Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Hard Road and the Easy Road

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What it comes down to in life is one's answer to the question: When one is tempted to betray their own conscience in order to attain materialistic wealth or save their lives, will they do it?  Most people, merely, want to make money, yet how? “It doesn’t matter”, is their answer, while they take the dark, easy road that leads to death and destruction.

The only way to live is to be true to one’s conscience, never betraying that good person inside to attain: money, stuff, fame, glory, and other temporary worldly temptations.

What we need to ask ourselves is: Are we going to take the easy road in life to gain materialistic wealth and power, or will we endure hardness to stay true to our good conscience?

We make this choice early in life and build on it from there, either for the worse or the better; the sad part is seeing how utterly vain people are who value money over meaning and truth.

See, what I’m saying is most of the people in front of us in the mainstream (and many fringe subcultures) are people who’ve betrayed their conscience to get fame, money, power, etc. These people, who people look up to as sincere and authentic, are in reality soul sick people trapped in their own fearful and shameful existences.

People either choose to seek and love the truth or give up on finding answers (truth); and coupled with bitter disappointment in mankind, they become pragmatic in their thinking, which means they will cross boundaries with their conscience -- doing things they are ashamed of inside, yet not being able to be truthful about them to others (or self)-- they create secret lives full of disgusting and perverse habits that get worse and worse.

The truth is there’s a lot of ugliness in the world, yet that isn’t reason enough to give up on seeking truth and settling for the scraps this world offers. Through hell and high water, we must have the resolve to maintain a clear conscience; that is, if we want to live lives of peace and harmony with God and His creation.

For instance, say a person wants to be rich as their main motivation in life; now this person goes to college, listens to all the get rich motivational speakers, goes to seminars, hangs out with other people who want simply to make money in life; eventually, he has millions of dollars coming in every year, yet even with all the success, he’s tormented with fears and secretly hates how weak he is inside; knowing he’s become so accustomed to having a certain high-level of lifestyle (with all the pleasures), he realizes without it he’d be a miserable and utterly dependent person full of hatred and envy.

See, being rich makes people weak inside, having an abundance of money and hoarding it without any thought of the good it could do (with a giving heart and a few moments of thoughtfulness and empathy for those in need) -- this chill coldness comes over rich people who hoard their wealth and spoil their families; without the money and stuff they're simply fearful simpletons who don’t know how to take care of themselves or live with just enough to get by.

The easy road or the hard road?

I’ve chosen the hard road every since I was old enough to choose (around 10 YOA), at least, I try my best to live my life in search of truth and meaning. If we don’t know why we are here, then why should we think we know anything? And if gaining materialistic and worldly things is the answer, then why?; unless we’re wanting to use it for the good of mankind. My guess is most people’s answer to WHY is: Because I’m selfish and don’t give a F…, I’m getting mine so I can be free and independent of every one of you idiot people.

Believe me, I’ve being trying to get free from all the idiot people too, as well as trying to not be an idiot people; truth is, there is no escape with money, cause it brings other problems poor people don’t have, such as attracting insincere and back stabbing people into your life as friends and spouses.

What is the meaning of existence?

If one doesn’t seek and find the answer to this question, then one doesn’t have a foundation to build their lives upon. No matter how long it takes, no matter what hard road it takes us down, we must continue to maintain a good conscience, as well as to seek and love the truth always.
The reason being: So we can live a life of peace and enjoy the things God does provide us with, the fruits of our honest labor, understanding the value of money is below the value of meaning and having a good conscience.

A good conscience is something people can’t buy; many celebrities and mega rich people are haunted and tormented by the shameful and perverse things they’ve done to get their fame, power, and money, i.e. their bad conscience -- they would give anything to have a clear and good conscience again, like when they were a child, yet can never forget the mistakes and bad things done...Everything  bad thing we've done we'll remember for our entire lives, and if we attained money, power, fame, wealth by embracing the idea that money is everything (is God) and betraying our good consciences, then all we’ll have upstairs is meaningless garble that'll fold the instance real adversity hits…

Taking the hard road, the road less traveled, is only useful when following the truth requires it; the caveat is, following and loving the truth in a world full of lies, requires the hard road very often. One learns to love it and abhor the other way most everyone else is haplessly on with no idea why.

Don’t give up on finding the truth, and remember, there can be only one truth, not infinite truths, because there are absolutes, such as we all can agree that there is something, rather than nothing, right?

