and gentle as doves...

Let us think for a moment of two about the motive of the NWO (Vatican), when we wonder why the mainstream media is reporting on a certain theme or topic seasonally and even weekly...what is the meaning of this illusion? If a person is ingesting the establishments line about the present reality and the historical reality, then they are simply being fooled into following the Anti-Christ straight to hell. Liars have their place in the lake of fire, remember. All we need to do is love the truth. Jesus Christ is the truth. And let's also remember that the remnant has been infiltrated as well, and there are forces of darkness that are stirring up those who truly are servants of Jesus Christ, but are simply in error concerning their earthly enemy- that being the Vatican, the Pope, the Roman Catholic Church and system of power. If a remnant believer in Jesus Christ believes in the false Jesuit inspired Futurist doctrine, then they have no idea who their earthly enemy is and has always been. Because therein lies in the Roman Catholic Institution all the pieces of every pagan and Mystery Babylon Religions that ever were. That is the religions inspired by Satan and his Fallen Angels in times of old and times of late (Mormonism founded by Fallen Angels). There is only one truth, the Holy Bible in the 1611 AV, of which every real Protestant loves, learns from, lives their life by, and believes with sincerity in their hearts that Jesus Christ died for their sins and rose again from the dead to live forever.
You know the one truth, but what about Sept?

I believe the judgment Sept will bring is as simple as the Pope's visit to the Congress of the Unites States of America on Sept. 24th, 2015. The Anti-Christ of the Holy Bible, the Papacy, the Jesuit Pope Francis who sits there now, this is the Anti-Christ, the vicar of Satan. And he is going to speak on behalf of his subjects the American people for the first time in the highest seat of honor in our government and nation. This nation of America, founded in 1776 for Catholic religious freedom, has now become the new Atlantis Francis Bacon hoped it would be. And now the first Jesuit Pope is coming over to victoriously rule over the once great Protestant land of America!

I for one will yell “ Anti-Christ!” if he comes near my State.

This is our judgment Americans. There is no future Anti-Christ coming, he is already here and has been for 1500 years- the Papacy...the 70th week of Daniel was fulfilled by Jesus Christ, and the Jesuits are simply play acting a false futurist prophecy by founding Israel and progressing the script of the future Anti-Christ coming as a politician and making a peace treaty for 7 years then breaking it! This is theater from the Jesuits to fool Christians, this is the Great Delusion that fools almost even the elect!

All the Protestant founders and Christians of note since the Pope was first enthroned – knew the restrainer (the Emperor of Rome) was gone, and then the Man of Sin took the position of divinity in the name of Jesus Christ- the Papacy- all the Protestants knew the Pope was the Anti-Christ : Luther, Huss, Spurgeon, Edwards, Wesley, Whitfield, Tyndale....and on and on...none of these Protestant Christians believed in the Futurist doctrine- which came out in 1590 by the Jesuits. Only about a 150 years ago did this false doctrine of prophecy take hold in mass in America, and by now Protestant history is about the rarest thing a Christian can find, even more so than deliverance ministries. Historicism is the correct view of prophecy, I'll leave an important link below to explain more about this important topic, a link from brother in Christ, Walt, thanks Walt (owner of the website and talk show host).

I'm just going to say this last bit and be done for this topic today.

The warnings about Sept are coming from what I call fringe establishment media, which for example is like Alex Jones, who is a total NWO shill. And about Rabbi Cahn, no one who is a born again Christian should call themselves Rabbi or let others do so-this is obviously suspect, he is way too connected and way too sought after- and way to Rabbi like...Just a couple examples of many.

What I'm saying is even people who are sincere are caught up in this fear mongering stuff (like maybe Hagmanns, Rick Wiles, Leal, Baruch, etc). Just like Ebola last year at this time. The whole thing was a test run and a mostly fabricated illusion – and how many of the alternative media Internet talk shows go crazy about this? Well, what about it now?

I'm not going to say who is what and my thoughts about people specifically, but we all have to have discernment and not be a respecter of persons. Eventually flags come up and clues come in and a case at least in the investigators mind can conclude a certain amount of truth as factual and that which indicates a certain plausible theory about truth. I have recently converted to a historicism view on prophecy of which the Jesuits didn't come up with. This makes much more sense to me and prophecy which was always so confusing to me has become very real and understandable- and I tried to understand futurism many times with books, videos, sermons, and reading the Bible -but it never clicked and made much sense to me.

The Vatican is setting the stage for WW3 and they needed to create Israel to do it, and then thy can play act the futurist prophecy out and fool almost all the Christians on earth- and then a fake Anti-Christ will appear and the Pope will ultimately defeat him and be hailed by almost all the world (even most of the Christians) as a hero- this is the great delusion the Bible talks about. Check out the link below to learn more. I have much to learn myself, just trying to share what I know, have learned the last few months. I still listen, love, and support ministries that believe in futurism, and they are still over me in the faith many times with certain things, but I have to believe the truth over man, and to me the Bible reads Historicism plainly...

I believe this next month Sept will come and go without anything happening big like people are fearing. The judgment is the Pope coming.