Saturday, December 12, 2015

Paul the Apostle Was a Street Preacher Wasn't He?

I wanted to share this video showing a couple brave brothers in Jesus Christ street preaching, and also share some thoughts about what exactly we're (Christians) facing in the world. 

The motto of this site is "The Love of Jesus Christ in a World that Hates Him..." This video is a great example of this statement's validity. It's always sort of tough even just watching street preachers work their brave ministries in the wicked cities of this wicked country of America. I can't help but look up to them for the work they're doing trying to exhort those who are without and bring people to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. 

Yes, they make mistakes in the heat of the battle, sometimes saying things in a way they shouldn't. Yet, they're out there doing something to save the lost when so many Christians do nothing except slowly get taken into this false universal gospel the world is embracing at the behest of the Beast Vatican Catholic Anti-Christ. At least these brothers and others are doing something for the kingdom. Isn't street preaching how Paul spoke to the Gentiles? Isn't street preaching how almost all of the early Christians got the Gospel out and eventually also the way they were killed? Yes, it was in case you were ignorant of this. 

Read "Foxe's Book of Martyrs" and see for yourself how each and everyone of the disciples and early Christians spoke of in the Bible were killed (except for John) from mobs just like the ones attracted here in this video. The wicked are always there to get violent, to hate, and want to kill. Paul was stoned and lived one time, Jesus was even facing a mob like this when he first started his ministry.People haven't changed and neither have the demons in them that hate Jesus Christ. 

I live in Oregon by the way, and I lived in this wicked city Portland for a few years. The place is so wicked and sick, it grieves my heart just thinking about it. The homosexuality and sexual sins there are enormous and this is only one metropolitan area in this wicked Catholic country of America. The wickedness abounds so very much every day. And when the Anti-Christ comes to these city streets (Papacy), they cheer and worship him- yet when street preachers come and speak the Word of God- they want to kill them. 

Don't be fooled, there is always someone in the crowd who is listening and will be saved seeing the faith these guys are showing. All across this country the younger generations which I'm part of are starting to stand up and street preach in the midst of this absolute wickedness we see. I can only hope to become bold enough to get out there in the streets of the wicked places I live and do the same. May God give me the courage and ability to get ready to street preach, because we know the "churches" aren't preaching anymore... so someone has to. Praise God for these brothers in Christ preaching and all the other street preachers out there in the world and in America. May God protect them and give them favor.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

There's Something To This Alex Jones Being Bill Hicks Thing...

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    For the last few months I've been blessed to find out about The Investigative Journal radio program with Greg Anthony. This has fast become my favorite show to listen to as I've come to distrust The Hagmann and Hagmann Report and most of the pack that surrounds them. Mostly the reason being their inability to tell the truth about the Vatican Jesuit led New World Order and the false Futurism doctrine. 

   This topic is related to this article like a puzzle piece is in a larger picture, which us sincere truth believing Christians are trying to put together to see clearly.

   Greg Anthony talks about subjects Steve Quayle and the Hagmanns just won't touch. One being the Tony Alamo Ministries in 2008 and how this world famous pastor was put in prison for 175 years (for speaking out against the Anti-Christ Papacy and Vatican) on really bogus charges, and on top of this 36 children were stolen from their parents (who were part of this wonderful ministry) by CPS. Steve Quayle never mentions this case, and he doesn't ever mention the subject we're going to talk about here. In fact, the only time Steve Quayle (Hagmann's benefactor and boss) talks about Alex Jones it's to defend him and threaten anyone who talks bad about him, hmmm...

   On the Investigative Journal hosted by Greg Anthony (also known as Greg Zymanski) on the website, he's been discussing this topic of Alex Jones actually being Bill Hicks. Now, I've known of course for years that Alex Jones is a dis-info agent working for the Vatican, but I've never heard this topic. Right when we think it can't get any stranger – it does!
   After only a cursory examination of the facts, it's apparent there's something to this theory. One thing for sure is there's something very fishy about who Alex Jones is in general. From the evidence I've seen already the puzzle pieces seem to fit very well for him being Bill Hicks; the comedian who supposedly died. This just gives more credence to the suspicions I have against the ring leader Steve Quayle and the more difficult to detect Hagmanns - and the pack they have on their show regularly (Paul McGuire, Tom Horn, Stan Deyo to name a few...).

   I'm going to put Greg's hour long radio shows from the last two days in this post for you to listen to if you're serious about getting to the bottom of this interesting story. Bill Hicks was/is a comedian who supposedly died in 1994 from pancreatic cancer when he was 32 years old. This was the same time Alex Jones started making head way. In fact, there was an Alex Jones around a couple years before this in the early 90's, but although they say this is the Alex Jones of today – it's very obvious that Alex Jones is not the Alex Jones today( who is Bill Hicks). Confused yet, well that's the point. See, they (Jesuits) want this to sound crazy sort of like Eminem being a clone.

   Interestingly, Bill Hicks and Alex are both from Texas and they look very much alike. Their dental records are even almost identical. Just a little re-constructive surgery and it seems as though Bill Hicks landed himself a real good gig and set-up his rich life as a New World Order sell-out. Another alarming evidence is Bill's best friend Kevin Booth just happens to now be a producer on InfoWars! This is very strange don't you think?

