Saturday, December 12, 2015

Paul the Apostle Was a Street Preacher Wasn't He?

I wanted to share this video showing a couple brave brothers in Jesus Christ street preaching, and also share some thoughts about what exactly we're (Christians) facing in the world. 

The motto of this site is "The Love of Jesus Christ in a World that Hates Him..." This video is a great example of this statement's validity. It's always sort of tough even just watching street preachers work their brave ministries in the wicked cities of this wicked country of America. I can't help but look up to them for the work they're doing trying to exhort those who are without and bring people to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. 

Yes, they make mistakes in the heat of the battle, sometimes saying things in a way they shouldn't. Yet, they're out there doing something to save the lost when so many Christians do nothing except slowly get taken into this false universal gospel the world is embracing at the behest of the Beast Vatican Catholic Anti-Christ. At least these brothers and others are doing something for the kingdom. Isn't street preaching how Paul spoke to the Gentiles? Isn't street preaching how almost all of the early Christians got the Gospel out and eventually also the way they were killed? Yes, it was in case you were ignorant of this. 

Read "Foxe's Book of Martyrs" and see for yourself how each and everyone of the disciples and early Christians spoke of in the Bible were killed (except for John) from mobs just like the ones attracted here in this video. The wicked are always there to get violent, to hate, and want to kill. Paul was stoned and lived one time, Jesus was even facing a mob like this when he first started his ministry.People haven't changed and neither have the demons in them that hate Jesus Christ. 

I live in Oregon by the way, and I lived in this wicked city Portland for a few years. The place is so wicked and sick, it grieves my heart just thinking about it. The homosexuality and sexual sins there are enormous and this is only one metropolitan area in this wicked Catholic country of America. The wickedness abounds so very much every day. And when the Anti-Christ comes to these city streets (Papacy), they cheer and worship him- yet when street preachers come and speak the Word of God- they want to kill them. 

Don't be fooled, there is always someone in the crowd who is listening and will be saved seeing the faith these guys are showing. All across this country the younger generations which I'm part of are starting to stand up and street preach in the midst of this absolute wickedness we see. I can only hope to become bold enough to get out there in the streets of the wicked places I live and do the same. May God give me the courage and ability to get ready to street preach, because we know the "churches" aren't preaching anymore... so someone has to. Praise God for these brothers in Christ preaching and all the other street preachers out there in the world and in America. May God protect them and give them favor.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

There's Something To This Alex Jones Being Bill Hicks Thing...

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    For the last few months I've been blessed to find out about The Investigative Journal radio program with Greg Anthony. This has fast become my favorite show to listen to as I've come to distrust The Hagmann and Hagmann Report and most of the pack that surrounds them. Mostly the reason being their inability to tell the truth about the Vatican Jesuit led New World Order and the false Futurism doctrine. 

   This topic is related to this article like a puzzle piece is in a larger picture, which us sincere truth believing Christians are trying to put together to see clearly.

   Greg Anthony talks about subjects Steve Quayle and the Hagmanns just won't touch. One being the Tony Alamo Ministries in 2008 and how this world famous pastor was put in prison for 175 years (for speaking out against the Anti-Christ Papacy and Vatican) on really bogus charges, and on top of this 36 children were stolen from their parents (who were part of this wonderful ministry) by CPS. Steve Quayle never mentions this case, and he doesn't ever mention the subject we're going to talk about here. In fact, the only time Steve Quayle (Hagmann's benefactor and boss) talks about Alex Jones it's to defend him and threaten anyone who talks bad about him, hmmm...

   On the Investigative Journal hosted by Greg Anthony (also known as Greg Zymanski) on the website, he's been discussing this topic of Alex Jones actually being Bill Hicks. Now, I've known of course for years that Alex Jones is a dis-info agent working for the Vatican, but I've never heard this topic. Right when we think it can't get any stranger – it does!
   After only a cursory examination of the facts, it's apparent there's something to this theory. One thing for sure is there's something very fishy about who Alex Jones is in general. From the evidence I've seen already the puzzle pieces seem to fit very well for him being Bill Hicks; the comedian who supposedly died. This just gives more credence to the suspicions I have against the ring leader Steve Quayle and the more difficult to detect Hagmanns - and the pack they have on their show regularly (Paul McGuire, Tom Horn, Stan Deyo to name a few...).

   I'm going to put Greg's hour long radio shows from the last two days in this post for you to listen to if you're serious about getting to the bottom of this interesting story. Bill Hicks was/is a comedian who supposedly died in 1994 from pancreatic cancer when he was 32 years old. This was the same time Alex Jones started making head way. In fact, there was an Alex Jones around a couple years before this in the early 90's, but although they say this is the Alex Jones of today – it's very obvious that Alex Jones is not the Alex Jones today( who is Bill Hicks). Confused yet, well that's the point. See, they (Jesuits) want this to sound crazy sort of like Eminem being a clone.

   Interestingly, Bill Hicks and Alex are both from Texas and they look very much alike. Their dental records are even almost identical. Just a little re-constructive surgery and it seems as though Bill Hicks landed himself a real good gig and set-up his rich life as a New World Order sell-out. Another alarming evidence is Bill's best friend Kevin Booth just happens to now be a producer on InfoWars! This is very strange don't you think?

   Listen to the videos from Greg's show and investigate it some yourself. I don't need to go over every detail here, because even if I did and you were set on not believing it, then you'd just leave a nasty comment and go on your merry brainwashed way anyway. Geez, the comments I've been getting over at the article I did about Eminem being a clone are evidence of this very type of person who just will not regard evidence. I mean, at the very least we have to conclude there's something to this story. And at the very, very least we have to conclude that Alex Jones (Bill Hicks) is a dis-info agent, which brings me to my next point.

   Why is Steve Quayle supporting Alex Jones and InfoWars? Why are the Hagmanns supporting InfoWars? Steve Quayle even has Alex Jones ads promoted on his website almost all the time, and promotes his videos as if he's a legit source of information. I remember listening to a show on the Hagmanns about a year ago when Steve actually threatened listeners who criticize Alex Jones, really Steve?

   I think the Christian remnant better start looking into these matters more instead of believing Steve Quayle, the Hagmanns, and many of the guests they bring on their show. And yes, Eric Jon Phelps was on the Hagmanns, but there's a lot of damning evidence that Eric Jon Phelps is working for the Jesuits as well- the same people he's the forerunner to expose- that's how they work people (to control what's being exposed).

We can conclude, there's no way Steve Qualye and the Hagmanns are ignorant of the Jesuit's involvement in leading the Vatican New World Order, so because we can conclude they're not ignorant of this, then we can conclude they're working for the Jesuit Vatican New World Order. And, that Steve Quayle supports and promotes Alex Jones, is evidence that he's working for the same people Bill Hicks is working for.

   There I said it, someone has to.

   Listen to Greg Anthony, he's a sincere Christian journalist. A very rare find these days, and support his show as well if you want to listen and support a sincere Christian who isn't working for the enemy: the Vatican (Satan's seat).  

Dec. 2, 2015

Dec. 3, 2015