Tuesday, December 23, 2014

eBook Review: Modern Day Slaves in America

Don't expect anything other than the lowdown truth here on the Lowdown Truth blog. This time, I'm hitting hard the topic of jobs in America. Everyone has their opinions, and most people have to work to survive.  What is the reality when reviewing the situation we younger generations folks are faced with? I believe we are looking at slavery worse than ever in history.

Quite a statement I know, but when looking at the types of jobs and the population we have to serve, the case can really be made. Then include in that equation the paltry wages we are making compared to the outrageous living expenses we are faced with, and we have a recipe for slavery.

As someone who has always worked, not mooched or been on unemployment for longer than 2 weeks at an employers direction- well, I can tell you the job situation is ugly. The numbers just don't add up for a man to work a full-time job and raise a family. I know there are exceptions, but likely those are created by special blessings, like an inheritance, a wealthy family that helps, government job, criminal jobs, or undignified unethical work. Those last three are main themes in American society.

As for the honest working man working in the private sector, what is he supposed to do? Well, both the wife and husband have to work, leading to him being intrinsically resented by the wife, because it's instinctual for the man to provide for the family. Usually, as we can see, the families break up, the children are raised by the communist satanic school system, and when all is said and done, we are in more bondage and slavery. The worst part is people are starting to become very content in this slavery.

That's the point of this eBook, to wake people up, to break the conditioned perspective most people erroneously have about the state of the job situation in this beast system country called America. The Marxist, satanist, elite New World Order bunch of perverted cowards have come to kill steal and destroy. The main target is the Biblical family unit and the Middle Class. How is this battle going?

Our liberty is in Jesus Christ, and thus I am free from sin and the punishment it brings. This world is temporary and thus my hope lies elsewhere. This eBook is simply fighting back in this reality without fear telling it like it is. It's not right what the younger generations (myself included) are having to face to make a living. And although I know why it's happening, most people are too strung out on drugs and porno to know much of anything past their next high and orgasm.

Consider this a book shinning light into the darkness, you may say I'm ugly for saying it, but what's really ugly us what the light is uncovering. Check out the video below to hear some more about this eBook. Click on the link below to buy it for 0.99 cents from Amazon.

Sincerely in Jesus Christ,

 Robbie (Lowdown0)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Black Eyed Children Phenomenon

cc from flickr.com

The video below this post is a good introduction into the phenomena of the black eyed kids. Timothy Alberino does a good job in explaining this subject and how it's played out on the internet. Of course, most people have a hard time discerning fact from fiction, because they don't have Godly discernment, and they simply don't want things like this to be true ( I wish they weren't true too by the way). 

Skeptics aside, this is a real phenomena happening in post Roswell America. Stories have surfaced of many people encountering these strange children who have completely black eyes and give a terrifying feeling to those whom they seek to enter into their houses or cars. They constantly want to be invited in. 

I've only heard of one incidence where one of these children was allowed to enter into a person's vehicle. The mother left her boy out in the car and went inside to pay the gas bill, and when she came back there was this black eyed kid in the back seat with her son. She was instantly terrified and told the kid to leave, finding out her son let him in because he needed a ride. 

This lady couldn't even drive the vehicle after this, and so called her husband who when he drove the vehicle home got into a near fatal car wreck. The family went on to have diseases and strange tragic happenings later on. 

These are demonic entities that seem to be the product of a breeding program of the fallen angels. These very well could be the off-spring of the "alien" abductions which have been occurring now for decades. Basically, these are not fully human children. 

Think about it, if this is a true phenomenon, then why are grown men and women so terrified of these children? If they were simply hoaxes with black contact lenses then why would the grown ups (sometimes big masculine men) be so scarred inside? 

From what I've heard, these kids don't approach blood bought born again Christians, but they approach people who aren't saved or back sliding from the faith in Jesus Christ. Rest assured though after these encounters these people are doing some serious soul searching and usually come to the faith in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the only way to stop alien abductions and these types of encounters, because these manifest demonic beings are simply from hell. 

Maybe you want to shrug this off and say it's just a myth. If it's not a myth, then it's real whether you wan to believe it or not. Don't wait until they show up on your doorstep to come to the faith in the savior Jesus Christ and be protected supernaturally from this kind of evil. Watch the video below and do some research into this and see for yourself. Just don't watch it alone at night, believe me it's not easy to shake this off. I only have looked into it because I'm covered in the blood of Jesus Christ. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Intercession Prayer Needed For Scott Stapp (Creed Lead Singer)

Scott Stapp

(Update June 12th, 2015) Video Below Update

   It's been almost 7 months since Scott Stapp made those very sincere videos breaking free from the Illuminati matrix he found himself in and telling the truth. 