   Listen to the videos from Greg's show and investigate it some yourself. I don't need to go over every detail here, because even if I did and you were set on not believing it, then you'd just leave a nasty comment and go on your merry brainwashed way anyway. Geez, the comments I've been getting over at the article I did about Eminem being a clone are evidence of this very type of person who just will not regard evidence. I mean, at the very least we have to conclude there's something to this story. And at the very, very least we have to conclude that Alex Jones (Bill Hicks) is a dis-info agent, which brings me to my next point.

   Why is Steve Quayle supporting Alex Jones and InfoWars? Why are the Hagmanns supporting InfoWars? Steve Quayle even has Alex Jones ads promoted on his website almost all the time, and promotes his videos as if he's a legit source of information. I remember listening to a show on the Hagmanns about a year ago when Steve actually threatened listeners who criticize Alex Jones, really Steve?

   I think the Christian remnant better start looking into these matters more instead of believing Steve Quayle, the Hagmanns, and many of the guests they bring on their show. And yes, Eric Jon Phelps was on the Hagmanns, but there's a lot of damning evidence that Eric Jon Phelps is working for the Jesuits as well- the same people he's the forerunner to expose- that's how they work people (to control what's being exposed).

We can conclude, there's no way Steve Qualye and the Hagmanns are ignorant of the Jesuit's involvement in leading the Vatican New World Order, so because we can conclude they're not ignorant of this, then we can conclude they're working for the Jesuit Vatican New World Order. And, that Steve Quayle supports and promotes Alex Jones, is evidence that he's working for the same people Bill Hicks is working for.

   There I said it, someone has to.

   Listen to Greg Anthony, he's a sincere Christian journalist. A very rare find these days, and support his show as well if you want to listen and support a sincere Christian who isn't working for the enemy: the Vatican (Satan's seat).  

Dec. 2, 2015

Dec. 3, 2015

Friday, November 27, 2015

4 Drone Whistleblowers Are Being Railroaded by the Roman Beast

   Earlier this month on Nov. 19 there was a press conference held where four former U.S. Military veteran drone operators blew the whistle on America's illegal and immoral drone program. Brandon Bryant, who has been speaking out for three years was joined by three others at this press conference: Michael Hass, Stephen Lewis, and Cian Westmoreland who all three spoke publicly for the first time about the horrors of what they were asked and made to do in the name of patriotism. 

   The video below is from Dahboo777 from YouTube who explains the government is freezing their bank accounts now as penalty for coming out and speaking about the hidden truths about our drone military program. The article link I'll place below goes into some of the types of immoral acts they were told to do as part of their duty targeting helpless people all around the world and even children. 

   This is par for the course when it comes to the Jesuit Vatican New World Order, but these guys couldn't do it anymore and to try and make it right are coming against what they likely know to be a ruthless killing machine Beast system- by shedding light on their secret doings. JFK was trying to do the same thing, remember...

   Pray for these guys that they find salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ if they haven't already, and that they may be protected and given favor to speak out successfully against this beast system. Don't get made at them for what they did do, because the important part of this story is they stopped doing it and are trying to make it right even though it will mean heavy consequences in their lives. 

   Dahboo says the main stream media isn't reporting on this, I'll take his word for this as I don't watch television and am disconnected with all mainstream sources (and controlled opposition sources as well). CNN and the rest of the hollywood sets are not going to be tasked with covering something like this, so you have to share the story yourself and read between the lines. Admittedly I have just become aware of this story and haven't done very much research at all, but I felt I needed to bring it to your awareness and do what I could to spread  real news in the land of the Jesuit Vatican New World Order illusion beast system...all roads lead to Rome, don't forget it...

Article: "'You Can't Buy My Soul': Drone Whistleblowers Speak Out" by Kevin Gosztola on

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Naive Europeans Are Getting the Devils They Ask For

(update 11/21/15) Interesting that the video I did share showing a very well presented documentary about the hoard of Jihadist coming into Europe- has been removed from YouTube- was it YouTube censoring? Or was it the person not wanting to show it because they were being threatened? Or was it something else? Not sure, but it's gone - so I'm placing a similar video that is shorter but shows the problem Europe and America are dealing with and will be dealing with in the future until Jesus Christ comes back.


    This is a scary video (below the post) for sure, showing the truth about the forced immigration of Muslim devils by the Vatican New World Order into Europe in order to create chaos and finally destroy every vestige of their heritage and whatever sliver of Christianity left there. Remember satan hates every single human being (even those who work for him) and he only comes to steal, kill, and destroy- although he will deceive you into thinking he's just a harmless lover at first, if need be.

   Instead of being outraged for my European brothers and sisters, or for my own country which is going to and is suffering the same fate, instead I'm going to just be glad my real home is with Jesus Christ and this world is going to be destroyed very soon when Jesus comes back. And be assured, Jesus Christ is King of Kings and Lord or Lords and will judge everyone who rejects the Word of God.

   See, what Europe is going through is a judgement from God. I know that not every European is an unbeliever, but the light of the Gospel is very dim there, and this is the judgement they are actually asking for. That's why this video is so well done, because it shows the people of Europe inviting the devils into their country and then shows the reality of what the devils are doing (every Muslim is has a devil in them or is completely possessed). The Europeans have invited the devils into their homes through their pagan hedonistic culture and their rejection of Jesus Christ and now the devils have manifested into reality with Muslims marching down their rural roads killing, stealing, and destroying along the way. The whole time the naive idiotic blind fools are standing their with welcoming signs and signing them song of welcome! Realize I understand this is not all of the Europeans, but again it is very dark there indeed.