No matter what it may be, everyone can agree that there is something going on here, there is something, rather than nothing...This means there is one truth, not infinite, because if there’s one absolute, then there’s an absolute, which means one truth…

God bless in Jesus Christ of Nazareth
Sincerely, Robbie LowdownO

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

How to Deal with Trump, Politics, and the Mainstream Media, Culture, and Society

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The main problem with the vast majority of modern colleges and universities is: They're teaching from a false premises to begin with. It’s just assumed by most people, because of their influence and power, that these modern education centers must have a solid foundation of knowledge at their core, or at least the best out there, yet what's the truth?

The truth is the most prestigious centers of learning for the last few hundred years were started by workers of iniquity; those that carry out the orders from the elite who are in direct contact with the fallen angels and Satan.

These centers of brainwashing are the example all the other state and private colleges and universities are trying to follow -- these Jesuit run schools set the standard for the modern societies they’ve taken over; taken over very simply by: controlling the money through setting up the central banking system and, subsequently, taking control of the media, society, and culture at every level.

This is relevant to the topic, because one can’t understand what’s going on with Trump, politics, and the mainstream media, society and culture, without understanding our entire system is set up on fantasy and lies. When it comes down to it, lies are illusions, which means there's really nothing there when it’s a lie.

To know how to deal with these emotional topics (the ones they put in front of us all the time) that start wars, stir up hatred, and divide people, the first thing to do is: Understand what the agenda is of those who rule the world. We just can’t be in denial, or too naive and foolish to actually believe anyone in top leadership positions in politics, media, academia or the culture, is actually sincerely telling us the truth for the right reasons.

They may tell part of the truth or even all of the truth at times about certain topics, yet everything they do is for an end -- what is that end? Simply put, it’s a New World Order ran by the Satanic elite, after about 6.5 billion people are exterminated through every conceivable method of murder evil can devise (including many diseases there are cures for, such as cancer and malaria).
The problem with most people who actually do care about our country and pay attention to politics and the media, is they actually believe these powerful characters the NWO creates to fool and deceive them; thus, by believing there are still sincere characters at the top level of the system, fighting for the right things, well then the entire system is legit, just needing fixing is all.

When in reality, every since JFK, there's been no top level politician that’s a sincere character telling the American people the truth (his likely conversion to God, and obvious love for the truth, trumped their control over him). To think Trump is such a character is tempting yes, yet absolutely foolish, especially, considering he’s always been an elitist and was trained formally for two full years at a top level Jesuit University, Fordham University in New York City, New York, and he hasn't shown a love for the truth or a conversion to Jesus Christ, yet uses these in form to deceive those who are desperate for a sincere character in the White House.

See, by getting most of the sound minded American people to believe that the system is legit and working, enough to get a good character in the White House, then they’ve just gained control over around 100 million people, who used to be against them for the last few decades (convinced there was no political solution at the Federal level, until Trump of course).
Ok, now that we know this, here’s how to deal with Trump, politics, and the mainstream media, society and culture.

- Don’t watch cable television at all
- Focus on local community news through the Internet or physical newspapers
- Look at the mainstream news through the internet only to analyze their methods, never believe their stories as they conclude, rather discern what’s going on by seeing who benefits, remembering their formula for control:

Start the Problem + Fix the Problem = Gain Control

Sort of like a wildland firefighter that starts a fire so he can have some work, or a woman who cries rape to put a man she doesn’t like in prison, or the elite using the media to stage racial events to start a race war, etc… on and on…

This is a very old tactic Satan has used from the beginning in the Garden of Eden, when he deceived Eve into eating the forbidden fruit. Unfortunately, the American sheep and hedonistic goats are too distracted by the cares of this world and their own self worship, that they can’t see the truth of our enslavement unfolding.

Of course, when a predator is trying to capture their prey, they try many different tactics, whatever works basically. If they need to act nice to get a better angle to stab their victim's back, so be it, right Jesuits?

You know it’s true SJ, yet does the American people know it’s true about the system they're embracing with such excitement and joy? Think of this system with its electronic trinkets, earthly paradises, empty political promises, and hedonistic pleasures, as the nice person who’s just trying to befriend and deceive their victim to get a better angle to stab them in the back for the kill shot.

Sort of like JFK, when the CIA’s mob hit boys, and every other top-level authority in Dallas in 1963, colluded to get their prey right into Dealey Plaza so they could have the best chance of killing their prey; notably it was the young assassin in the storm drain that fired the fatal head shot, one of a gaggle of assassins firing away like it was a shooting range (and missing most of the time).

