Sunday, February 12, 2017

False Christian Revival

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There seems to be a false Christian revival brewing in America and around the world. Puppet conservative leaders are being given the support and green light from the Papal powers to be. The Jesuits have their actor Trump in place, playing the blue collar conservative Protestant Christian. The mainstream and alternative right is solidifying under Trump, in order to fight back the liberal insanity and corruption.

The Jesuits (Satan's tools) are hard at work in the theater as well, molding culture from the new digital age. While many are operating on a false sense of security, others are confused and deceived by the two-party solution.

Trump is the Pope's tool, even though they act otherwise at staged times. Truth is, Trump is a willing participant of the Vatican led New World Order, of course, run by the Anti-Christ: the Papacy.

Many sincere Christians are being deceived, and will fight for Trump and the causes the NWO has planned for us. The problem is these causes will be even worse than the further decline of Christian morality in society, such as a war where millions of people die and a decline in morality. Yet, either way, death is the wages of sin, so we must be in the body of Jesus Christ to be saved with eternal life.

True believers in the Holy Bible will come to understand, sooner or later, that Roman Catholicism is the Great Harlot that rides the Beast (Revelation Ch.17). Also, that the Man of Sin is the Papacy, all the Popes since 538 A.D. (the beginning of the 1260 days/years prophecy).

True believers have always known this to be true, therefore, they suffer the wrath of Satan as always. Yet, we should only fear being subjected to the wrath of God, because only God has the ability to destroy both the body and the soul.

We are only immortal and eternal in Jesus Christ, because He is God, and only God is eternal and immortal. Jesus Christ is ...the way, the truth, and the life... John 14:6.

The main power of deception is ignorance and silence. The main reasons for people to be silent and willfully ignorant of these Christian truths are:

  • fear of man more than fear of God
  • lust of the flesh, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God
  • greedy for mammon, self-worship, fame, and materials

For these temporary pleasures in this short mortal life, people keep silence and stay ignorant. The truth is not palatable, generally, to leadership and authority, regular people are more inclined to be interested.

Christians naturally love the truth, because John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

That means the Catholic beliefs are Anti-Christ, as they believe and say salvation is through them only (the Sacraments), and those that rule that “church” think they are divine agents from the god of this world, death, and sin, Satan, of whom they worship as Lucifer.

They believe in light (Lucifer) and darkness (Satan), and believe these both must be present to have a balanced reality (Ying Yang, etc.) – this is only true if one wanted eternal life in our perpetual state of sinfulness, yet they deny their sins before God.

That would be torture more than anyone could bear. Death is either going home to Father God in Jesus, or being raised up after the Millennial Kingdom and judged by God on the White Stone Throne of judgment, to be burned and destroyed in the lake of fire, both body and soul, with eternal results.

Because our souls are mortal without Jesus, there will be no immortal soul suffering in hell forever; rather the wicked will suffer their due punishment in the lake of fire before they're burned up completely to exist no more.

Some will simply be burned up quickly and relatively painlessly – the regret will be their biggest pain to deal with, knowing they willing rejected the truth, or erroneously thought they were Christians, yet never really believed in the simple Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The God of the Holy Bible is the only true God, and is life and love, John 3:16. God shows us love by sending His only begotten Son to die on the cross for our sins, so we may get to heaven and live forever, with a loving, righteous, and awesome God.

Satan always tries to tarnish God's good, fair, and loving character; one of his best tools is false doctrines and revivals, such as ones that make people think God is a tyrant instead of a friend. Faultly interpretations, established and ingrained by governing denominational church bodies, are what take the life and Spirit out of the Holy Bible.

The Tony Alamo, Chiniquy, and Lincoln Examples

A good example of how the Vatican NWO suppresses true Christian revival, is found with the late political prisoner by the Vatican, the late Tony Alamo (died early 2017), who was placed in U.S. prison systems for 175 years for, supposedly, violating the Man Act, which is a law put on the books to fight against prostitution being facilitated across state lines.

This is, in reality, only a law used as entrapment, and was all they could charge him with, because there was no evidence for his guilt, nor the guilt of the parents who had their children stolen by the government law enforcement agencies in 2008 – most have yet to get them back now in 2017 (9 years later).

One of the main reasons why the Vatican didn't like Tony Alamo was because he and the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries befriended brother A. Rivera, allowing the born again Christian believer and ex-Jesuit priest to speak at their ministry. This was around the year 1984, and the result was Holy Spirit preaching for a week exposing the Vatican and Catholicism. The audio can be found on YouTube: Dr. Alberto Rivera, ex-Jesuit Priest.

Because Tony was a friend to someone so dangerous to the Anti-Christ Papacy and Jesuit order, he was targeted like Abraham Lincoln was when he helped, by the grace of God, Charles Chiniquy get free from the Jesuits in court.

Lincoln was his lawyer against a Jesuit influenced persecution; the flimsy evidence was staged and the priests bared false witness against the born again believer Charles Chiniquy, the ex- Roman Catholic Priest.

Our history has been filtered through the minds of the Anti-Christ, through his agents working for the Vatican – across the entire flat earth, worldwide.
This means all the facts aren't present in our establishment history sources, which are influenced, produced, and created by agents working for the Great Serpent, the Vatican.

The Vatican NWO Topic

The Vatican NWO topic has become a fringe side topic, because most people believe (for believable, yet fabricated reasons) that the Muslims and the radical liberals are the problems we must face. Well, yes, but only because the Vatican created Islam and radical liberalism, in order to create a Christian conservative backlash (among other nefarious reasons).

Most people don't understand that not speaking about this topic won't make it not real or a non-issue. The Vatican is a major issue for those who believe in Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible, because they're the greatest mortal enemies to God and humanity on this earth in the flesh.

There's only one God, one Truth, and one absolute; evidence shows overwhelmingly that one Truth to be the Holy Bible in its inspired majority text versions.

During this false revival, the main elements left out will be: the Historicist prophetic interpretation (i.e. Papacy is the Main of Sin) and the exclusivity of Jesus being the only way (John 14:6). Everything else will be allowed and encouraged in the ecumenical false Christian revival, as long as the ecumenical movement is joined and agreed with.

All believers not willing to join the ecumenical movement will be eventually persecuted as: hateful, ignorant, brainwashed people going against the ecumenical worldwide church movement. Peace and security, then comes sudden destruction.

We should support those ministries that preach against the Anti-Christ Papacy, as these are the brave Christians who know what's going on in the country and world. The Bible tells us who the enemy is and what will be, it's up to us to read it and believe it.