   American is not too far behind, so this is very much a video about America as well. America has been asking for judgement as well, and they'll get it in the form of devils of many sorts. Muslims are just a base form of devils, the cardinals and bishops of Rome are much worse (because they act like they're good people). And rest assured this is the workings of the Anti-Christ Papacy at the root, for reasons of creating the Vatican Jesuit New World Order. The final kingdom of Daniels prophecies has been ruling and is continuing to rule this earth- The Roman Empire, and the Muslims have always been a tool of theirs.

   I feel bad for the naive European people and the Muslims who think Allah is anything other than a demon. They're both equally deceived and will end up in an eternal hell without the saving grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ and the Word of God. Europe will be on my prayer list and I will be asking for mercy for them and for America, because we are witnessing the end of Europe and America before our eyes. Thankfully, before these devils will get their Jihad goal they'll be wiped out in an instant by the All-mighty God Jesus Christ. Praise God for this...

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Are You Going to Believe the Bible, or the Papacy and/or Deceived Futurist?

This are great videos below to gain an understanding of true prophecy, and to dis-spell the lie of a future Anti-Christ to come. The Anti-Christ is already here and has been here since 538 A.D.

This is the simple true interpretation of the Holy Bible seen obviously through history, and is the interpretation that all the Christians have had since Jesus died and rose again. Only in the last couple hundred years has this future Anti-Christ lie prophecy become mainstream in a Jesuit infiltrated ecumenical American.

America in 1776 was founded for the purpose of allowing Catholics to gain ground in a majority Protestant country which wouldn't allow Catholics to hold office or worship their superstitious and idol worshiping religion which always persecuted the saints of God- and still does.

We all are going to be accountable in the end with God, whether we believe the Holy Bible or the Anti-Christ and his manifold lies such as macro evolution, big bang theory, atheism, new age spiritualism, and every other false religion and doctrine other than the truth, the Holy Bible. Mystery Babylon is the Roman Catholic Church which manifests every false teaching and demonic worship since the serpent in the Garden of Eden.

Come out of her my people...

This is a great presentation of this truth of which even the remnant of God in American hardly know. If you think futurist like Alex Jones, the Hagmanns, Steve Quayle, Paul McGuire, Tom Horn, Eric Jon Phelps, David Lankford, Gary Stearman, L.A. Marzulli, or even Russ Dizdar know anything about prophecy- then you have been shorted of the truth- Futurist like them and the many others on their shows and like them (whether sincere or not)- are ignorant of this simple prophecy interpretation of which all the Christians before us since Jesus knew to be true. 

They need to wake up and stop telling the Futurist prophecy lie and start exposing the true power that rules the world and that will play out in the future- the Papacy and the Roman Catholic Church there at the Vatican City in Rome, Italy. Truly, all roads lead to Rome in this Beast system, where you will find the seat of Satan and the Vatican Jesuit New World Order at the Root. 

Monday, October 26, 2015

Poor Roadkill, So Peaceful and Silent...

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Driving down the highway, then get on the Interstate, see some poor dead animal here and there - didn't make it to the other side. The raccoons, beavers, oppossums, cats, dogs, deer, or whatever lovely or unlovely creature they were- they simply got in the way of progress- 

or did they. 

Progress, yeah right, if this is progress we are surely insane- which 99.99% surely are-insane that is...

The broad road to destruction, wow, the narrow way seems to be even more narrow than a fairway at the U.S. know the trophy with Jezebel on top- which all the ignorant golfers kiss like it's a Good thing. Such it is, although they can hit that narrow fairway, they still may just miss the mark with Jesus Christ. 

So many will be there with them in hell for sure. Why, well, we live in a fallen world...

It's not like it's hard to get saved, Jesus did the hard work, problem is people love lies instead of the truth. 
The truth isn't cool, the truths is uncomfortable to the majority of people, and I mean the super duper majority. Like wow majority, so many ignorant deceived people it's a outright tragedy, and that for sure. 

What a tragedy to burn in hell for eternity just because people wanted to sin and live this really really dumb life we call progress. 

Cars always riding my bumper, freaking out, they must have something important they are doing- maybe their wife is pregnant or they are trying to get to the hospital for some lost limb- they turn ahead of me at the Dairy Queen- after they pass me flipping me off and nearing colliding with me and killing us and a few others- maybe even some poor beaver- Geezzz, this world is really in trouble. 

The girls, whores, sluts, whatever they are- the brainwashed harlots walking around naked when they get even a sliver of sunlight from a rainy patch in the week- who they trying to impress? Don't they feel uncomfortable dressed in their underwear to simply go to a college classroom. What are they doing in these class rooms when most of the woman/girls/females are naked? What madness, the super duper majority- 

Oh yeah this is women's rights, this is the fruits of the feminist movement. Maybe if they had a good heart behind their public nakedness, but merely this blank stare- this Jezebel in the making- waiting for some dupe to have sex with her so she can exclaim her victim-hood when he treats her like a slut and doesn't call her after he defiles her in the worst way. Geez, who would of guessed. Maybe call Dad and Mom and ask for a vacation and sort it out with some pills and some Oprah- that will help, then drive crazy and try to ram some poor honest laborer trying to feed his Christian family. Sound like progress. 

How do we even come close to explaining this America, this world thing going down. All roads lead to Rome better believe it- Vatican New World Order- Satanic hatred for all of humanity- the Anti-Christ Papacy ruling over all the world and everyone who has any stature is surely kissing his beastly TOE. 

