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At The Crossroads of Christian Faith with the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election: God or man?

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One phrase that comes to mind during this difficult time in late October 2016 is: sorrow upon sorrow. I know this is how many people are feeling in this country and across the world. The Presidential elections, the highest satanic holiday coming up (Oct. 31), and all the fears of a world falling apart, are trying the hearts of everyone. Many sincere Christians are choosing to look toward man for the solution.

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I think of the martyrs in Fox's Book of Martyrs, how courageous those dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ were in the face of torturous deaths – coming upon them in as many evil ways as humans can imagine, at the hands of the demonic forces of the Anti-Christ Papacy, the Beast she rides, and its workers of iniquity.

These martyrs didn't even have the Holy Bible many times, as it was hidden and banned from them by the Catholic church for more than a thousand years (through language and laws). Yet, they were willing to die and lose everything for their faith in Jesus Christ.

Truly, the men, women, and children who were and are murdered, tortured, and put to death, simply for being believers in Jesus Christ, the world is not worthy of; I can only hope to be as courageous of a Christians as they were and are.

When contrasting this kind of courage and uncompromising faith in the believers who have perished at the hands of the Anti-Christ in the past (and now through their proxies: Islam and Communism), with the believers in America who are looking for their solution in a political leader (King), I can't help but see the disparity and difference.

Personally, I see the present time as a crossroad in my Christian faith: do I look toward man or God? The choice is clear, as I depart from many Christians who are looking toward a solution in man, in politics, in this world.

Even though its obvious to me that: Trump, Hilary, Obama, Bush, Paul, McCain, Sanders, and Cruz, are the same enemy, it seems many are going down the other road, thinking: these are just regular folk (unless don't like them that election year). It's all rubbish at the top levels of politics, complete Jesuit theater; to think otherwise is folly at this point.

I see this choice as a fork in the road, on the one side there's the Holy Bible (1611 KJV), and on the other a deceiving path of darkness. I've been hearing from many sincere Christian ministries for years that there's no political solution, yet now they say, “there's a political solution”; well, as for me, I still believe there's no political solution at the federal and high state levels of government.

The idea of not supporting a Jesuit trained Freemason and focusing solely on Jesus Christ as my King, is appealing to me in this land and time of confusion. Yet, this decision has somehow been an offense to those seeking a solution in man. I shouldn't be surprised, yet going down this road is even lonelier than before. I know that Jesus Christ is the solution, and Light doesn't fellowship with darkness.

When it comes down to it, I'm just a sheep, dumb and easily scared, so I know that choosing such a lonely road isn't something I have the strength to do without God's help.

When it comes down to it, I will forsake everyone and everything for Jesus Christ's sake (for the Truth as I understand it), like those who have died so bravely before; there's nothing more valuable than having sincere and complete faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, which cannot be shared with my faith in the things of man.

There's a fork in the road in America for sincere believers in Jesus Christ, and I believe it'll be a significant choice in the coming years. Will we look toward politicians and those who are chosen by this world's god to lead us? Or, will we solely look toward the Holy Bible and Jesus Christ for our leadership in all things?

The question is one of the heart, God and Satan are trying to win the hearts, minds, and souls of men – everything going on in the world is solely for this aim. The problem isn't that sincere Christians are voting, the problem is that they're giving their hearts and minds to men, instead of God.

Sincere Christians will keep their souls from man with God's help, but their hearts and minds are being won by men, instead of God – this is the problem and the choice represented by the fork in the road.

There are many sincere, lowly, humble, and broken Christians who understand what I'm saying with this message; these are those who the world looks down upon as nothing, these are those who are ignored and rebuked by sincere Christians who have too much to loose and are respecters of persons. As those who have stature, power, influence, large platforms, and prestige in the Christian world are mostly choosing the road opposite that we are: the road where man is the solution, where who will be president of America is the solution.

This leaves the lowly, the poor, the forgotten, the broken, and the humble sheep, to have sorrow upon sorrow, and brings us to a point where Jesus Christ becomes even more important everyday of our lives. In the wilderness, we cling even more strongly to our only solution: Jesus Christ – no longer looking toward sheep who follow wolves in sheep's clothing.

I'll end this post with a passage from Fox'sBook of Martyrs about the Protestant Bohemians martyred in the 1500's:

“The emperor Ferndinand, whose hatred to the Bohemian Protestants was without bounds, not thinking he had sufficiently oppressed them, instituted a high court of reformers, upon the plan of the Inquisition, with this difference, that the reformers were to remove from place to place, and always to be attended by a body of troops.

These reformers consisted chiefly of Jesuits, and from their decisions, there was no appeal, by which it may be easily conjectured, that it was a dreadful tribunal indeed.