   Now, in the video I'll post below this update he is with his Muslim (ISIS related) wife who is his handler, and he is explaining how he was out of his mind crazy, just like the lying Jezebel he is forced to submit to said he was before. 

   Anyone who has been following this situation with Scott, knows this is another New World Order shut down of the truth. Scott found out some foul things back last year and also was coming closer to the Lord Jesus Christ. This made him enemy number one to the Jesuit led Satanic NWO. 

   I have no doubt that all the thing he spoke about in the videos he did last year- were true. The man was not on drugs and no-one who is honest would say he was. Truth is, he is trapped in a very bad situation that he never thought could have been such a horror story. 

   Truth is, this rehab he went to was either a place where he was killed and a clone or a look a like was created to take his place - OR - he was mind controlled with a mixture of threats to his kids. I can't say which, but considering the horror I see in this guys face when he looks at that demonic Muslim woman he chose to have kids with- well, I'd say this is a man who has been brainwashed and threatened into a real INSANITY. 

    Before, last year when he was making those videos, he was finally sane. Now, he is INSANE and stuck in a real matrix where there is no escape except to love not your life unto the death and rely on your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Living a lie is not an option - this if Scott Stapp is even still alive. In my opinion Eminem was killed and the clone is who we see now. Is that what happened here? 

   Whatever happened it's a real shame, and we need to continue to stay aware of this and pray for Scott and his kids who are stuck in this hellish situation. I bet he never thought being famous was such hell. 

Here is the recent interview he gave with ISIS Jezebel, his handler:

(Update April 1st, 2015)

   It's been three months since the last update, what's been going on with Scott Stapp? No-one really knew, but there has been recent news about him late last month. 

   The news reeks of foul play and for us in the know about what's really going on in this country and the world, the news is bad. 

   First, there was supposedly a death hoax on the internet saying the singer was dead. Then this was found supposedly to not be true and they come out saying he was in a 90 day rehab. I'll include two article about each below this update. 

    There are no pictures of him, there is no interview with him, only a "band mate" speaking for him saying it was good he was put in drug treatment for 90 days by his family and hopefully he'll stay sober now. Well, this is bogus, because Scott didn't have a drug problem. The videos he made last November and December showed a born-again Christian who was being followed and persecuted by the New World Order Satanic rulers in charge of controlling celebrities. He's recent Christian conversion and awareness of his wife being part of ISIS and stealing all his money - well, this wasn't going to work for the satanist who control the music industry and mainstream culture in America. 

     We know what "rehab" means. It means mind control torture, just like they do to every celebrity when they start remembering things and thinking for themselves. Britney Spears is a good example. 

    So, why aren't they showing any pics of him? Why isn't he speaking for himself? 

    I can only speculate, but in my opinion they killed Scott, and they are in the process of creating a double just like they did with Eminem. Scott's recent conversion as a born-again Christian rendered his programming to not work, so they had to take him out before he evangelized to millions of lost people in the younger generations. 

     Maybe this is too far out for you to believe. Just wait and see what Scott does next. He will likely show up in about a year and start flashing Illuminati hand signs and singing favorably about sin like homosexuality, just like Eminem. Eminem was absent for about 3 years though. 

    I've been praying for Scott since his sober truthful videos came out. I hope he is alive and will find a way to escape their grasp with Jesus' help. I hope he can teach his children about Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible and they can become born again and reject this worldly beast system. I guess we'll find out, when whoever it is shows up on the scene claiming to be Scott Stapp. We'll know if it's him or not, they can only fool people who are fools. 

    Pray for his children in Jesus name to be protected and ministered to by Holy Angels from God. 