Oh geez, so simple, so ugly out here, getting so dark- in fact so dark indeed! Even the so called remnant are half blind, they teeter on the verge of political correctness, please don't raid my ministry like the Alamo ministry- please.. we won't call the Roman Catholic Church the Harlot that rides the beast- we won't teach true history and tell people the sick horrid things you've done and do- please just don't raid our ministries with guns and take away our children like you did with the Alamo Ministries...

Road kill, these poor animals, wonder what they think about these freak humans running around like chickens with their heads cut off- clueless- ignorant fools beating their fellow humans into the grave just to get a parking spot- what a sorry  world this is. Personally I can't wait to die and go to heaven. I know there is work to do, but geez heaven sounds so good about now...

Can you image these poor people rushing around on their pills and dreaming of their fornication- this world is all the hope they have? Wow, what a sorry people they must be, and surely are...

I can see it in their eyes, their soul is possessed, they are given over and devoid of natural affection- they are desperate and willing to kill you if you get in the way of their 10 cent raise! They are like animals rabid and hungry! Looking about on who they can falsely bear witness too, who will pay them the most to sell their souls! Sadly, sadly, sadly, American dies a death in front of our eyes. 

The only life is in the born-again believers who know who their enemy is. Those who are ignorant of their enemy are holding hands with them (ecumenicalist)- they don't know the voice of the Good Shepherd
 for he is screaming Get Out of Her My People!

Rome, the roads, leading, to the Rome the big thing you don't understand or know- the Rome thing- the big inquisition, the murders, rapes, the Rome Catholic thing, the Anti-Christ Papacy, that thing ol'Billy didn't tell you about and still doesn't while he eats his Grahm crackers, he is a cracker jack- and what pops up is Rome- always Rome- the enemy of humanity and God. Oh help us Jesus. 

The life is in Jesus Christ- Jesus Christ is the Word of God, the Word of God is in the King James Version 1611 Holy Bible where it talks about Roman Catholic Church- Yes, yes, the Harlot- 

It is the Roman Catholic Church and the Anti-Christ Papacy from which all abominations are from! Yes, believe it- this is why the Jezebel fornicating whore is riding my bumper and the mad man porn watching college male is dressing like a woman and raping women in the public restrooms. If only he was Gay he might be a good Catholic boy...

I love the roadkill, they are so still and silent. They are the only peaceful thing on the mad house Interstate and roads of this mad country. I want to bury them and say we love you and I'm sorry we killed you to get to our vain destination, for I'm sure it would be better to live in the woods and be at peace with the raccoons than to drive around this merry go round and contend with the Jezebel and Ahabs that simply sicken me...over and over again....

So many deceived people, 2.6 million people dead every year in America, so many are in hell now...burning and regretting every vain stupid thing they lived their lives for- poor wretched humans so foolish. 

We will all reap what we sow, be sure......

Friday, October 2, 2015

Fear Mongering Frenzy in September From Ignorant Futurist

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   Well, September 2015 and everyone's false predictions have come and gone. All the fear mongering and freaking out by some of the Christian community has proved to be again a lot of fearful blather again. Seems like every fall for the last three years this type of frenzy has become the norm. I have to believe that the shadow government has the Christian remnant exactly where they want them, of course what do I know. Personally, I was only looking at one particular judgment that was significant – that being the Anti-Christ of the Holy Bible taking formal control over the U.S.A. When he spoke to us through our governmental body with standing ovations and even tears from our supposed leaders- yes that being the Pope.

When Sodomites were given the green light for lawful marriage by the Catholic dominated Supreme Court (without one Protestant on it)- many fearful chicken littles were screaming judgment. This didn't sit well with me, because I see killing 3,000 innocent babies everyday as much worse than the Satanic inspired government giving the OK for legal marriage by the State. What does it matter if the State issues a marriage license? That means nothing to God- only a marriage under the one and only God of the Holy Bible is a real marriage anyway. So, even if a homosexual couple gets married under some apostate false Christians Pastor- this means nothing to God. An apostate is not marrying anyone under God, and if a Pastor is marrying homosexual they are automatically an apostate- so what does it matter if they gain the right for legal marriage? They will absolutely never gain the right for marriage under God. Yet, many of the Christian remnant community were freaking out saying judgment was going to come soon! These are the people who have closed their eyes to the absolutely wicked things being done in America for decades.

I've become a Historicist lately, which means I no longer believe there is going to be this future Anti-Christ figure coming to power- I believe the Papacy and the Pope is and always has been the Anti-Christ of the Holy Bible. Mystery Babylon is of course the Roman Catholic Church the Mother of all Harlots. This is obvious to anyone who hasn't been brainwashed into the Futurist doctrine that the Jesuits came up with in the 16th Century. Yet, most of the Christian remnant (not even mentioning the nominal Christians who believe in Futurism) believe the lie and are ignorant of the true meaning of the Popes visit. Therefor everyone can be played like a fiddle because they know not their enemy in the flesh. Yes we war against spiritual wickedness, but manifested in it's most evil form in the Catholic Church to be sure- and this throughout history. And before the origin of that wicked Catholic Church is the Mystery Babylon Religions they believe in which origins back the Garden of Eden and Satan as a snake telling lies. See, all the Catholic Church represents is LIES. And when I speak of Christians, I mean Protestants by default and not those who are supporting and part of the Anti-Christ church and it's harlots.