This bloody court, attended by a body of troops, made the tour of Bohemia, in which they seldom examined or saw a prisoner, suffering the soldiers to murder the Protestants as they pleased, and then to make a report of the matter to them afterward.

The first victim of their cruelty was an aged minister, whom they killed as he lay sick in his bed; the next day they robbed and murdered another, and soon after shot a third, as he was preaching in his pulpit.

...Some of the soldiers ravished the daughters of a worthy Protestant before his face, and then tortured him to death. A minister and his wife they tied back to back and burnt. Another minister they hung upon a cross beam, and making a fire under him, broiled him to death. A gentleman they hacked into small pieces, and they filled a young man's mouth with gunpowder, and setting fire to it, blew his head to pieces.

...Lord Schilik was about fifty years of age, and was possessed of great natural and acquired abilities. When he was told he was to be quartered, and his parts scattered in different places, he smiled with great serenity, saying, 'The loss of a sepulcher is but a trifling consideration.' A gentleman who stood by, crying, 'Courage, my lord!' he replied, 'I have God's favor, which is sufficient to inspire any one with courage: the fear of death does not trouble me; formerly I have faced him in the fields of battle to oppose AntiChrist; and now dare face him on a scaffold, for the sake of Christ.” Having said a short prayer, he told the executioner he was ready. He cut off his right hand and his head, and then quartered him. His hand and his head were placed upon the high tower of Prague, and his quarters distributed in different parts of the city.”

Final Note:

Praise God for all the martyrs who died for their faith in Jesus, mostly, from the hands of the the Roman Catholic Church and the Anti-Christ Papacy with its temporal powers throughout the last 1600 years.

This passage explains how the Jesuits were in charge of these horrible murders of Protestant Christians. Now consider this: Donald Trump went to a Jesuit University: Fordham University in New York City for two full years and he is a high-level Freemason (seen with his constant hand signs), which is a front organization for the Jesuits and the Anti-Christ Vatican.

Is this the solution sincere Christians are hoping for? Or is Jesus Christ our only solution? You make the choice Christians; as for me, it's simple: Jesus Christ is my only living King, and I'll go down the road that focuses on this and the Holy Bible, no matter who chooses the other road where man is the solution.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Why the Vatican Led NWO Wants Donald Trump to Be President

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 As much as I've tried to not pay attention to the presidential election in 2016, between Trump and Hilary, I've been unable to shut it out completely. Something strange is happening in this election, something that warrents my attention more than usual. The topic has to do with the remnant Christians praying and supporting Donald Trump for President.

What this means to me is: the deception is especially thick this election year.

In an effort to break this illusion from Satan and help us see through the lies, I want to explain why the Vatican led NWO wants Donald Trump to be President of the U.S.

The Perception of Hilary

Interestingly, Hilary is being made out to be a crook on her deathbed. She's even been having convulsions in front of reporters, and is being scripted to act totally inept and crooked. We have to understand: nothing comes across mainstream media (esp. about the presidential election) that isn't scripted to carry out the agenda, thus, the American peoples' perception about Hilary is purposely formed, but why?

The purpose Hilary's act is carrying out (to fulfill the agenda) is to: scare people so bad (this monster could be our President) that they'll blindly follow Trump, who by they way, tells the (naturally and justifiably) disgruntled masses everything they want to hear.

The main purpose is to make it seem like we've elected a “real American” who is “sent by God” to “make America great again”, and Hilary is the best contrast to that character.

The perception of Hilary, just as well, could've been her as the savior and the patriot, because every single bit of mainstream media (and most big alternative media) are working directly for the Vatican led NWO (Alex Jones being a leading disinformation agent working for the Vatican in the alt. news scene).

Hilary is purposely being made to look like a crazy monster who is on her death bed. Trump is purposely being made to look like: an unconnected to the elite, Christian, patriot, regular guy, going against the NWO globalist. The mainstream perception of these candidates are false and misleading; the good and the bad is scripted and used to manipulate those who believe what the mainstream says.

Donald Trump's Catholic (Jesuit) Connection

Donald didn't just go to a Catholic university (like Texe Marrs went to and graduated from Notre Dame, by the way), but he went to a Jesuit university for 2 years: Fordham University located in New York City, NY. This being one of the 28 Jesuit universities located in the U.S.

Also, it should be obvious to anyone who investigates this even a little, that Trump is a Freemason – obviously a high-level mason being such an elitist.
So, the question I'm asking is: why are the remnant Christians supporting and praying for Trump to win the election with these damning facts? Almost all the sincere ministries my wife and I follow and listen to are supporting and praying for this Jesuit trained, high-level Freemason to become President! Why?