People are just too interested in themselves and their hedonistic desires, pleasures, and gains in this temporary existence, to care about what kind of foundation the system they embrace is built on, or in other words: They’ve never asked what’s the meaning of all this, and been determined get the answer, as opposed to living a meaningless life as an ignorant fool.

There are many ignorant fools that believe they're wise, yet the wisdom of this world is foolishness to God, and those that have the mind of Christ Jesus see the wisdom of this world as foolishness too, yet many Christians are double minded.
I know this because there are so many sincere Christians supporting and believing in the actor Trump. The play last year around election time was very convincing to millions of people, even getting them to believe it actually mattered and counted when they voted for a President!

It would seem that people would wise up after awhile to the absurdities the Satanist want us to swallow, yet it seems people are actually getting more gullible, as though they are motivated merely to save face -- their entire meaning has become to fight and hate the opposite side of the political spectrum, liberal vs. conservatives, etc.

The motivation for the conservative Christian right wing element to support the very wonderful actor D. Trump is sound and has actual meaning, yet the problem is: They’re trusting in a lying Satanist elitist, rather than Jesus Christ and the truth. Yes, those who are born again and Trump supports will always be saved, yet they'll be destroyed because of a lack of knowledge.

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed  for lack of knowledge…

There are so many snares the society, culture, and media is trying to hook us with, in order for us to become emotionally involved; I say: just disconnect from the entire play act and ignore most of it; only pay attention when reading between the lines and when it comes to local community government.

Top level state government is nearly completely corrupt, and top level Federal government in America is completely corrupt (or are useful idiots being groomed and deceived -- they need some sincere, yet ignorant, people to give them and their fantasy system validity, such as the sincere preachers that go on Jim Baker or Alex Jones shows not knowing they're complete shills, etc.).

If there's someone who’s a sincere character that happens to get too far in politics or leadership, the elite will just create a scandal or kill them in a number of different sinister ways. Many men and women who've stood up to this Satanic system have been killed, of course, after they were smeared, jailed, and stolen from (usually by the IRS in modern times) that is.

So, I guess the choice is this: believe the system works and Trump is a sincere character and be ineffective, deceived, and destroyed, or believe the truth at all cost and see through this facade, live in reality, and do God's will.

Live free and in truth while you’re alive here (and in the afterlife as well for Christians), instead of being a mindless useful idiot perpetuating the system; thus, being destroyed already in your mind, to then be utterly destroyed in the physical, while finally realizing your ignorance is the cause, i.e. huge regret.

Staying out of it all and just worshiping yourself is even worse, because you’re too silly and worthless to even try to live a meaningful life; self worshipers are not only boring, they’re cruel with their indifference, as they perpetuate a system that kills, steals, and destroys -- just so they can prance around like worthless fools getting theirs.

For those who do seek the truth and care about living a meaningful life past our own hedonistic desires, pleasures, and gains (I know we’re in the minority) , well, bravo and amen, yet don’t be a useful idiot and get snared in their deceptive ploys, rather see through the lies and be free from its grasp.

Of course, eventually, the Vatican NWO will accomplish many of its wicked goals, yet it won’t work out like they’ve envisioned; unfortunately for them, they’ll be roasted in fire when Jesus Christ comes back with their due judgement and punishment, and everything they've worked for will be destroyed and brought to nothing.

As for those who are born again Christians and support and believe in the main actor Donald Trump, what are you thinking? Are you that naive and ignorant?

This world is surely a twilight zone in these end days, so when a politician is saying everything we want to hear, be very weary; and remember what happened to the last sincere character we had as President (JFK), which shows us how much control they had in 1963 -- 54 years ago, thus indicating strongly how much control they have now in 2017.

That’s how to deal with Trump, politics, and the mainstream media, society, and culture; just treat them like clowns and fools, yet remember they have blood on their hands and are in the business of killing, stealing, and destroying everything good, Holy, and truthful. Indeed, this system, this world is surely at enmity with God. Are you friends with Trump and the Satanic world he's part of?

James 4:4 ...know you not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.

Hey, at least we know Hilary is our enemy, that makes guarding our backs a little easier. There's a lot of backs wide open for Trump to stab, are you going to trust he's got your back? If so, you're a fool.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Why I'm Not a Seventh Day Adventist After All

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Although not formally a SDA, my wife and I were convicted enough in their message to call ourselves such for 6 months.