Because I've been learning and seeking truth around this subject, I have been quiet in my blogs and videos. I feel bad for all the sincere Christians who are parroting the lies they have heard and spreading the fear and ignorance that the Anti-Christ wants them to spread in the first place. They think they are exposing the enemy and telling what the powers to be don't want them to, but in reality they are being played like fools by taking direction from futurist and actual controlled opposition like Alex Jones. Instead of just keeping quiet and learning something, many people feel like they are led by the Lord to continue to spew out lies they haven't thought through for themselves. That's the problem is people don't think for themselves, they- like lemmings -just go along and are the worse for it. This is why I never wanted to go to church and still don't want to, because inevitably at church mostly what you'll find is people who are delusional and think they are hearing from the Lord, when they don't even know who their enemy is on earth. Personally, I think most of these delusional people (many of which are women and Ahab men) are simply being deceived by demonic spirits and their Ahab husbands and Jezebel wives- aren't helping them see through the lies. Women are and always have been more easily deceived, and that is Biblical. Yet, in America and the West finding a Patriarchal household is more rare than finding a Protestant on the Supreme Court!

I would advise you to stop spreading what is being dished out for you to consume from the mainstream media sources and also the mainstream alternative news sources as well. This includes any futurist remnant Christian (as sincere as they may be) like Trunews and Hagmanns. Listen to what they say, but disregard their false prophetic views. Every Christian who is a Futurist is ignorant of what is really going on in the world, and fall into the exact trap that is set for them by the enemy that is unseen to them- that being the Catholic Church and the Anti-Christ Pope. Take what you will from this, but personally the Futurist doctrine never made sense to me no matter how many books and videos I read and heard. Only when I heard the Historicist view of prophecy is when I understood not only the future- but also the past. How many of our Christian remnant friends are talking about the Inquisition and what the early reformation church believed? Are we not Protestants? Do you even know what a Protestant is?

I can tell you one thing clearly, if you think Catholics are Christians, you are going to be led into the New World Order without a fight. Know your enemy, the Catholic church has always been the biggest enemy of Jesus Christ, liberty, and all that is Good. And most assuredly the Catholic Church has always been the enemy of the Protestants who lived in the American Colonies under Protestant British Control. By the way, I would much rather be considered British than American, as America is nothing more than a Catholic creation started in 1776 (at least Britain was once really Protestant as a formal country). Does all this sound foreign to you? If so, then I would advise you to stop talking so much and start listening and gaining understanding about the truth of America and our manifested Satanic enemy the Roman Catholic Church.

I still listen and love the futurist ministries we listen to, and also give money to, but when it comes to prophecy or history they have nothing to teach me if they are Futurist. They are still sincerely Christian and I know they will be in heaven, but they are unable to help anyone when it comes to knowledge about the past and prophecy.

Thanks for coming by, below are a couple links to shows and brethren who will explain Historicism more for you. God bless.

Monday, August 24, 2015

What Happened to Ebola?

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September 2015 is next month, and most of us remnant Christians have heard many warnings concerning this month and time. I just want to share some thoughts of mine concerning this topic, which may not be typical of most.

We have to be weary of the mainstream media and what I call the mainstream alternative fringe media- of course, and we have to understand that whatever group think social engineering that we are undergoing in mass is all calculated and controlled by the powers to be. We also have to understand that truth doesn't matter to these people, but what matters to them is power – and to get this power they need sometime to only fabricate the truth in an illusionary spectacle and even ideology in the minds of those whom are being trained (brainwashed) proper in the establishments colleges and public education systems. And just what are these New World Order creeps up to?

Be wise as serpents and gentle as doves...

Let us think for a moment of two about the motive of the NWO (Vatican), when we wonder why the mainstream media is reporting on a certain theme or topic seasonally and even weekly...what is the meaning of this illusion? If a person is ingesting the establishments line about the present reality and the historical reality, then they are simply being fooled into following the Anti-Christ straight to hell. Liars have their place in the lake of fire, remember. All we need to do is love the truth. Jesus Christ is the truth. And let's also remember that the remnant has been infiltrated as well, and there are forces of darkness that are stirring up those who truly are servants of Jesus Christ, but are simply in error concerning their earthly enemy- that being the Vatican, the Pope, the Roman Catholic Church and system of power. If a remnant believer in Jesus Christ believes in the false Jesuit inspired Futurist doctrine, then they have no idea who their earthly enemy is and has always been. Because therein lies in the Roman Catholic Institution all the pieces of every pagan and Mystery Babylon Religions that ever were. That is the religions inspired by Satan and his Fallen Angels in times of old and times of late (Mormonism founded by Fallen Angels). There is only one truth, the Holy Bible in the 1611 AV, of which every real Protestant loves, learns from, lives their life by, and believes with sincerity in their hearts that Jesus Christ died for their sins and rose again from the dead to live forever.
You know the one truth, but what about Sept?

I believe the judgment Sept will bring is as simple as the Pope's visit to the Congress of the Unites States of America on Sept. 24th, 2015. The Anti-Christ of the Holy Bible, the Papacy, the Jesuit Pope Francis who sits there now, this is the Anti-Christ, the vicar of Satan. And he is going to speak on behalf of his subjects the American people for the first time in the highest seat of honor in our government and nation. This nation of America, founded in 1776 for Catholic religious freedom, has now become the new Atlantis Francis Bacon hoped it would be. And now the first Jesuit Pope is coming over to victoriously rule over the once great Protestant land of America!