Well, because Hilary is very scary, and Trump is being made to look like an evangelical Christian patriot! When he's actually a faceless, sell-out, elitist, playing his big part in the Presidential play – and, possibly, his even bigger part to come (WW3).

Why the Jesuits Will Get Trump Elected

Be careful what you ask for Christians, and be careful who you cast your vote for (not because it's actually counted at the Federal level, but because God sees it).

How do you think the Germans felt who supported Hitler before he turned out to be a deceiver and war mongering demon? Trump is very much like Hitler, and America is very much in the decadent shape Germany was in before Hitler came to save the day: “Defend the Homeland!” It's all an act folks, he could care less about America...he's a servant to the Vatican and the Anti-Christ Papacy.

The Jesuits are the Nazis, the Communists, and the Capitalists too – and don't forget, worshipers of Lucifer. They're also liars, because they're father is the father of lies and cannot tell the truth. Trump has learned well that the ends justify the means (Jesuit teaching), when he lies and deceives the American people into thinking he's something he's not.

The truth is Donald Trump is the son of an elite and crooked New York City businessman (Fred Trump), and has been groomed and brought up in the elite Freemason lodges and secret societies in New York City; this city being one of the epicenters of wickedness in Satan's world kingdom – Isis, the light bearer (Satan), holding the torch of enlightenment: Mystery Babylon Religions, i.e. the Statue of Liberty, given by the French Masonic lodges.

Trump attended Fordham, the Jesuit university of New York City, likely, the second most prestigious and influential “higher educational” center in the U.S., only surpassed by the Georgetown University blight upon our nation and world.

This Catholic and Jesuit connection should be telling enough for every Protestant Christian to not believe a word the deceiver says; he will say anything he needs to, in order for the ultimate agenda to take place.


Donald Trump, in my opinion, will win the U.S. Presidential elections in 2016, and instead of being true to his “everyday, honest guy, patriotic, Christian persona” – he'll instead be forced to be the war mongering, race war instigating, and martial law initiating U.S. President. Donald Trump is, likely, assigned to prepare and led us into a patriotic war, that is: world war 3 (Christians vs. Muslims/Atheists).

WW3 is the next big real life play the Vatican led NWO wants to act out, with the help of the ignorant masses, i.e. “helpful idiots” (as Stalin called them), whom believe the constant lies coming out of Trump's lying mouth.

When Trump is elected, America, along with many deceived Christians, will think our nation is getting back on track, finally. Yet, when they say peace peace, sudden destruction will come.

Obama, the Lord of the Flies, and Bush, the masculine homosexual Nazi, – have done great work for the Vatican led NWO since 2000, and have put the puzzle pieces in place for Trump to roll in and save the day – creating such a nationalistic fervor that most will rush headlong into battle against ISIS and the Muslims at the slightest provocation!

Even the mere refusal of the enemy to listen (Poland) may light the flames and passions of nationalistic fervor for war! Defend the Homeland! Trump, Trump...hand salute...glory to America...

The well-intending American patriots and sincere Christians will soon realize (after WW3 destroys America and much of the world) that they were played like silly putty and Trump was the hireling that led them to slaughter and captivity – yet, it was their own sins that blinded them and led them into captivity, ultimately, Trump was just the judgment tool.


Of course, Hilary is a satanist, lesbian, murderer, as well as a demon possessed person who would equally destroy America, yet she's not the one picked to lead us into WW3. She's playing the perfect part to scare everyone so badly that they'll follow Fordham Trump blindly and stupidly – just like we did Obama in 2008 because of her.

The American people would never get into a war fervor for Hilary, they need a person acting like Trump to relate to, and who gives them hope for a normal, Godly America to be restored. Real men fight wars remember, not pansy liberals.

Don't put your hope in the governments of this world Christians, and stop being so naive and blind to the truth. Yes, we can make a positive difference in our local communities and districts, yet at the federal and even the higher state levels, the Vatican NWO is completely in control of this world.

Jesus, ultimately, is in control, and our sincere prayers and obedience to the Holy Bible (KJV) is more powerful than any vote – especially federal election votes never counted anyway.

This is what Trump really is: a fake, sell-out, Vatican NWO made billionaire, Freemason, Jesuit co-agitator, double-minded man, liar, actor, war-monger, glory-hound, and, likely, much worse than this – I'll be polite, yet just look up the Franklin Cover-Up case and see what many high-level politicians and business people do (especially those in secret societies and Catholicism) in America and across the world.

Fordham Trump and Hilary Rotten Clinton are both enemies of God and Jesus Christ. They both actively and consciously worship Lucifer and are handsomely rewarded for it in this world, yet they'll pay in the Lake of Fire, if they continue to have fellowship with darkness.