(Update Dec. 25th)

   Since I wrote this post there came out accusations from his ex-wife that Scott was absolutely crazy paranoid riding his bike around with shirt off and threatening to assassinate Obama. She called the police because she said she was concerned. I heard the call and it sounded to me like a total fabrication from her. She is obviously on board with the New World Order to destroy the man of God. Here is the video below:

    There is more to the story, including his ex-wife being muslim. Maybe she was placed in his life to be his handler when he was younger and more naive and worldly. Also, his ex-lawyer is part of this attack against him. There is a lot of money at stake these people have been part in stealing from Scott Stapp. There is also the fact that he is a born-again Christian and staring to become enlightened about the evil around him. Unfortunately for him, right in the same bed with him (wife). Don't believe what you hear about being famous, Scott is in a complete nightmare as of now. Yet, with the Lord Jesus all things are possible, and he will see him through, and we will all see each other in heaven one fine day. While the wicked will be in the lake of fire for eternity. 

     Here is a petition we can sign that shows our support for Scott and let's people know we are paying attention. Pray for Scott and share this petition. God bless. 

Petition of Support for Scott Stapp


Scott Stapp, the singer for the band Creed has been targeted by the Illuminati satanic New World Order elite for destruction. In the video directly below this post, the Vigilant Christian explains this well. 

All in all, Scott released three videos (also below) since Thanksgiving, explaining the ordeal he has been going through. This ordeal is unbelievable considering this is a famous wealthy individual. Living in his car, not even having money enough to eat for a couple days! The money masters froze his bank accounts and actually took his money out! We're talking millions of dollars here. 

This isn't surprising to those who are in the know about what is going on in America, but unfortunately Scott doesn't fully understand what is against him yet. The most important thing is that Scott has given his life to Jesus Christ and declares this boldly and unashamedly in this first video, praise God!

Of course, this is the main reason why he is all of a sudden being targeted for destruction. Also, he recently requested an audit of his record company to find out there was in the tune of 50 million dollars of royalties stolen from him. After he found this information out, all of a sudden they froze his bank account and he is dead broke living in his card on Thanksgiving. 

If you're wondering why he doesn't have any friends or family to help, just remember being in the limelight famous isn't all it's cracked up to be. It's a lonely place, and when you are broke and used to be rich people don't want you around, especially when you are a born-again Christian talking about a conspiracy. And, yes this includes family members. 

Scott finally got enough money to stay at this hotel he shot this first video in down below. And fresh from this difficult time he's gone through, he explains what's been going on. This is very interesting indeed. See, the press and media have been going bananas trying to discredit him and say he is on drugs and drunk - saying he is insane! Yet, he is sober and of a very sound mind as you can tell in the video. It's a total assault from the Illuminati satan worshipers to destroy the man. 

I want you to pray for this man, that he finds the Christian remnant and comes to the full knowledge of the nature of what he is fighting against. They are going to try and kill the man if they can. He is open to attack because he doesn't realize the extent of what he is facing. Let's pray he is protected by warriors angels loosed from Father God, in Jesus name. 

He wants to make a new album singing about his Christian faith! Praise God for this man's conviction, and as you can see it's very much sincere, although he does even wave the satanic salute in the third video out of ignorance. That's what I mean here, he is a born-again Christian, but he is a baby in Christ. 

My wife and I have contacted the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, Trunews, and Steve Quayle to let them know about this situation. Hopefully they will have him on their shows and he will be woken up to what is going on. He needs the protection of the remnant of Jesus Christ  at this point in the battle. Intercession prayer is needed here. 

The last I heard they have filed a court order for him to be arrested and taken in for a mental evaluation! It's hard to find out information about what is happening right now with Scott, but as soon as I know what is happening I will post an update. If you know anything then share it in the comment section. 

Scott Stapp is a fellow believer in Jesus Christ, and we are in intercession prayer for him and his family in Jesus Christ mighty name. Let no weapon formed against him prosper! Creed was a band popular mostly in the 90's when I was growing up in high school. I remember the song "What's this life for?" Praise God his soul is saved, and he found this question out.

Vigilant Christian's Video about Scott Stapp Being Targeted by the Illuminati:

Monday, December 8, 2014

Pine Ridge Warriors Christian Radio Show

from Pineridgegathering.com

   The Pine Ridge Warriors radio show has come into my radar in the last week and I'v already been so blessed by this wonderful anointed Christian show. So, I wanted to come and tell you about it as well.

   Brother Marcus and Curtis are the hosts and Jose is the producer who put the show together. They make a great humble team bringing great guests and Holy Ghost inspired messages to the listening audience. 

   The show is located in S. Dakota on the Pine Ridge Reservation. The added insight from the Native American landscape is a depth not usually found. There truly aren't many ministries out there dedicated to the Native Americans.