I for one will yell “ Anti-Christ!” if he comes near my State.

This is our judgment Americans. There is no future Anti-Christ coming, he is already here and has been for 1500 years- the Papacy...the 70th week of Daniel was fulfilled by Jesus Christ, and the Jesuits are simply play acting a false futurist prophecy by founding Israel and progressing the script of the future Anti-Christ coming as a politician and making a peace treaty for 7 years then breaking it! This is theater from the Jesuits to fool Christians, this is the Great Delusion that fools almost even the elect!

All the Protestant founders and Christians of note since the Pope was first enthroned – knew the restrainer (the Emperor of Rome) was gone, and then the Man of Sin took the position of divinity in the name of Jesus Christ- the Papacy- all the Protestants knew the Pope was the Anti-Christ : Luther, Huss, Spurgeon, Edwards, Wesley, Whitfield, Tyndale....and on and on...none of these Protestant Christians believed in the Futurist doctrine- which came out in 1590 by the Jesuits. Only about a 150 years ago did this false doctrine of prophecy take hold in mass in America, and by now Protestant history is about the rarest thing a Christian can find, even more so than deliverance ministries. Historicism is the correct view of prophecy, I'll leave an important link below to explain more about this important topic, a link from brother in Christ, Walt, thanks Walt (owner of the website and talk show host).

I'm just going to say this last bit and be done for this topic today.

The warnings about Sept are coming from what I call fringe establishment media, which for example is like Alex Jones, who is a total NWO shill. And about Rabbi Cahn, no one who is a born again Christian should call themselves Rabbi or let others do so-this is obviously suspect, he is way too connected and way too sought after- and way to Rabbi like...Just a couple examples of many.

What I'm saying is even people who are sincere are caught up in this fear mongering stuff (like maybe Hagmanns, Rick Wiles, Leal, Baruch, etc). Just like Ebola last year at this time. The whole thing was a test run and a mostly fabricated illusion – and how many of the alternative media Internet talk shows go crazy about this? Well, what about it now?

I'm not going to say who is what and my thoughts about people specifically, but we all have to have discernment and not be a respecter of persons. Eventually flags come up and clues come in and a case at least in the investigators mind can conclude a certain amount of truth as factual and that which indicates a certain plausible theory about truth. I have recently converted to a historicism view on prophecy of which the Jesuits didn't come up with. This makes much more sense to me and prophecy which was always so confusing to me has become very real and understandable- and I tried to understand futurism many times with books, videos, sermons, and reading the Bible -but it never clicked and made much sense to me.

The Vatican is setting the stage for WW3 and they needed to create Israel to do it, and then thy can play act the futurist prophecy out and fool almost all the Christians on earth- and then a fake Anti-Christ will appear and the Pope will ultimately defeat him and be hailed by almost all the world (even most of the Christians) as a hero- this is the great delusion the Bible talks about. Check out the link below to learn more. I have much to learn myself, just trying to share what I know, have learned the last few months. I still listen, love, and support ministries that believe in futurism, and they are still over me in the faith many times with certain things, but I have to believe the truth over man, and to me the Bible reads Historicism plainly...

I believe this next month Sept will come and go without anything happening big like people are fearing. The judgment is the Pope coming. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Charelston Shooting is Another Hoax People!

cc from wikimedia

Red Silver J does a great video I want to share with you pointing out and exposing the Charleston Shooting Hoax that happened late last month supposedly in some church killing 9 people. I really appreciate this video, because he goes through the fake interviews and the whole crisis acting and commentates on it with very pointed discernment. That Redsilver J is black is another reason why this video is so powerful. I pray for his protection because everyone who sees this is going to very much have doubts about this supposed shooting ever even happening. 

Some people are further along in the process of waking up than others, so saying this is a hoax for some very brainwashed people is really a horrible thing. Yet, who can help those kind of people, really- except for the hand of God? I come across them many times when exposing darkness in this world and country and it doesn't surprise me anymore the deep divide between the brainwashed masses and the few who actually get it. 

We have to try though, because there are some people out there just like we used to be looking, searching for the truth - knowing something isn't quite right with this world we are living in. The mainstream culture, the education, news, movies, music, culture is all suspicious for those who have this longing for truth. Truth and the love of it will bring you to the Light, and that light will show you unbelievable things that before you simply couldn't see. The Light is Jesus Christ by the way, but don't let everyone who says they believe fool you!

I've met many people who are truth seekers, but haven't came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as their savior. They understand these types of Hoaxes are being perpetrated on us just like 9/11 and Sandy Hook for the express purpose of controlling us with stricter laws to eventually rule us as slaves. They know about the conspiracy, but the pieces- they haven't put together. These type of truth seekers I always believe are on their way to finding Jesus, it's only a matter of time. If a person truly loves  the truth, they will find Jesus Christ as the ultimate truth in their search - and from there they'll truly begin to understand what's going on. At that point, be prepared to be in a very small minority among a twighlight zone society bent on destruction because they refuse to humble themselves and seek truth. Let's face it, most people are content with a lie. Personally, without truth life was never worth living to me. 