Trump, was raised in darkness, educated in darkness, and lives in darkness to this day – pray for him, yet realize the he's blind to his sins.

My real country is with God in heaven. America was started in 1776 by Jesuit influence, and has slowly been taken over by the evil masters of Mystery Babylon; this once beautiful Protestant land of British colonies has been taken over after religious freedom was instituted in our Constitution, giving Rome the green light to implement their religious and governmental systems in America.

The foundation of America was the beginning of the end for the Protestants in this land, as “freedom of religion” allowed the – once banned from holding office and worshiping their idols – Catholics to hold office and build their idol worshiping centers across America, beginning, of course, in Maryland; sweet, sweet, mother ISIS, Lucifer's ma.

Hopefully, this provides a different perspective for people out there wondering what's really going on, and will dis-spell the illusion that the Vatican led NWO is creating with their actors and constant media blitz.

Praise God for not being a respecter of persons and revealing the truth to the lowly and meek. Praise you Jesus for being so awesome, fair, loving, open, trustworthy, good, and not being a respecter of persons, praise God!

Greg Anthony, on his radio show Investigative Journal, has been covering the "Greatest Off Broadway Stage Play ever performed": a multi-part series on the presidential election play, which is the most honest and insightful coverage I've heard -- check it out.

Follow-Up Article: "At the Crossroads of Christian Faith in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election: Man or Jesus?"

Monday, July 25, 2016

Why is Shaeffer Cox in Prison?

Did you know that America holds innocent people in prison because of their politics? Political prisoners is a phrase Americans don't generally associate with our “free Republic”, yet Shaeffer Cox (along with Tony Alamo) is a notable example of how unfree this country really is.

Shaeffer Cox has his own Wikipedia page, so we know he's really arrived. Too bad he's sitting in prison for 26 years in Illinois, although he's from Alaska and the trial was held there. They (Vatican led NWO, FBI) claim he plotted to kill some federal officers, but this is simply a complete lie the FBI infiltrators told about him.

The truth is actually easy to see if a person just looked into this case a little, FBI infiltrators were sent into his circle of friends in Alaska acting as if they were something they weren't, these undercover FBI agents then tried to instigate Shaeffer into plotting to kill federal agents, but he would hear none of it. See, Shaeffer Cox is a peaceful man, a soft spoken articulate man, of whom the same government who killed JFK (notably) thinks is a threat – basically, because he makes too much sense.

I'm not an expert on this case, but I do want to write an article and try to inform people who care about innocent people being put into prison for being good citizens and people. Shaeffer Cox is an amazing Christian American man who saw how corrupt the legal system is in the U.S. and decided to set up common law courts in his community.

His movement was based in the U.S. Constitution and common law, which is what's been used for thousands of years – and is what we as free citizens are actually under. Common law is basically common sense: don't infringe on someone's property (steal or trespass) and don't hurt anyone physically. And if these rules are broken, the guilty must pay back what they took or be permanently shunned from the community as an outlaw. There's more to it than just this, but basically it's a form of justice that actually helps people and communities.

Shaeffer Cox made it clear he didn't support any violence against the current system, but because he was a supporter of militias (Constitutionally legal) and was so effectively reaching people – he was framed and put into a CIA prison in Illinois. He's since been placed in general population.

LoneStar 1776 (YouTube channel) has been helping get the word out about Shaeffer, just as he did with Kent Hovind. Shaeffer has been in prison since 2011, and so faces another 20 years if he can't file a successful appeal to get out. His wife and two small children may have to be robbed of their husband and dad for 26 years. Satan loves to destroy Christian families the most.

In the video directly below is a speech Shaeffer Cox made in 2009 in Montana, which sums up what he believes and the real reason why he was imprisoned. Below this video is another video summing up his story:

Friday, June 10, 2016

Will You Be Put Into Prison? The Injustice of the U.S. Prison System

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How many people in prison/jail in the U.S. are actually innocent, or incarcerated because of some petty crime? How many people actually need to be locked up in one of these inhuman places? Why does the U.S. have the most people per population incarcerated than any other country in the world?

According the US Bureau of Justice Statistics, there were over 2.2 million adults incarcerated in the U.S. in 2013, and over 4.7 million on probation or parole. This means there are 1 out of 110 people incarcerated, and 1 out of 51 people on parole or probation.

Now consider how many people have been incarcerate in the past and are not included in this statistic? Could we estimate that figure to be around 10 million- 15 million? Maybe 20-30 Million?

When it comes down to it, we're talking about 1 out of 10 people are, or were in the prison/jail system now or in the past. So, you have a 10% chance of being in the prison system, maybe more. This should be alarming to you, especially considering these hell holes called prisons we have in modern times. Some of these prisons actually make being thrown in a dungeon seem decent.

