Monday, October 13, 2014

Ebook Review: Ten News Stories Showing Satanism is a Real Problem in America

Image in cover cc from Phillip Maiwald (Nikapol)

   Yesterday, I published my third ebook on Amazon (above). This is the first book in The Ten Series, which is a series dedicated to exposing the satanic New World Order and bringing people to the faith of Jesus Christ as their King and Savior. 

   Although this topic isn't the easiest to cover, yet I believe it's important for all Americans to understand this huge problem we are facing. The extent of Satanism is alarming and needs to be confronted by the citizens of America and especially the Christians. 

   The two main reasons I wanted to write this 32 page ebook, is to show people Satanism isn't a benign belief system which has no negative affect. In fact, the influence of Satanism is worse than imaginable, pure evil, even if the modern satanist like the Satanic Temple, would have us believe otherwise. The second reason I wanted to write this, is to show that this influence is growing in America at an alarming rate. 

   These ten news stories span from the mid 90's til the present in 2014. Half of them are criminal cases showing the blood and gut tragedies, and the other half show the way the mainstream culture, government, and education systems are influencing these criminal acts of Satanism to happen. 

  We have a real problem when even the White House is promoting Satanism! And the affects of this influence are obviously not good, as the stories in the book prove without a doubt. Whether you're a Christian or not, this isn't an influence you should want in this country of ours. My prayer is Christians will be edified and non-believers will come to the faith in Jesus Christ. And I pray we as Americans will stop allowing this Satanism to pervade every faucet of our lives. 

  Here is a video that shows three of these news stories to give you a taste of what's in the book:

Here is the ebook:

Monday, October 6, 2014

Satanic Programming is Becoming More Blatant in Cartoons

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   Puritan Pictures has a great YouTube channel you'll want to watch and subscribe to. The video below exposes the Cartoon Network and their blatant and subliminal Satanic agenda against our children. He does a great job in showing the different shows that are popular today. Did you know that there is a cartoon show called Lucy the Devil's Girl? Wow...

Mr. Pickles, wow blatant...

   The end times march on as the masters of deceit get bolder. Some insightful caller to the Hagmann and Hagmann show last week said the Illuminati New World Order types are not able to be totally blatant yet, but they are getting more and more obvious. The point to all of the conditioning is, the point Satan is trying to make, because he wants us to embrace and ask for the evil, not just be subjected to it.

   See, one day they will basically show us Satanic programming on these Cable shows and Hollywood movies in such a blatant manner that everyone who is watching will have to accept that they are now OK with Satanism. Do you know what I'm saying here. The thing is, we are almost there, just watch this video and see how blatant it is in these cartoons for our children.

   I personally don't watch TV, and most of my life has been without it. Every once in awhile we'll watch a movie that isn't Hollywood that is family friendly. So, watching videos like this from Puritan Pictures from brother Jared is shocking to me. I'm only 35 years old, yet it seems like even I came from a wholesome time. Not so, but the level of Satanic programming and conditioning has ratcheted up about a 1,000 fold since I was a kid watching cartoons.

   Watch the video, subscribe to Puritan Pictures, share this post, get your kids off TV all-together, home-school them if can, pray with them, read the Holy Bible with them -- let us sanctify ourselves from this Satanic world system that is emerging. There is nothing good coming from mainstream sources anymore at all.

Puritan Pictures YouTube Channel