That brings me back to this Hoax shooting. The shooter is an actor, the supposed victims are not dead- they are simply in a sort of witness protection program in some paradise with millions of dollars. Those phoney sell out actors who stayed behind have some work to do on all the major networks, but when the coverage dies down and the shadow government (Rome) gets ready for their next illusion, then they will get to go be with their "lost loved ones" in their paradise of choice. To bad for them, they will realize they are trapped if they ever do grow a conscience, or if they don't grown one and repent, they'll find themselves in a liars hell forever - I wonder if it's worth it to get out of Charlestown with a few bucks - I mean do these people know what the Ustashi are?? the Nazis?? 

Anyway, I'm getting a bit off track, but you get the drift (or maybe you don't). Look, Adrian Rodgers the L.A. Hoax shooter, Sandy Hook was a total Hoax, Boston Bombing was totally a Hoax, The Arura Hoax shooting didn't happen,Jared Lee Loughner shooting with the fake head wound idiot congress woman Gifford didn't happen, the Freddy Brown Shooting (the black guy running away from white cop) didn't happen! These are a few of the Staged Events, being done by Actors in front of the Big Screen- The News Media! Don't get me wrong though, sometime they do kill people, but the government is almost always behind the killers - like Columbine. Now, though they are able to get away with not even having to have an incident to really happen- in the past people weren't fooled as easy as now.

I mean Hollywood has moved on to real life fiction type of action adventures where the media is the medium of their Illusion. It's like a reality television show, except it's unreality which is depicted as reality...

Don't worry, if it gets too boring they will bring out the Hunger Games with actual Christians being killed...ughh...what a world...

This stuff is so obvious, but what can we do when people refuse to understand? People can't think for themselves anymore, it's really getting bad. The people who can have an independent thought stick out like a sore thumb - if you are one of those people though and you don't know Jesus Christ as your savior - please hurry up and get on board, because you are a truth seeker - and Jesus is the Truth!

Let me ask you a serious question: Don't people have any shame anymore in America? These fakes involved in this are absolutely shameless - and it's all for the love of money...fake money by the way...fake people...

Anyway, check out the video below by RedSilverJ, you won't be disappointed. 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Walid and Theodore Shoebat Catholic Connection

cc from wikipedia (Spanish Inquisition)

Execution of Mariana de Carabajal

In the video below this post you will hear Theodore Shoebat ask a caller "What was wrong with the Inquisition?" three times. He goes on in the show to explain why the Inquisition was actually a good thing! And get this, no-one on the show disagrees with him, not Doug or Joe Hagmann, not his father Walid Shoebat, and not Sheila Zelinski.

This show was 11 months ago on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report with Sheila Zelinski, this was when she was doing the Weekend Report - which by the way didn't work out for some strange reason??

I'll tell you what though, no one- and I mean no one - would come on my radio show and say the Inquisition was a good thing! That person would get an earful from me and I might add those are fighting words!

Walid and Theodore show their hand in this show, they also explain that Alberto Rivera was a Fraud! What gall these Catholics have!

There is no doubt in my mind that Walid and Theodore (his 24 year old son), are working directly for the Vatican. They are playing on the hatred Americans have for the Muslims and also misdirecting Protestants from the fact that the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church is the Women who rides the Beast, and the Great Whore- and also that the Papacy and the Pope is the Anti-Christ himself! This is their Jesuit mission and they are doing it well, but this Protestant has shined the light on their darkness and they are EXPOSED.

As for everyone who allows these Inquisitors on their show to spew their Catholic propaganda, well you can make your decision about them. I know Rick Wiles loves having Walid Shoebat on his show, and so does Knight of Malta Bill O'Rielly- which is no surprise. Walid is actually very main-stream, so obviously not a threat to the New World Order which is the Revived Roman Catholic Harlot.

Just keep in mind Doug Hagmann did go to Catholic seminary...and Rick Wiles worked for TBN... as for Sheila- who knows where she came from out of the blue about a year ago, I've always been suspicious of her though. All I know, is in this show no-one questioned the Shoebats with their outrageous shameful words about how the Inquisition was a good thing! That to me implies something for sure.

Check out my recent video as well about Rick Wiles Catholic Connection and be on the look out for more Catholic Connections to come. Don't be fooled my Protestant believers, the Inquisition killed hundreds of millions of our fellow brothers and sisters, saints of God who believed in the Holy Bible and Jesus Christ. Anyone saying anything to shame the name of those martyrs should be called to account for their grievous error!

Here is the link to the original show if you want to listen for yourself- the part exposed is at 2hr 45 min.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Jesuits - The Elephant in the Room

cc form wikimedia

Do you want to know what's going on in the world today, and what went on in the world in history? Look no further than the Roman Catholic Church and their military arm called the Society of Jesus – or the Jesuits as they are called.

You may want to simply believe in the fabricated reality the controlled media presents to you and the propaganda the educations system has indoctrinated you into. Well enough, go ahead and believe the lie. Yet, if you are a truth seeker and want to know the truth, well you can find it. Yet, you won't be able to find it until you realize that Jesus Christ is the Truth, The Way, and the Life, and that the Anti-Christ is the Pope of the Mother of all Harlots – the Roman Catholic Church located at the Vatican. This is the central theme of the struggle of mankind in the modern manifested times we live in, yet always this has been the struggle in the different forms. Simply put the struggle is God against Satan. And know for sure that the Vatican represents and worships Satan in full acceptance.