The Prison Environment Breeds Criminals

I would estimate 10% of the people in prison need to be there, the other 90% are in because of drugs, petty theft, and other small crimes. There should always be a separation between cold blooded killers, rapist, hard core gangsters – and the others. And the environment for the others should be a counseling and rehabilitation type, to help these people get on track with their lives.

The way the system is set up now, is mostly sticking the petty drug crimes and thefts in with lifers and cold blooded killers – creating more criminals in the process. Of course, this is the purpose of the Vatican led New World Order in the first place.

Below is a look at the prison system, which shows different prison systems in the U.S. What a disturbing system we have set-up in this country, where incarcerating people is a business. The CIA drug operations since the 50's along with the social engineering from the Vatican New World Order, has created the problem – and then came up with a solution: incarceration into hell holes.

Most people just don't care until they're placed in one of these places, whether they're innocent or guilty. There are people languishing in these hell holes for life in California alone, for simply having three felonies from petty thefts and drug charges. 

There are an estimated tens of thousands of people in prison right now who are completely innocent as well – mostly in there for rape charges. The Innocent project has been exposing this problem since the early 90s. Check out this documentary from the Innocence project:

Discernment is Needed

Certain people need to be locked up, yes, but do we not have any discernment anymore about who these people are? Truth is, many petty crimes put people in these places for 1-5 years, and they then become real criminals after being there. This is great for the prison business, but bad for the people, their families, and society.

And remember the Luciferians are allowed to murder and rape innocent people – because they run this world and the beast system. The same beast system that locks a man in prison for 8 years because he gets into a fight defending himself and has a joint in his pocket. Or the guy who was falsely accused of rape from a random woman on the street, and then put in a maximum security prison for life.

The Luciferians murder and rape in their rituals, and like Jeffery Dahmer, place the bodies remains in a vat of acid (after they eat most of it) so there's no evidence. Check out this girls story here that completely validates this:

What if you or a close family member were put in one of these prisons, and were innocent of the charges? What if you got into a fight or had a marijuana joint on you, and were placed in prison for nearly a decade for this – in one of these places?

Yes, there are people who can't be rehabilitated, and who are dangerous to society. Most of these types are actually ruling our countries as politicians, lawyers, academia, finance, and other leadership positions – fake as can be. Yet, there are the base criminals, the gangsters, the insane murderers and rapist – these people need to be locked up. Yet, can't we tell the difference between the petty criminal and the dangerous to society criminal, and why are we placing them both in the same place?

The Vatican New World Order Agenda

The only reason I can see why this is happening is because the powers to be are trying to create more criminals. It's working too, as the prison populations are ever-growing and the prisons are being built constantly. And most of the people who have never been affected by the injustice of the prison system, simply don't care about the millions who are.

Remember for each one of these millions of people who are incarcerated, there are family members and friends who are affected as well. When it comes down to it, the prison system is sucking resources and life from everyone involved, ruining lives and even stealing people's souls. There's no doubt that the prison system is mostly a negative system, a system with the spirit of the Anti-Christ behind it. Although, yes, there are many Christians ( and caring people who should be Christians) involved trying to help improve this system.

Personally, I've been in jail for only one night in my life, in Portland Oregon. The reason was because I wrestled (fought) a roommate aggressively over some petty reason, and he then called the cops. He shouldn't have called the cops, but since we both lived there and I physically instigated it, I had to go to jail. I've never seen him again, but I would ask him for forgiveness if I did, and have asked God for forgiveness, as well as forgiving him too. 

What a horrible place these jails and prisons are. Yes, they are supposed to be horrible in a way, but they shouldn't be breeding criminals. They should be keeping the dangerous ones out of society, and the rest they should be rehabilitating.

Most the people coming into this system simply need hope and positive direction. They need Jesus Christ simply put. They need a job that pays the bills and takes care of their families, they need a system not designed for them to be addicts and criminals. I know we all have to be responsible for our actions, but most of these people in prisons are paying a price way too high for what they did.

It's like the robotic beast system doesn't have any discernment anymore, and the management of criminals is set-up to create more criminals and cause more harm.

I will say the prison guards and workers on the grounds at these prisons are generally decent people trying to do the best they can, with the system they have to work with. The mercy of these places is largely only due to their discernment, while the creator of these systems has only three things in mind: to steal, kill, and destroy.

Will You Be Put in Prison?

Watch some of these documentaries and see what I mean. Will you or me be placed in prison or jail in our lifetime? Chances are, if we remain outspoken Christians who won't deny: Jesus Christ, the Holy Bible, and the Ten Commandments -- we will be.   