   This show is for Christians and those who love the truth, not just Native Americans. Their love and teachings are based on the Holy Bible only. What really endures this show to me is their humility and sincerity.

   I've been familiar with Marcus through Steve Quayle for at least a year, but I never knew Marcus had a show until now. I guess the BlogTalk show they have has been going now for 11 months or so. They also have a YouTube channel and a website which are quality places to connect with their work. They are included at the bottom of this post.

   I really do encourage anyone who is looking for fellowship to tune in to the Pine Ridge Warriors Show and be feed the true word of God from sincere and sound Biblical doctrine. The guest they have are well known as well as simple unknown Christians who have great testimonies. Personally, I feel blessed that the Lord Jesus has directed me toward their show and soon enough it will be an honor to include them in the tithe we give every month to the many awesome remnant ministries that are on the front lines.

   Check out the show and support these brothers in the Lord Jesus Christ. I know you'll be blessed by it like I've been.

Here are the Pine Ridge Warrior's links:

YouTube Channel


Blog Talk Radio Show

Here is their latest Blog Talk Show with Augusto Perez

Check Out Religion Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Pine Ridge Warriors on BlogTalkRadio

Thursday, December 4, 2014

eBook Review: The Worldly Anointing

cc from commons.wikimedia.org

   I wanted to share with my Lowdown Truth Blog the latest eBook I've written called: The Worldly Anointing. Have you ever heard of this before? Well, even if you haven't, you are for sure familiar with what it is I'm talking about whether you agree with me or not. 

  Satan wants to confuse humans and make everything so complicated, but in reality we have to simply never give up on the truth and answering the questions we had when we were children, like what is the meaning of life? For those who never gave up on this question, they eventually have found Jesus Christ is the truth. Those who seek the truth and love the truth will find that Jesus Christ is the truth, praise God. 

   I know we live in a world full of lies, and truth isn't important to people anymore - at least that's what they think. In reality they have stopped thinking all-together, other than what the world tells them to think through the mainstream culture, education, and whatever else the New World Order Satanist control these days, which unfortunately seems like most of the Christian churches. 

  The worldly anointing is a counterfeit of the Holy Ghost anointing. They are opposite of each other, as the world is a enmity with God. Pride, lies, superficial vain thoughts, sin, and pragmatic wickedness to gain selfish goals are fruits of those who seek the worldly anointing. There could be no better two people to show than Obama and Oprah, which are in the eBook cover, as they have achieved this worldly anointing and are yet in more bondage than anyone else. 

  If you are interested in this topic and want to explore it with me more, buy the ebook from the link below or listen to the YouTube video where I discuss this more. The book is about 5,000 words long and has about 5 chapters. I pray it will bless you and help us seek and love the truth always, seeking the Holy Ghost anointing in our lives in this temporary world. God bless.

eBook: The Worldly Anointing

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ebook Review: Ten Actions to Take to Resist and Prepare for the Coming New World Order

    Book two of The Ten Series is out now, called Ten Actions to Take to Resist and Prepare for the Coming New World Order. I felt compelled to write this before I started any other projects, because of the lateness of the hour in these end days. God has in his mercy has given us some time to get prepared, and this book is meant to help us focus on some simple actions we can take to do just that.

   The New World Order is a satanic system being set up by people who worship the Serpent Lucifer. Anyone who looks into the roots of the secret societies forming this emerging world system will find this to be true. It's no longer a conspiracy theory, as many would like to believe. Unfortunately, it's a factual conspiracy that can be proven over and over again. This book is meant for those people who already understand this and are wanting to get a grip on what they should be working toward in the time we have left.

  These ten actions are being implemented in my own life, some more so than others. We have to do the best we can with what the Lord has given us to work with. Every day we are working toward growing closer to Jesus Christ and further away from this world.

   The Christian remnant, although small, is powerful - and is in big enough numbers to make a significant impact on America and the world. A small sanctified remnant of God's people is more powerful than the wicked masses ignorantly working for the dark-side.

    I made a short video below detailing some of these things. The first book in The Ten Series is in the link below:

Ten News Stories Showing Satanism is a Real Problem in America

   I pray this book blesses and helps you focus on preparing and resisting this wicked satanic New World Order coming upon the earth. You can get the book in the link below:

- Ten Actions to take to Resist and Prepare for the Coming New World Order

Monday, October 13, 2014

Ebook Review: Ten News Stories Showing Satanism is a Real Problem in America

Image in cover cc from Phillip Maiwald (Nikapol)

   Yesterday, I published my third ebook on Amazon (above). This is the first book in The Ten Series, which is a series dedicated to exposing the satanic New World Order and bringing people to the faith of Jesus Christ as their King and Savior. 