It was the Historicism doctrine that appealed to me, while the 7th day Sabbath appealed to my wife, initially.

There’s much about the SDA Church that we do appreciate and agree with, yet equally as much that we don’t.

Our journey into the SDA message came about when, seemingly, all the remnant Protestant Christians we listened to started campaigning for Trump, as if he were a sincere character full of the Holy Spirit.

Just to note, I still believe there’s no political solution at the D.C. level, and that Trump is a Catholic doing the bidding of the Pope.

See, the SDA church is more Protestant than any other “Protestant” denomination, except for the fact that they believe in a works based salvation, much like the Vatican itself.

Ellen took (stole)  almost all of her ideas/doctrines from other people, and the prevalent Protestant interpretation of Prophecy in the 1800s and all the way back to the Apostolic Church, was Historicism, of course in its infant phase to its full grown prophetic conclusions.

To be a Protestant, is to understand that the Roman Catholic Church is the Harlot that Rides the Beast in Revelation, and the Papacy is the Anti-Christ himself.

Most modern Christians (after the onslaught of heresy in the 1800s) now believe in Futurism, which states that there will be a future Anti-Christ that comes and reigns for 7 years during the Great Tribulation, and this will be a politician from Europe, Jewish, etc…Jesuit teachings by the way.

Basically, Historicism wasn’t created by the SDA church, rather it was adopted as the prevalent prophetic interpretation at the time in the mid 1800s.

It wasn’t until the Jesuit influenced and trained priests under cover and co-agitators came along, that Futurism started taking hold with the help of Scofield and every single modern day TV evangelist, etc.

That’s what we appreciate about the SDA church, they understand the enemy, yet they don’t understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is more important than prophecy. This is the lesson God was teaching me.

I believe us going to the SDA church for 6 months and even being convicted enough to call ourselves Adventists, was all in God’s plan for our lives. What it did was show us the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, by nearly taking it away from us.

See, the Gospel is the most important message Christians have to give; I could never understand why people would get so excited about the Gospel, history is what gets me excited and interested, I thought it was just emotional people getting too excited (which it is many times).

What I’ve learned and gained from this experience is the joy of my salvation, which makes me excited and happy when I think or speak about the Gospel too!

Specifically, I've learned that it’s not by works that we’re saved, but by believing in Jesus Christ, being born-again and sealed with the Holy Spirit -- this all happens at once, and we are eternally saved, and eternity isn't just until we sin again or lack faith for a time in our lives.

See, the SDA church believes, like many other denominations, that a born-again Christian can lose their salvation, which is contrary to common sense and the scriptures.

God doesn’t give us eternal life and seal us with the Holy Ghost to take it away because of our works, and the born-again Christian will never loose their faith completely, even if they think they have.

The joyful new is this, if we believe in Jesus Christ and are born-again and sealed with the  Holy Spirit, then we are saved for eternity and nothing can change this fact. We do not maintain salvation through works, and works is not a measuring stick for gaining or losing salvation.

This is a big problem for Adventism, as they believe Christians can never know they’re saved, and that we will stand in front of a Holy God without a mediator and be judged  by our works for salvation in the Investigative Judgement.

Adventism has many problems because it was started by date setting Jesus’ 2nd coming, (Miller did admit he was wrong for date setting later, yet Ellen never did...) then the deceptive ploys of Ellen G. White for the next 60 years or so.

The biggest problem for the SDA church is their prophetess Ellen G. White was a complete deceiver, stealing upwards of 80% (read Walter Rea's book: "White Lies" ) of her writings from other accomplished writers, not giving them credit and saying they were directly from God in vision or through an angel.

The other big problem they have is the Investigative Judgement, which is clearly a works based salvation message and un-Biblical.

I’m not going in-depth explaining these main problems with the SDA church, there are many resources for people to learn from on the Internet, is a good start.

The verse comes to mind, they have a form of Godliness, yet no power thereof. This explains the SDA church, which in form and on the surface is a very nice and appealing religion, yet when one gets to the substance of the religion, they realize: this religion is rotten and these poor people are anemic spiritually, deceived, and brainwashed.

I believe there are many Adventists that are saved, yet it’s despite their religion, not because of it; yet, I worry about the ones that really believe in Ellen and the Investigative Judgement, because they’re believing in lies and deception, not to mention they live in constant fear and uncertainty about their salvation (much like the majority of modern Christians that believe they can lose their salvation).