Monday, June 6, 2016

MMS: Natural Cure for Cancer, Diabetes, HIV, Malaria, Autism, and More

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The Miracle Mineral Supplement is what MMS stands for, and it was first discovered by a man named Jim Humble in 1997. Jim was a miner in S. America when his crew members came down with Malaria in the middle of nowhere, so he used his water purification tablets as medicine and the men recovered from Malaria.

He went on to investigate what was in the water purification tablets, and discovered Sodium Chlorite. He then went on to find by using a natural acid activator, this created a potent killer of pathogens, yet left the healthy cells in a person's body alone. The activated solution is called chlorine dioxide, which targets acidic cells in the body while leaving the healthy cells alone.

This has to do with the pH levels in our bodies, which is slightly Alkaline, while the cells which cause diseases like cancer, diabetes, HIV, and other bacteria, fungi, parasites, etc. (pathogens) – are targeted by the MMS and are Oxidized and destroyed. This allows the body's immune system to then work properly and heal a person.

Jim struggled for years to get the word out and help people in a more formal way, but had little success getting the word out in the mainstream (he did help cure thousands) because of the New World Order's agendas. He finally wrote a book in 2007 called:
The link there will take you to a site where you can download the book for free (PDF download bottom left of home page), as well as buy some MMS. MMS by the way is only $25 for a three months supply, by the way (and I don't make any money by you buying this). This is one of the reasons why the FDA and big Pharma doesn't want people to be aware of MMS.

There are hundreds of positive and amazing testimonies on YouTube alone, and many more on forums and other places. This stuff works, and it works to help cure cancer, diabetes, HIV, Malaria, asthma, parasites, hepatitis, autism, and more. Most of the people of whom it worked on to help cure these problems, were skeptical at first, but the proof is in the pudding. You can either think all these people are liars, or you can believe the FDA and big Pharma are liars – your choice.

A man named Mark Grenon and Jim Humble started a church organization called Genesis II Church, which how MMS has grown to the awareness it has today. Sodium Chlorite is used in industrial applications to sanitize food and other products, so it's available to buy. Yet, the FDA and government lie and say it's not safe for humans to use – even in the tiny doses used to cure these diseases.

The fact is MMS has never killed anyone or even hurt anyone. The only thing is does is hurt the pathogens in people, which sometimes can make them sick for a short time like a detox would. Yet, prescribed pharmaceutical medicine kills hundreds of thousands of people in the U.S. every year.

For those who understand that there's a depopulation agenda going down by the Vatican led New World Order, it's no surprise that MMS is being suppressed and banned from being used. Not only does creating diseases and treating them with their drugs, create a ton of money, but it also gives them control over our lives and eventually kills us off. The ruling satanic elite cannot allow a cure for cancer, diabetes, HIV, Malaria, and other diseases – many of which they have worked hard to create and spread.

This is why you haven't heard of this mineral, which helps to cure people of so many different maladies, which conventional medicine doesn't have a cure for with their deadly chemical drugs. Truth is, conventional doctors and medicine is a creation of the ruling satanic elite, and they've been trained to give out prescription chemical drugs, and avoid at all costs natural medicine. And over the last couple years, hundreds of scientist and natural doctors have been killed to stop cures like MMS from coming to the public.

When it does somehow get past their wicked grip and find its way to the people, then the Vatican New World Order simply smears it, and every simpleton who believes what the Cable TV says and their ignorant conventional doctors – simply disregard it and dies with their diseases. Truth is, people are being put on all kinds of chemical pharmaceuticals, which are only creating more diseases within them and were prescribed wrongly in the first place.

I've been taking MMS now for about 5 days, and am still alive and doing well. My acne on my back is going away, and I'm using DMSO to help my lower back pain – which is working very well. I'm excited to get rid of the pathogens in my body and become a healthy person like God wants me to be. My wife is also taking it for her asthma, and we are giving it to our dog for his mangy skin. I'll report later how everything went.

The sad part about people being brainwashed, esp. in America – is although we have the answer to help cure their diseases – many of them will simply not listen. Although it's cheap and safe to take, most will not listen to anything other than what their doctors (priests) say...and they'll give all their money to the beast system and then die a miserable death, when they could have been cured. That's sad, isn't it?

Yet, we're looking forward to talking to those who are willing to try this, and who will get cured from their diseases. No longer do we have to live in fear of cancer and these horrible viruses and diseases the Vatican New World Order is mostly creating to depopulate and control our lives. God has given us the tools we need in nature, and this is where we need to look.

I want to thank Jim, Mark, and most of all for me Greg Anthony, which has an Internet radio show called The Investigative Journal. This is where I heard about MMS from about a month ago, when he had on the show Mark Grenon. Mark has been on since, one day every week, and the YouTube below is one of these shows where Greg interviews Mark. 

