Saturday, June 27, 2015

Walid and Theodore Shoebat Catholic Connection

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Execution of Mariana de Carabajal

In the video below this post you will hear Theodore Shoebat ask a caller "What was wrong with the Inquisition?" three times. He goes on in the show to explain why the Inquisition was actually a good thing! And get this, no-one on the show disagrees with him, not Doug or Joe Hagmann, not his father Walid Shoebat, and not Sheila Zelinski.

This show was 11 months ago on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report with Sheila Zelinski, this was when she was doing the Weekend Report - which by the way didn't work out for some strange reason??

I'll tell you what though, no one- and I mean no one - would come on my radio show and say the Inquisition was a good thing! That person would get an earful from me and I might add those are fighting words!

Walid and Theodore show their hand in this show, they also explain that Alberto Rivera was a Fraud! What gall these Catholics have!

There is no doubt in my mind that Walid and Theodore (his 24 year old son), are working directly for the Vatican. They are playing on the hatred Americans have for the Muslims and also misdirecting Protestants from the fact that the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church is the Women who rides the Beast, and the Great Whore- and also that the Papacy and the Pope is the Anti-Christ himself! This is their Jesuit mission and they are doing it well, but this Protestant has shined the light on their darkness and they are EXPOSED.

As for everyone who allows these Inquisitors on their show to spew their Catholic propaganda, well you can make your decision about them. I know Rick Wiles loves having Walid Shoebat on his show, and so does Knight of Malta Bill O'Rielly- which is no surprise. Walid is actually very main-stream, so obviously not a threat to the New World Order which is the Revived Roman Catholic Harlot.

Just keep in mind Doug Hagmann did go to Catholic seminary...and Rick Wiles worked for TBN... as for Sheila- who knows where she came from out of the blue about a year ago, I've always been suspicious of her though. All I know, is in this show no-one questioned the Shoebats with their outrageous shameful words about how the Inquisition was a good thing! That to me implies something for sure.

Check out my recent video as well about Rick Wiles Catholic Connection and be on the look out for more Catholic Connections to come. Don't be fooled my Protestant believers, the Inquisition killed hundreds of millions of our fellow brothers and sisters, saints of God who believed in the Holy Bible and Jesus Christ. Anyone saying anything to shame the name of those martyrs should be called to account for their grievous error!

Here is the link to the original show if you want to listen for yourself- the part exposed is at 2hr 45 min.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Jesuits - The Elephant in the Room

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Do you want to know what's going on in the world today, and what went on in the world in history? Look no further than the Roman Catholic Church and their military arm called the Society of Jesus – or the Jesuits as they are called.

You may want to simply believe in the fabricated reality the controlled media presents to you and the propaganda the educations system has indoctrinated you into. Well enough, go ahead and believe the lie. Yet, if you are a truth seeker and want to know the truth, well you can find it. Yet, you won't be able to find it until you realize that Jesus Christ is the Truth, The Way, and the Life, and that the Anti-Christ is the Pope of the Mother of all Harlots – the Roman Catholic Church located at the Vatican. This is the central theme of the struggle of mankind in the modern manifested times we live in, yet always this has been the struggle in the different forms. Simply put the struggle is God against Satan. And know for sure that the Vatican represents and worships Satan in full acceptance.

Let me tell you a couple things that you might never have heard:

  • America was founded by Godless people who had the spirit of the Anti-Christ, and is in fact a Catholic creation.
  • The Futurism Doctrine wasn't believed by any of the early church leaders including the Reformation leaders such as Martin Luther, John Knox, John Calvin, Tyndale, and on and on...and the Futurism doctrine was created by the Vatican to misdirect people to a future fulfillment of the 70th week of Daniel by some future Anti-Christ, which means people would stop pointing their fingers at the Pope as the Anti-Chris – which is what the Protestant Reformation was all about, that and defining our salvation by grace alone and believing in the Holy Bible over man.

Isn't it interesting that these two topics are never discussed by most alternative media so called Christian Watchman? Some of them may be controlled opposition, some of them ignorant, but rest assured- if a Christian watchman isn't exposing the Vatican and the Jesuits then they are either ignorant of the truth or are working for the Jesuits themselves. Alex Jones is a good example of someone who is fore sure working for the Jesuits.

