Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Charelston Shooting is Another Hoax People!

cc from wikimedia

Red Silver J does a great video I want to share with you pointing out and exposing the Charleston Shooting Hoax that happened late last month supposedly in some church killing 9 people. I really appreciate this video, because he goes through the fake interviews and the whole crisis acting and commentates on it with very pointed discernment. That Redsilver J is black is another reason why this video is so powerful. I pray for his protection because everyone who sees this is going to very much have doubts about this supposed shooting ever even happening. 

Some people are further along in the process of waking up than others, so saying this is a hoax for some very brainwashed people is really a horrible thing. Yet, who can help those kind of people, really- except for the hand of God? I come across them many times when exposing darkness in this world and country and it doesn't surprise me anymore the deep divide between the brainwashed masses and the few who actually get it. 

We have to try though, because there are some people out there just like we used to be looking, searching for the truth - knowing something isn't quite right with this world we are living in. The mainstream culture, the education, news, movies, music, culture is all suspicious for those who have this longing for truth. Truth and the love of it will bring you to the Light, and that light will show you unbelievable things that before you simply couldn't see. The Light is Jesus Christ by the way, but don't let everyone who says they believe fool you!

I've met many people who are truth seekers, but haven't came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as their savior. They understand these types of Hoaxes are being perpetrated on us just like 9/11 and Sandy Hook for the express purpose of controlling us with stricter laws to eventually rule us as slaves. They know about the conspiracy, but the pieces- they haven't put together. These type of truth seekers I always believe are on their way to finding Jesus, it's only a matter of time. If a person truly loves  the truth, they will find Jesus Christ as the ultimate truth in their search - and from there they'll truly begin to understand what's going on. At that point, be prepared to be in a very small minority among a twighlight zone society bent on destruction because they refuse to humble themselves and seek truth. Let's face it, most people are content with a lie. Personally, without truth life was never worth living to me. 

That brings me back to this Hoax shooting. The shooter is an actor, the supposed victims are not dead- they are simply in a sort of witness protection program in some paradise with millions of dollars. Those phoney sell out actors who stayed behind have some work to do on all the major networks, but when the coverage dies down and the shadow government (Rome) gets ready for their next illusion, then they will get to go be with their "lost loved ones" in their paradise of choice. To bad for them, they will realize they are trapped if they ever do grow a conscience, or if they don't grown one and repent, they'll find themselves in a liars hell forever - I wonder if it's worth it to get out of Charlestown with a few bucks - I mean do these people know what the Ustashi are?? the Nazis?? 

Anyway, I'm getting a bit off track, but you get the drift (or maybe you don't). Look, Adrian Rodgers the L.A. Hoax shooter, Sandy Hook was a total Hoax, Boston Bombing was totally a Hoax, The Arura Hoax shooting didn't happen,Jared Lee Loughner shooting with the fake head wound idiot congress woman Gifford didn't happen, the Freddy Brown Shooting (the black guy running away from white cop) didn't happen! These are a few of the Staged Events, being done by Actors in front of the Big Screen- The News Media! Don't get me wrong though, sometime they do kill people, but the government is almost always behind the killers - like Columbine. Now, though they are able to get away with not even having to have an incident to really happen- in the past people weren't fooled as easy as now.

I mean Hollywood has moved on to real life fiction type of action adventures where the media is the medium of their Illusion. It's like a reality television show, except it's unreality which is depicted as reality...

Don't worry, if it gets too boring they will bring out the Hunger Games with actual Christians being killed...ughh...what a world...

This stuff is so obvious, but what can we do when people refuse to understand? People can't think for themselves anymore, it's really getting bad. The people who can have an independent thought stick out like a sore thumb - if you are one of those people though and you don't know Jesus Christ as your savior - please hurry up and get on board, because you are a truth seeker - and Jesus is the Truth!

Let me ask you a serious question: Don't people have any shame anymore in America? These fakes involved in this are absolutely shameless - and it's all for the love of money...fake money by the way...fake people...

Anyway, check out the video below by RedSilverJ, you won't be disappointed.