Let me tell you a couple things that you might never have heard:

  • America was founded by Godless people who had the spirit of the Anti-Christ, and is in fact a Catholic creation.
  • The Futurism Doctrine wasn't believed by any of the early church leaders including the Reformation leaders such as Martin Luther, John Knox, John Calvin, Tyndale, and on and on...and the Futurism doctrine was created by the Vatican to misdirect people to a future fulfillment of the 70th week of Daniel by some future Anti-Christ, which means people would stop pointing their fingers at the Pope as the Anti-Chris – which is what the Protestant Reformation was all about, that and defining our salvation by grace alone and believing in the Holy Bible over man.

Isn't it interesting that these two topics are never discussed by most alternative media so called Christian Watchman? Some of them may be controlled opposition, some of them ignorant, but rest assured- if a Christian watchman isn't exposing the Vatican and the Jesuits then they are either ignorant of the truth or are working for the Jesuits themselves. Alex Jones is a good example of someone who is fore sure working for the Jesuits.

Loving the truth may not be popular, but it is meaningful, because Jesus Christ is Truth remember. God wants us to know our enemy. If we don't recognize Satan's workers of iniquity, then they can infiltrate and destroy us in the end. And thus we have the story of the churches in America. Destruction is what has happened to every church that employees a fresh seminary preacher from a Jesuit ran so called Bible college. Such faithless cowards they are churning out who don't even believe in the Bible. They do believe in their pay checks though and so they continue to preach the lies they were taught by the Jesuits dressed up as Protestants. Anymore, you can't find a church preaching against the Mother of All Harlots- the Catholic Church! What a shame most so called Christians don't know the enemy that is slowly cutting their throats with their modern inquisitions.

I used to think Tories were traitors to America. No longer do I believe this, in fact I'm a Tory myself and wouldn't dare call myself an American Patriot. This whole fallacy of a country is nothing more than a playground for the Jesuits and the Catholic Church. The only good thing this land ever had was the Puritans who colonized this land under England's rule, and believed in the Protestant Reformation. That is the only reserve we have been feeding off until even this day. And as you can tell, the more the Anti-Christ Pope has a grip on our country (he is coming to congress in Sept. 23, 2015), the worse off we get in every way. The closer that child molesting homosexual murderer gets to this country- the further we get from God and all that is Good!

Watch and listen to the video below for more information. I'm going to include some links here to some real Protestant Christian Watchman Ministries for you to listen to who tell you who the enemy of mankind is and the enemy of Jesus Christ is: which is of course the Roman Catholic Church and the Anti-Christ Pope who runs the Mother of All Harlots. Don't be deceived by her Christians, come out of her and be saved!

Here is a video vlog I created on this subject matter:
The Jesuits - The Elephant in the Room

Walt Stickle and the Radio Show: Mystery Babylon

Tom Friess and his radio show: Inquisition Update

This is a very good channel to sub to:

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Call For Solemn Assembly for the June 14th Supreme Court Decision on Same Sex Marriage

Supreme Court -  cc from wikipedia

The Salt and Light Brigade has been called into action by Coach Dave again for the June 14th Supreme Court Decision about same sex marriage in Washington D.C. Coach is calling for a solemn assembly to convene in D.C. on June 14th from Noon til 3pm Eastern time. 

The purpose of this of course is to show our protest and resistance to this Judicial body of their upcoming decision on whether to allow same sex marriage or not in the case they are looking at. This would set a precedent for all further lower court rulings across the country from this point on-wards. 

The nine supreme court justices are divided nearly right down the middle of this issue we are made to believe. Those that understand who really runs this country understand that these justices simply take orders and then proceed with those orders - no matter what they think. And therefor the Roman Catholic Institution of which 6 of them are outwardly a part (and the other three are in submission to) will ultimately decide this case. And since the Jesuits and the Catholic Church are of an Anti-Christ Spirit with the Pope being the Anti-Christ himself, we can gauge the way these puppets will vote without God's divine interference with their plans in Jesus name. 

If you are able to make it out to Washington then this would help the cause. You would be the boots on the ground protesting the workings of Mystery Babylon in this land we live in. If this apostate court decides favorably for same sex marriage, then this will make being a homosexual a civil right and will ultimately lead to the freedom of speech being null and void for those who oppose homosexuality as a sin. 

We have to remember this is a calculated move by the Jesuit Catholic New World Order meant to destroy the remaining Protestant (true Bible believing Christians) left in America. This decision will officially mean our country is rejecting God's word on this matter because the official authorities are in favor of this abomination. Likely many homosexuals could care less I suspect and would rather the minority homosexual activist hired by the CIA to simply shut up about it, but this is the ploy and plan used by the enemy of humanity to destroy the last remaining vestige of true Protestant Churches left in this country. Those churches who will not submit to marrying homosexuals will be shut down and the pastors jailed if this abomination happens on June 14th of this year 2015. 

Coach Dave is simply asking for the remnant Christians to stand up and fight this as much and as best as we can til the very end. To this I agree and am on board. Nothing is over until it is over, and we should never give up hope in any fight we may find ourselves in! Just look at Pastor Kent Hovind whose charges were dropped and his case dismissed! Kent is currently still in prison being processed out, but that battle was won because Christians didn't give up...

Let's not give up on this issue either, even if this wicked group of Catholic and Jewish Justices decide to defy God and allow this thing called same sex marriage. Their decision means nothing to Christians except for their own accounting when in front of God in the end, as for us, we have to simply follow the Word of God in the infallible King James Version and this will be our decision we stand on. 

Have you joined the Salt and Light Brigade yet? Check out the link below to sign up and find out more about this event coming up on June 14th, 2015. 

- The Salt and Light Brigade