   Although this topic isn't the easiest to cover, yet I believe it's important for all Americans to understand this huge problem we are facing. The extent of Satanism is alarming and needs to be confronted by the citizens of America and especially the Christians. 

   The two main reasons I wanted to write this 32 page ebook, is to show people Satanism isn't a benign belief system which has no negative affect. In fact, the influence of Satanism is worse than imaginable, pure evil, even if the modern satanist like the Satanic Temple, would have us believe otherwise. The second reason I wanted to write this, is to show that this influence is growing in America at an alarming rate. 

   These ten news stories span from the mid 90's til the present in 2014. Half of them are criminal cases showing the blood and gut tragedies, and the other half show the way the mainstream culture, government, and education systems are influencing these criminal acts of Satanism to happen. 

  We have a real problem when even the White House is promoting Satanism! And the affects of this influence are obviously not good, as the stories in the book prove without a doubt. Whether you're a Christian or not, this isn't an influence you should want in this country of ours. My prayer is Christians will be edified and non-believers will come to the faith in Jesus Christ. And I pray we as Americans will stop allowing this Satanism to pervade every faucet of our lives. 

  Here is a video that shows three of these news stories to give you a taste of what's in the book:

Here is the ebook:

Monday, October 6, 2014

Satanic Programming is Becoming More Blatant in Cartoons

cc from commons.wikimedia.org

   Puritan Pictures has a great YouTube channel you'll want to watch and subscribe to. The video below exposes the Cartoon Network and their blatant and subliminal Satanic agenda against our children. He does a great job in showing the different shows that are popular today. Did you know that there is a cartoon show called Lucy the Devil's Girl? Wow...

Mr. Pickles, wow blatant...

   The end times march on as the masters of deceit get bolder. Some insightful caller to the Hagmann and Hagmann show last week said the Illuminati New World Order types are not able to be totally blatant yet, but they are getting more and more obvious. The point to all of the conditioning is, the point Satan is trying to make, because he wants us to embrace and ask for the evil, not just be subjected to it.

   See, one day they will basically show us Satanic programming on these Cable shows and Hollywood movies in such a blatant manner that everyone who is watching will have to accept that they are now OK with Satanism. Do you know what I'm saying here. The thing is, we are almost there, just watch this video and see how blatant it is in these cartoons for our children.

   I personally don't watch TV, and most of my life has been without it. Every once in awhile we'll watch a movie that isn't Hollywood that is family friendly. So, watching videos like this from Puritan Pictures from brother Jared is shocking to me. I'm only 35 years old, yet it seems like even I came from a wholesome time. Not so, but the level of Satanic programming and conditioning has ratcheted up about a 1,000 fold since I was a kid watching cartoons.

   Watch the video, subscribe to Puritan Pictures, share this post, get your kids off TV all-together, home-school them if can, pray with them, read the Holy Bible with them -- let us sanctify ourselves from this Satanic world system that is emerging. There is nothing good coming from mainstream sources anymore at all.

Puritan Pictures YouTube Channel

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Getting Free From Porn

cc from pixabay.com

   Below this post is a video I made about getting free from the addiction of pornography and sexual lust. In it I share a bit of my testimony and how this is a spiritual problem that involves demons. In my experience it took me getting deliverance from Pastor John Kyle over the phone in order for me to shake this wicked sin, and be free of the demons causing me to lust after this destructive, perverse sin. 

   Make no mistake about it, pornography is a plague of wickedness spreading across America and the world like a brush fire in a summer drought. The path of destruction is seen when looking at the state of our modern society and the absolute filth we are subjected to now in the name of entertainment. Many deceived people are actually saying porn isn't even a bad thing!

   How much further could one be from the truth?! Pornography is a sickness, knowing all the people who are involved in its depraved scene, makes me sad and sickened for them and this world. The truth is, this industry is being promoted and run by the same New World Order Satanist that are in charge of the governments, education, media, Hollywood, music industry, and corporations of America and the world. These same nefarious forces which worship Lucifer, are the same people who run the drug trade and sex trade around the world. It's no wonder the porn industry is exploding. 