Listen to it and really ask yourself who are you going to believe? The FDA, AMA, and Big Pharma – or thousands of regular people who've been cured of “incurable" diseases? I mean, which ones have something to gain by lying?

By the way, for those who have cancer, this is only one way to help cure your cancer, here is another article I wrote about cancer cures:

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Friday, May 27, 2016

The Beast System Owns Every Bit of Your "Wealth"

cc from Vatican City

 1 Timothy 6:10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

I wanted to discuss some insights around this verse which validate its truthfulness. First I want to define wealth in this context. Wealth includes all monetary assets: money, investments, property, possessions, businesses, and etc.

I'm also going to speak about Americans, but largely this applies to a world-wide audience (not global, rather world-wide - earth is flat).

Yes, we need money to get by and live in this beast system we're in today. No longer can people simply own a piece of land and work a self-sustainable farm – without having to pay taxes. Taxes is nothing more than a tithe we're paying to the Vatican, which is the Great Whore that rides the Beast in Revelation chapter 17.

Even though we need the funny paper money to play this game they've created to control us, we don't have to ambitiously hunger and thirst for the accumulation of this fake money. Having ambition to be rich is sign you're serving money and not God. 

Someone who resides in the body of Christ Jesus would simply give away any money they acquired that was past a reasonable amount for their needs. Excess money and investing into the beast system is not what a real believer would do.

Let me explain why investing into the beast system and trying to acquire wealth is a foolish thing to do.

They Own the Banks, Law, and Wall Street

Say, for instance you made $10 million working hard at your own private business. Instead of helping real Christian ministries out in the world, you invested into an IRA, property, banks, etc.

Every bit of money that's in the bank and invested in mutual funds, property, etc. – is not even really there. All that's there is only nominal numbers, which workers for the beast give you, to represent what's supposedly there. Workers for the beast system, directly have total control over whether you'll ever get any money that's now in their control.

Say you own ten pieces of land. How do you prove you own the land? A deed or title showing ownership right? And who is the arbitrator when the government or financial institutions (which all work for the government) say you don't own the property? The answer is the law, the courts – and who owns the courts? Exactly...

All they have to do is say you have no money, and you don't own your property – and you can do nothing about it. The only reason they allow and will allow you to have the money or property, is if you go along with whatever they demand – like the mark of the beast coming soon.

There is No Law

You have to realize there's no law anymore in America. There's no justice for each citizen anymore. Personally, I believe America after 1776 has been this way. Only before 1776, was anyone actually free in the colonies.

1776 was simply a Jesuit inspired and planned revolution to gain “religious freedom”, so the Catholics could take over -- and look who's in charge now...Oh and the Muslims were created by the Vatican by the way...

What most Americans don't understand, in their relentless pursuit of gaining and accumulating money and “wealth”, is that America is in a state of lawlessness. The only justice that comes is because of people who love the truth (Jesus Christ is the Truth) and uphold justice individually – this means there are still judges, cops, even politicians and bankers still upholding justice in America, but the Satanist in charge of the entire beast system at the top – are entirely lawless, just like their master Satan.

Get The Right Perspective

Stop worshiping money and “wealth” and thinking it's going to get you anything. The only thing valuable is eternal life after this cursed existence is over. True wealth is faith in the Holy Bible, salvation by Jesus Christ, and the goodness of God on this earth. The world is poor, wretched, and miserable, while believers in Jesus Christ are the richest people on earth.

The entire system is rigged, numbers in a bank and on some piece of paper or digital screen – don't have any value at all. All these celebrities and rich sports stars have all their millions and billions in the banks and in Wall Street, so in actuality they have no money at all except what they have in their pockets and under their beds – and their handlers know how much they have there too. Besides Federal Reserve notes are worthless anyway.

Even if you have a thousand gold bars, what are you going to do with them? Are you going to trade someone for some bread or gas? What will they do with it? 

An entire new system of currency would have to be established around a gold standard in order for any worth to be placed on precious metals. And exactly how will this happen when the beast system controls everything? This system is only going to get bigger and more in control until finally Jesus Christ comes back and wipes them out in an instant – BAM!

All we can do is be wise about how we handle the money and resources we have, knowing God gives us all good things. Give God control over all your money and materials, and desire in your heart God's will be done and not yours. Give your money to Godly ministries and make use of it while you still can, before the beast system simply says you don't have any money.

Scott Stapp Example

A year and a half ago (Nov. 2014) Scott Stapp, the lead singer for Creed, went through this, when he became born-again as a believer in Jesus Christ, and then found himself among wicked people, including his handler wife.