Honestly, the SDA church really is a cult, they’re just closer to the Bible than the Jehovah Witnesses or Mormons; I would attribute this to their belief in Historicism and their teachings of the Protestant Reformation.

Unfortunately, the only denomination teaching about the Protestant Reformation correctly is the SDA church, which means they know their enemy and the reason for the protest. Every other “Protestant” denomination is openly subservient to Roman Catholic Church, yet the SDA church is more like the Catholic Church in its salvation doctrines than any other “Protestant” denomination -- that is: works based to the core.

Benefits of going to the SDA church for 6 months:  I’ve become nearly vegan, don’t drink coffee anymore, and have learned insightful historical information from great SDA teachers like Walter Veith and Bill Hughes, which I still listen to and consider brothers.

I’ve also learned what the Gospel of Jesus Christ really is. All we have to do is believe in Jesus Christ and we’ll be born again of the Spirit, sealed eternally by the Holy Ghost!

Imagine God taking back the gift of eternal life because we didn’t measure up with our works, what a hateful God that would be.

There’s much more that could be said about how Jesus is our Sabbath in the New Covenant, and that communion and baptism are the signs of the New Covenant, while the 7th day Sabbath and circumcision were the signs of the Old Covenant, which was done away with when the new appeared; it's only there now to show us that we're sinners in need of a Savior.
For now, suffice it to say, we’ve been blessed to go through the experience of being SDA for 6 months and then leaving. I truly do appreciate their Protestant prophetic and historical teachings, as well as their health message, use of the KJV Bible, and their sincere fellowship.

Yet, the biggest blessing was when God showed us the door and gave us the right understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as well as rearranging my perspective on the preeminence of it over prophecy. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

eBook Review: Trump Methodology

This book contains 6 essays about Donald Trump and the Vatican led NWO. It explores theories around the agenda for him to be picked as President of the U.S.

Three of the articles have been published in this blog, the other 3 haven't been published until now. 

Hopefully this book helps break the delusion off conservative Christians, and helps them understand the role this actor is playing.

Get the eBook on Amazon for $2.99
Trump Methodology

Sunday, February 12, 2017

False Christian Revival

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There seems to be a false Christian revival brewing in America and around the world. Puppet conservative leaders are being given the support and green light from the Papal powers to be. The Jesuits have their actor Trump in place, playing the blue collar conservative Protestant Christian. The mainstream and alternative right is solidifying under Trump, in order to fight back the liberal insanity and corruption.

The Jesuits (Satan's tools) are hard at work in the theater as well, molding culture from the new digital age. While many are operating on a false sense of security, others are confused and deceived by the two-party solution.

Trump is the Pope's tool, even though they act otherwise at staged times. Truth is, Trump is a willing participant of the Vatican led New World Order, of course, run by the Anti-Christ: the Papacy.

Many sincere Christians are being deceived, and will fight for Trump and the causes the NWO has planned for us. The problem is these causes will be even worse than the further decline of Christian morality in society, such as a war where millions of people die and a decline in morality. Yet, either way, death is the wages of sin, so we must be in the body of Jesus Christ to be saved with eternal life.

True believers in the Holy Bible will come to understand, sooner or later, that Roman Catholicism is the Great Harlot that rides the Beast (Revelation Ch.17). Also, that the Man of Sin is the Papacy, all the Popes since 538 A.D. (the beginning of the 1260 days/years prophecy).

True believers have always known this to be true, therefore, they suffer the wrath of Satan as always. Yet, we should only fear being subjected to the wrath of God, because only God has the ability to destroy both the body and the soul.

We are only immortal and eternal in Jesus Christ, because He is God, and only God is eternal and immortal. Jesus Christ is ...the way, the truth, and the life... John 14:6.

The main power of deception is ignorance and silence. The main reasons for people to be silent and willfully ignorant of these Christian truths are:

  • fear of man more than fear of God
  • lust of the flesh, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God
  • greedy for mammon, self-worship, fame, and materials

For these temporary pleasures in this short mortal life, people keep silence and stay ignorant. The truth is not palatable, generally, to leadership and authority, regular people are more inclined to be interested.

Christians naturally love the truth, because John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

That means the Catholic beliefs are Anti-Christ, as they believe and say salvation is through them only (the Sacraments), and those that rule that “church” think they are divine agents from the god of this world, death, and sin, Satan, of whom they worship as Lucifer.