   With the internet being more accessible to children and adults now, there is a huge amount of people now addicted to porn. Even sincere Christians are struggling with this great destructive evil in their lives. This sin will cause marriages to break up, adultery, homosexuality, transexualism, molestation of children, and beastiality. The slippery slope of porn will snare a person and eventually even lead them to the pits of an eternal hell. This sin takes people away from God, distracts them from their calling with God, and leads them to look at the opposite sex (and their own)  in very negative and perverted ways.

   There is hope for those who wish to live a life free of this horribly destructive sin! Getting deliverance in Jesus Christ name is the answer to expelling the demons that are causing you to lust after this sin. In the links below the video I'll put the radio shows of two deliverance ministries that you can call and get deliverance, prayer, and counsel for this problem. Men and women are involved and enslaved by this malady, but you don't have to be if your willing to take action. 

   Personally, I found myself snared by this sin and at one point was searching YouTube for testimonies of people who found freedom from this. I didn't find any that talked about deliverance in the way I'm talking about it here. These testimonies were helpful, but as hard as I tried to get free on my own I kept being snared by this very alluring sin and it's many temptations. I eventually had to disclose what I was doing to my wife and then call Pastor John Kyle for help. When I was getting deliverance over the phone I even puked up some, and since this time a year and a half ago I have been free of this bondage! Praise Jesus. Deliverance gives us the edge we need to defeat this very alluring and tempting sin. 

   Life is much better without this sin, believe me it's worth it to get free of this destructive evil sin. You can live in righteousness in Jesus Christ and not let the Devil steal or destroy you anymore in this way. Don't play into the hands of these wicked Luciferians who are trying to take you out of the battle by throwing this depraved sickness in your life! 

Proverbs 2: 16 To deliver thee from the strange woman, even from the stranger which flattereth with her words; 17 Which forsaketh the guide of her youth, and forgotten the covenant of her God. 18 For her house inclineth unto death, and her paths unto the dead. 19 None that go unto her return again, neither take they hold of the paths of life. 20 That thou mayest walk in the way of good men, and keep the paths of the righteous. 21 For the upright shall dwell in the land, and the perfect shall remain in it. 22 But the wicked shall be cut off from the earth, and the transgressors shall be rooted out of it. 

Proverbs 6: 25 Lust not after her beauty in thine heart; neither let her take thee with her eyelids. 26 For by the means of a whoreish woman a man is brought to a piece of bread: and the adulteress will hunt for the precious life. 27 Can a man take fire in his bosom, and his clothes not be burned? 28 Can one go upon hot coals, and his feet not be burned? 29 So he that goeth in to his neighbor's wife; whosoever toucheth her shall not be innocent.

Proverbs 14: 27 The fear of the LORD is a fountain of life, to depart from the snares of death.

I'm praying you find comfort in this post and resolve to defeat these demons once and for all and be free of this bondage of sin. 

Also, I do believe in eternal security, yet if one is using this as an excuse to keep sinning it shows they aren't actually born again.


Here's a book that really helped me overcome this sin: "At the Alter of Sexual Idolatry" by Steve Gallagher, 2002.
Pastor John Kyle's Radio Show: Deliverance Today

And his website: Oasis Place (where you can get his book: Do You Have Demon Problems?)

Omegaman Radio with Shannon Davis: OmegamanRadio1

And his website: Omegaman Radio

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Intercession Prayer Needed For Henry Gruver From Sept.7-13 (Updated)

(Update Oct. 1, 2014): Yesterday I heard Steve Quayle on The Hagmann and Hagmann Report and he said he'd talked with Henry recently, and he was back from his trip safely. Praise Jesus for this, also he said Henry was likely going to be on The Hagmann and Hagmann Report this Friday Oct. 3rd. I'm sure this will be a great show and he will say thank you for all those who prayed for him. 

cc from flickr.com

  Henry Gruver is currently prayer walking in the hostile area of Singapore-Malaysia from Sept. 7-13. This is a call for intercession prayer for his safety and favor to minister the word of God and Jesus Christ to the people there. 

Below is a prayer request from Stevequayle.com's 
Q Alerts:


   My wife and I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Gruver July 25 of this year at a meeting in Salem, Oregon. He spoke a powerful message there and we also were able to shake his hand and talk with him some. This was very much a blessing for us as we have been listening to Henry for around 4 years. 