Loving the truth may not be popular, but it is meaningful, because Jesus Christ is Truth remember. God wants us to know our enemy. If we don't recognize Satan's workers of iniquity, then they can infiltrate and destroy us in the end. And thus we have the story of the churches in America. Destruction is what has happened to every church that employees a fresh seminary preacher from a Jesuit ran so called Bible college. Such faithless cowards they are churning out who don't even believe in the Bible. They do believe in their pay checks though and so they continue to preach the lies they were taught by the Jesuits dressed up as Protestants. Anymore, you can't find a church preaching against the Mother of All Harlots- the Catholic Church! What a shame most so called Christians don't know the enemy that is slowly cutting their throats with their modern inquisitions.

I used to think Tories were traitors to America. No longer do I believe this, in fact I'm a Tory myself and wouldn't dare call myself an American Patriot. This whole fallacy of a country is nothing more than a playground for the Jesuits and the Catholic Church. The only good thing this land ever had was the Puritans who colonized this land under England's rule, and believed in the Protestant Reformation. That is the only reserve we have been feeding off until even this day. And as you can tell, the more the Anti-Christ Pope has a grip on our country (he is coming to congress in Sept. 23, 2015), the worse off we get in every way. The closer that child molesting homosexual murderer gets to this country- the further we get from God and all that is Good!

Watch and listen to the video below for more information. I'm going to include some links here to some real Protestant Christian Watchman Ministries for you to listen to who tell you who the enemy of mankind is and the enemy of Jesus Christ is: which is of course the Roman Catholic Church and the Anti-Christ Pope who runs the Mother of All Harlots. Don't be deceived by her Christians, come out of her and be saved!

Here is a video vlog I created on this subject matter:
The Jesuits - The Elephant in the Room

Walt Stickle and the Radio Show: Mystery Babylon

Tom Friess and his radio show: Inquisition Update

This is a very good channel to sub to:

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Call For Solemn Assembly for the June 14th Supreme Court Decision on Same Sex Marriage

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The Salt and Light Brigade has been called into action by Coach Dave again for the June 14th Supreme Court Decision about same sex marriage in Washington D.C. Coach is calling for a solemn assembly to convene in D.C. on June 14th from Noon til 3pm Eastern time. 

The purpose of this of course is to show our protest and resistance to this Judicial body of their upcoming decision on whether to allow same sex marriage or not in the case they are looking at. This would set a precedent for all further lower court rulings across the country from this point on-wards. 

The nine supreme court justices are divided nearly right down the middle of this issue we are made to believe. Those that understand who really runs this country understand that these justices simply take orders and then proceed with those orders - no matter what they think. And therefor the Roman Catholic Institution of which 6 of them are outwardly a part (and the other three are in submission to) will ultimately decide this case. And since the Jesuits and the Catholic Church are of an Anti-Christ Spirit with the Pope being the Anti-Christ himself, we can gauge the way these puppets will vote without God's divine interference with their plans in Jesus name. 

If you are able to make it out to Washington then this would help the cause. You would be the boots on the ground protesting the workings of Mystery Babylon in this land we live in. If this apostate court decides favorably for same sex marriage, then this will make being a homosexual a civil right and will ultimately lead to the freedom of speech being null and void for those who oppose homosexuality as a sin. 

We have to remember this is a calculated move by the Jesuit Catholic New World Order meant to destroy the remaining Protestant (true Bible believing Christians) left in America. This decision will officially mean our country is rejecting God's word on this matter because the official authorities are in favor of this abomination. Likely many homosexuals could care less I suspect and would rather the minority homosexual activist hired by the CIA to simply shut up about it, but this is the ploy and plan used by the enemy of humanity to destroy the last remaining vestige of true Protestant Churches left in this country. Those churches who will not submit to marrying homosexuals will be shut down and the pastors jailed if this abomination happens on June 14th of this year 2015. 

Coach Dave is simply asking for the remnant Christians to stand up and fight this as much and as best as we can til the very end. To this I agree and am on board. Nothing is over until it is over, and we should never give up hope in any fight we may find ourselves in! Just look at Pastor Kent Hovind whose charges were dropped and his case dismissed! Kent is currently still in prison being processed out, but that battle was won because Christians didn't give up...

Let's not give up on this issue either, even if this wicked group of Catholic and Jewish Justices decide to defy God and allow this thing called same sex marriage. Their decision means nothing to Christians except for their own accounting when in front of God in the end, as for us, we have to simply follow the Word of God in the infallible King James Version and this will be our decision we stand on. 

Have you joined the Salt and Light Brigade yet? Check out the link below to sign up and find out more about this event coming up on June 14th, 2015. 

- The Salt and Light Brigade