He escaped their grasps and went off on his own to try and figure out how to expose them, and get justice for the money they stole, and to rid them from his life – so he could live for Jesus and raise his children for Jesus – BUT when he went to his bank accounts they said he didn't have access to his accounts. He had his ID, but he was restricted from getting any money out completely.

Scott had millions of dollars in the couple bank accounts he had personally, but he was denied getting a hold of any of it, and he ended up hungry and living in his truck for months. He posted a couple videos late in 2014, telling what was going on. He ended up losing even his truck and was riding around on a bicycle!

The news media; mouth piece of the Vatican beast system, called him crazy, bi-polar, blah blah, until finally they got a hold of him months later and put him in “rehab.”

Months later, he came out brainwashed and saying everything they wanted him to say. His ISIS connected Muslim wife was there by his side, while he said he'd been bi-polar and crazy...blah blah blah. See, they threaten you and your families lives, until you submit. Point is, he was blocked from all his money and possessions until he was a common homeless beggar...

This scenario has happened many times before to celebrities, Willie Nelson was one, and many times they simply kill them.


What is wealth then to you? You could work your entire life accumulating money and stuff, and it can all be simply taken away in one day by the beast – and there's NOTHING you could do about it. Think about it and maybe re-evaluate what you're living for and how.


Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Lost Think It's Impossible to be Saved

Matthew 11:28-30
28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.
30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

There has to be a balance between those who say everyone can be saved, and those who say basically no-one can be saved. The Bible says if we believe in our heart and confess with our mouth Jesus Christ died for our sins and God raised him from the dead, then we are saved. It's the heart that God is looking at most importantly.

We're never going to be free of sin in the present condition we are in on the Earth. Not until our earthly bodies die and we are raised into our spiritual bodies will we be sinless. So, sinless perfection is not possible on earth.

God sees out hearts, and if we are using our liberty to sin on purpose then God will chastise us for this. From my understanding God is trying to help us become free of sin, so we can live a better life and be of more use to help others get saved by faith in Jesus. He's not trying to get us to stop sinning so we can be saved, but so we can be free of the bondage of sin (which can keep us from having faith in our hearts).

I think many unbelievers are reluctant to come to Jesus because they don't want to be saddled with the heavy burdens many of the preachers are placing on them. And when it comes to the men, they don't want to become emasculated like most of the men (being ruled by women) are in the church today. The modern church isn't a place where real men are found too often anymore, and if there is one they are likely shamed into being more “Christian”, which means more submissive to the direction of women and the government who now rule the church.

We're saved when we believe in our hearts, and God knows who's trying to get away with all the sin they can and still be saved. He will chastise those who do this, but this doesn't mean they aren't saved. The believers who think they're better than others have more to worry about then those who struggle with sin still, yet are repentant. The self-righteous are not justified, yet the lowly and meek are.

There is only one way says John 14:6, so a sincere belief in Jesus Christ is what saves us, not our sinless perfection. We will never be sinless, until we are dead and in heaven.
When we are witnessing the Gospel, are we making it impossible for people to be saved? Or are we telling them it's easy to be saved, because Jesus says it's easy. All we have to do is believe in sincerity in our hearts, and this will automatically give us the strength to want to overcome the sins that besets us.

Believers are those who believe in sincerity, and are lowly and meek in heart. Not those who are sinless and perfect (think they are) and haughty about it. Not those who wear a suit and tie and make it a burden to be saved. God does the work to free us of sin after we come to believe. Although we are taught to exhort, reprove, and teach with all long suffering good doctrine: this doesn't mean we lay burdens on people too heavy they can't carry.

Those who love the truth should come to the faith in Jesus Christ, but are being repulsed by what they see in Christians today. The best way to help people get free of sin is to show them the joy and blessing (not money) you have by living free of sin. At least the sins you've overcome with the help of Jesus. Getting free of sin is a good thing, it's a better way to live than being in sin. This is a reasonable approach to help people want to stop sinning.

Example: life is truly better and full of more joy when not doing drugs or drinking alcohol. Life is better and more peaceful when not fornicating. I can say this because it really is, and I can show the unbeliever this by being joyful and strong in my everyday life. If I've been set free of bondage, then I should be happy about it, not going about putting burdens on others. Rather going around sincerely telling others there's a better way. Yet, being saved doesn't mean sinless perfection. It means a sincere belief in ones heart.

Some thoughts today about this. I'm getting tired of the joyless burdens preachers are placing on people through their self-righteousness, and because they're afraid of being like the easy grace apostates we see in the main stream Christian world.

Just read the scripture at the top of this post and see what Jesus said himself. Jesus came to save the lost, those who love the truth - not those who are sinless.