   Henry's teachings about prayer walking and asking for the remission of sins are very valuable to the body of Christ. His testimony is one of the most powerful ones I've ever heard showing the power of the Holy Spirit and the supernatural happenings throughout Henry's life. His humility and sincerity are very much appreciated by all those that have been greatly edified and helped by this wonderful man of God's teachings. 

   Let's pray for Henry Gruver as he ministers in this hostile area. He fearlessly goes where God leads him as long as he has a song and peace in his heart. 

   Father God, we pray in Jesus name that Henry Gruver and his ministry team is protected and given the power of the Holy Ghost to minister to the people in the Singapore-Malaysia area. We cover Henry and those with him with the blood of Jesus, and ask you to strengthen him in his day to day journey there in this hostile country. We ask that he makes it home safe to his wife and kids and has great success bringing the people there to the saving faith in Jesus Christ. We pray all this in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

Here is Henry and his wife Judith's Ministry called 
Joyful Sound Ministries

Monday, September 8, 2014

The New World Order is Emerging

cc from en.wikipedia.org

   Jason A has put out another great new video called "The Beginning of Sorrows - Major World Event Happening Now 2014." 

   This is another must watch video, which shows recent news events that detail the emerging new world order. Personally, I don't have a TV and so I don't watch mainstream news, so some of the news clips he puts in here, keep me in touch with what's happening through the world's eyes. It shows me what people who are asleep are seeing. 

   I can see how some of my family and friends are deceived at times listening to these sources, or simply avoiding the whole reality of the world events all-together. It's interesting to hear Chuck Hagel talking about the emerging new world order, and that America has to help form it. What else can the man say, at this point the whole world is out of control because of forces that are too evil for regular puppets like Chuck or Joe Biden to even hint at. 

   I'm talking about fallen angels, in particular Satan himself. The cartoonish version of this evil figure aside, the depths of his existence beyond the scope of the average person's comprehension, of course, most brainwashed Americans believe Satan isn't real at all. Perfect for Satan to do his work, and these useful idiots to help. 

   Meanwhile we have ISIS manifesting as a human form of incarnate evil roaming around un-checked. Even monsters get worried about other monsters as Joe Biden talks tough against this group of Satan's foot soldiers. Yeah, they must be stopped, but what about, they should have never been created by you Joe, and those you work for. 

   The wicked will deceive and be deceived more and more...

   Jason A's videos always provoke thought within me, thought I would share some of it. Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty is saved as the best for last clip, as he reads his Bible on Hannity's show. What a brilliant picture for America, this humble servant speaking to sinners, an actor as the leading evangelical man of America in the dark ages of 2014. Brilliant light of Jesus shine through this darkness, we need you dear Jesus Christ. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Pastors in America Are AWOL

Coach Dave Daubenmire tells it like it is always. His message today (above), speaks about how the pastors are who has let America down. I totally agree with him on this point. 

cc from pixabay.com
Looking at all the churches in the small city I live in, it astonishes me what a waste of space they are. When they could be doing great things for God and having a move of the Holy Spirit, they sell out for nothing, just to get along with a wicked world. 

America is going into a free fall people, like a toilet flushing. The people are getting swallowed up with manifold problems that are too many to accurately describe. The foundations are gone, the judgement is upon us, and we simply await the slap in the face that will wake people up. 

This madness can't go on forever, the denial of reality, the make-believe and celebration of wickedness. We are destroying everything that is good more and more everyday. The enemy is demolishing our lives and our land. America is an oppressive place of torment full of cowards stabbing at the few righteous among us. 

The few righteous in the Lord Jesus among us are getting ganged up on by zombie coward brainwashed goats. Coach Dave understands this, I find comfort in his words. He speaks the truth cause he loves Jesus and isn't a coward like the majority of pastors in this country. This country, which is in a free fall into total destruction. 

Coach Dave's ministry is called Pass the Salt Ministry, here is the link to his website:


Subscribe to his YouTube and keep up with his material, it's always worth it. God bless. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Illuminati Hanging Gardens in Eugene Oregon Displays it's Allegiance to Satan

   At 85907 Bailey Hill Road in Eugene, Oregon a person can find The Hanging Gardens of Bailey Hill. Obviously you can see from the picture above this in fact is an Illuminati Babylon garden motif!

    My wife and I with eyes to see, couldn't believe it when we drove by this place a couple years ago. About a mile outside of the city itself, this wicked place is situated in the strange occultic town of Eugene, Oregon. 