They believe in light (Lucifer) and darkness (Satan), and believe these both must be present to have a balanced reality (Ying Yang, etc.) – this is only true if one wanted eternal life in our perpetual state of sinfulness, yet they deny their sins before God.

That would be torture more than anyone could bear. Death is either going home to Father God in Jesus, or being raised up after the Millennial Kingdom and judged by God on the White Stone Throne of judgment, to be burned and destroyed in the lake of fire, both body and soul, with eternal results.

Because our souls are mortal without Jesus, there will be no immortal soul suffering in hell forever; rather the wicked will suffer their due punishment in the lake of fire before they're burned up completely to exist no more.

Some will simply be burned up quickly and relatively painlessly – the regret will be their biggest pain to deal with, knowing they willing rejected the truth, or erroneously thought they were Christians, yet never really believed in the simple Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The God of the Holy Bible is the only true God, and is life and love, John 3:16. God shows us love by sending His only begotten Son to die on the cross for our sins, so we may get to heaven and live forever, with a loving, righteous, and awesome God.

Satan always tries to tarnish God's good, fair, and loving character; one of his best tools is false doctrines and revivals, such as ones that make people think God is a tyrant instead of a friend. Faultly interpretations, established and ingrained by governing denominational church bodies, are what take the life and Spirit out of the Holy Bible.

The Tony Alamo, Chiniquy, and Lincoln Examples

A good example of how the Vatican NWO suppresses true Christian revival, is found with the late political prisoner by the Vatican, the late Tony Alamo (died early 2017), who was placed in U.S. prison systems for 175 years for, supposedly, violating the Man Act, which is a law put on the books to fight against prostitution being facilitated across state lines.

This is, in reality, only a law used as entrapment, and was all they could charge him with, because there was no evidence for his guilt, nor the guilt of the parents who had their children stolen by the government law enforcement agencies in 2008 – most have yet to get them back now in 2017 (9 years later).

One of the main reasons why the Vatican didn't like Tony Alamo was because he and the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries befriended brother A. Rivera, allowing the born again Christian believer and ex-Jesuit priest to speak at their ministry. This was around the year 1984, and the result was Holy Spirit preaching for a week exposing the Vatican and Catholicism. The audio can be found on YouTube: Dr. Alberto Rivera, ex-Jesuit Priest.

Because Tony was a friend to someone so dangerous to the Anti-Christ Papacy and Jesuit order, he was targeted like Abraham Lincoln was when he helped, by the grace of God, Charles Chiniquy get free from the Jesuits in court.

Lincoln was his lawyer against a Jesuit influenced persecution; the flimsy evidence was staged and the priests bared false witness against the born again believer Charles Chiniquy, the ex- Roman Catholic Priest.

Our history has been filtered through the minds of the Anti-Christ, through his agents working for the Vatican – across the entire flat earth, worldwide.
This means all the facts aren't present in our establishment history sources, which are influenced, produced, and created by agents working for the Great Serpent, the Vatican.

The Vatican NWO Topic

The Vatican NWO topic has become a fringe side topic, because most people believe (for believable, yet fabricated reasons) that the Muslims and the radical liberals are the problems we must face. Well, yes, but only because the Vatican created Islam and radical liberalism, in order to create a Christian conservative backlash (among other nefarious reasons).

Most people don't understand that not speaking about this topic won't make it not real or a non-issue. The Vatican is a major issue for those who believe in Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible, because they're the greatest mortal enemies to God and humanity on this earth in the flesh.

There's only one God, one Truth, and one absolute; evidence shows overwhelmingly that one Truth to be the Holy Bible in its inspired majority text versions.

During this false revival, the main elements left out will be: the Historicist prophetic interpretation (i.e. Papacy is the Main of Sin) and the exclusivity of Jesus being the only way (John 14:6). Everything else will be allowed and encouraged in the ecumenical false Christian revival, as long as the ecumenical movement is joined and agreed with.

All believers not willing to join the ecumenical movement will be eventually persecuted as: hateful, ignorant, brainwashed people going against the ecumenical worldwide church movement. Peace and security, then comes sudden destruction.

We should support those ministries that preach against the Anti-Christ Papacy, as these are the brave Christians who know what's going on in the country and world. The Bible tells us who the enemy is and what will be, it's up to us to read it and believe it.