     This is a public place where kids and families go to see the garden I guess. I can't find any listing of it in the phone book, or even on a Internet search? Very mysterious place, yet very obviously evil to someone who has eyes to see. 

    As Christians, we find this to be a signature of Satan, as the one eye there at the top of the pyramid is the eye of Horus (Satan in Egyptian). Just like on the great seal of the USA, and the back of the dollar bill, here is the pyramid with the all seeing eye. Also, like on the dollar bill, the capstone is not yet completely fixed on the body of the pyramid. This structure here actually has the eye on the second tier? Maybe he was drunk when constructing it?

   Here is another structure on the other end of this property, this has the all seeing eye at the very top like it should be, interesting...

   Of course the manifold oblivious people of America likely come here thinking these structures outside this garden are "cool", and creative. Then they allow their children to go and play in the Babylon Gardens. 

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon is no doubt the inspiration of this garden. Oh, how the wicked love the sound of Babylon! The Hanging Gardens was built around 600 B.C. by Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon. 

Here is a short YouTube about one of the seven wonders of the world: Babylon Hanging Gardens:

    This is a little local reporting you might find interesting, this shows the Illuminati are everywhere far and wide. The conspiracy of their Luciferian New World Order is in full swing right in front of the ignorant people's eyes. We watch their movies from Hollywood and buy their musician's music. We watch their Television programs and go to their sports festivals. The ignorant fools of America by and large are naively playing right into Satan's hands. 

This Hanging Garden of Bailey Hill in Eugene Oregon, should be shamed out of town. Yet, the people are instead shaming the true believers in Jesus Christ out of their Babylon! When they have their Babylon without the Christians finally, they'll see their folly, but it will be too late. Is eternity in hell worth it?

Better repent Americans, and ask Jesus Christ for forgiveness and to be your Lord and Savior. Time is short.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Extreme Weather and Strange Events in August 2014

cc from en.wikipedia.org

   Jason A's YouTube Channel  always has great videos coming out, showing that world events are spelling out the end of days. Biblical types of events sweeping America and the world are happening at break neck speed, and Jason A does a great job of compiling them together and putting them out on his YouTube Channel. 

   The video below this post is his latest, which came out yesterday. Personally, I'm glad I found his channel and subscribed. He is a Christian as well, which is very important when reporting on these events. As they are only fully understood through a Biblical perspective. 

   Such a perspective as knowing verses like this in Mathew 24: 6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. 7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. 8 All these things are the beginning of sorrows. 9 Then they shall deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake. 10 And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another. 11 And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. 12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. 13 But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. 

   In one of the comments on YouTube concerning this video, one unbeliever said something along the lines of, just because you put scary music behind normal news reports doesn't make it unusual. 

   That's what you call willful disbelief and ignorance. What makes these events unusual is that they are unusual and in fact Biblical. 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Evangelist David Lankford's Powerful Message on Non-believers vs.Un-believers

Pastor David Lankford

   Evangelist David Lankford is a preacher you want to listen to in these end days. His uncompromising message is very much needed in a day when so many people are under a delusion because of sin, and they don't have a love of the truth. (2 Thessalonians 2:10-12)

   In the message below Pastor Lankford talks about non-believers vs. un-believers, in terms of those who outright reject Jesus Christ and the God of the Holy Bible vs.those who nominally say they believe in Jesus Christ, yet in reality they don't. This is a very timely message to America especially, where the state of apostasy is running rampant. 

   David Lankford does two, hour long shows on BlogTalkRadio every Monday and Tuesday at 5p Eastern time. He also is a frequent guest on The Hagmann and Hagmann Report, which is also on BlogTalkRadio. Mr. Lankford and Steve Quayle are good friends and they both spoke at the Holy Ghost inspired meeting in Bozeman Montana on May 31- June 2 called the White Stone Remnant Conference

   My wife and I had the privilege of going to that meeting and even meeting Pastor Lankford in person. I have personally been helped greatly by his powerful messages over the last couple of years. He has helped me in many different ways to grow closer to Jesus Christ, gaining understanding of the Bible and conviction of my sins. 

   Evangelist David Lankford and his wife have a ministry called The Voice of Evangelism. He is an American man of God who is one of the Generals of the soldiers of Jesus Christ. Listen to his messages and make a habit of it, and I promise you'll be blessed. 

Check Out Religion Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with VoiceOfEvangelism on BlogTalkRadio