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Will You Be Put Into Prison? The Injustice of the U.S. Prison System

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How many people in prison/jail in the U.S. are actually innocent, or incarcerated because of some petty crime? How many people actually need to be locked up in one of these inhuman places? Why does the U.S. have the most people per population incarcerated than any other country in the world?

According the US Bureau of Justice Statistics, there were over 2.2 million adults incarcerated in the U.S. in 2013, and over 4.7 million on probation or parole. This means there are 1 out of 110 people incarcerated, and 1 out of 51 people on parole or probation.

Now consider how many people have been incarcerate in the past and are not included in this statistic? Could we estimate that figure to be around 10 million- 15 million? Maybe 20-30 Million?

When it comes down to it, we're talking about 1 out of 10 people are, or were in the prison/jail system now or in the past. So, you have a 10% chance of being in the prison system, maybe more. This should be alarming to you, especially considering these hell holes called prisons we have in modern times. Some of these prisons actually make being thrown in a dungeon seem decent.

The Prison Environment Breeds Criminals

I would estimate 10% of the people in prison need to be there, the other 90% are in because of drugs, petty theft, and other small crimes. There should always be a separation between cold blooded killers, rapist, hard core gangsters – and the others. And the environment for the others should be a counseling and rehabilitation type, to help these people get on track with their lives.

The way the system is set up now, is mostly sticking the petty drug crimes and thefts in with lifers and cold blooded killers – creating more criminals in the process. Of course, this is the purpose of the Vatican led New World Order in the first place.

Below is a look at the prison system, which shows different prison systems in the U.S. What a disturbing system we have set-up in this country, where incarcerating people is a business. The CIA drug operations since the 50's along with the social engineering from the Vatican New World Order, has created the problem – and then came up with a solution: incarceration into hell holes.

Most people just don't care until they're placed in one of these places, whether they're innocent or guilty. There are people languishing in these hell holes for life in California alone, for simply having three felonies from petty thefts and drug charges. 

There are an estimated tens of thousands of people in prison right now who are completely innocent as well – mostly in there for rape charges. The Innocent project has been exposing this problem since the early 90s. Check out this documentary from the Innocence project:

Discernment is Needed

Certain people need to be locked up, yes, but do we not have any discernment anymore about who these people are? Truth is, many petty crimes put people in these places for 1-5 years, and they then become real criminals after being there. This is great for the prison business, but bad for the people, their families, and society.

And remember the Luciferians are allowed to murder and rape innocent people – because they run this world and the beast system. The same beast system that locks a man in prison for 8 years because he gets into a fight defending himself and has a joint in his pocket. Or the guy who was falsely accused of rape from a random woman on the street, and then put in a maximum security prison for life.

The Luciferians murder and rape in their rituals, and like Jeffery Dahmer, place the bodies remains in a vat of acid (after they eat most of it) so there's no evidence. Check out this girls story here that completely validates this:

What if you or a close family member were put in one of these prisons, and were innocent of the charges? What if you got into a fight or had a marijuana joint on you, and were placed in prison for nearly a decade for this – in one of these places?

Yes, there are people who can't be rehabilitated, and who are dangerous to society. Most of these types are actually ruling our countries as politicians, lawyers, academia, finance, and other leadership positions – fake as can be. Yet, there are the base criminals, the gangsters, the insane murderers and rapist – these people need to be locked up. Yet, can't we tell the difference between the petty criminal and the dangerous to society criminal, and why are we placing them both in the same place?

The Vatican New World Order Agenda

The only reason I can see why this is happening is because the powers to be are trying to create more criminals. It's working too, as the prison populations are ever-growing and the prisons are being built constantly. And most of the people who have never been affected by the injustice of the prison system, simply don't care about the millions who are.

Remember for each one of these millions of people who are incarcerated, there are family members and friends who are affected as well. When it comes down to it, the prison system is sucking resources and life from everyone involved, ruining lives and even stealing people's souls. There's no doubt that the prison system is mostly a negative system, a system with the spirit of the Anti-Christ behind it. Although, yes, there are many Christians ( and caring people who should be Christians) involved trying to help improve this system.

Personally, I've been in jail for only one night in my life, in Portland Oregon. The reason was because I wrestled (fought) a roommate aggressively over some petty reason, and he then called the cops. He shouldn't have called the cops, but since we both lived there and I physically instigated it, I had to go to jail. I've never seen him again, but I would ask him for forgiveness if I did, and have asked God for forgiveness, as well as forgiving him too. 

What a horrible place these jails and prisons are. Yes, they are supposed to be horrible in a way, but they shouldn't be breeding criminals. They should be keeping the dangerous ones out of society, and the rest they should be rehabilitating.

Most the people coming into this system simply need hope and positive direction. They need Jesus Christ simply put. They need a job that pays the bills and takes care of their families, they need a system not designed for them to be addicts and criminals. I know we all have to be responsible for our actions, but most of these people in prisons are paying a price way too high for what they did.

It's like the robotic beast system doesn't have any discernment anymore, and the management of criminals is set-up to create more criminals and cause more harm.

I will say the prison guards and workers on the grounds at these prisons are generally decent people trying to do the best they can, with the system they have to work with. The mercy of these places is largely only due to their discernment, while the creator of these systems has only three things in mind: to steal, kill, and destroy.

Will You Be Put in Prison?

Watch some of these documentaries and see what I mean. Will you or me be placed in prison or jail in our lifetime? Chances are, if we remain outspoken Christians who won't deny: Jesus Christ, the Holy Bible, and the Ten Commandments -- we will be.   

Monday, June 6, 2016

MMS: Natural Cure for Cancer, Diabetes, HIV, Malaria, Autism, and More

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The Miracle Mineral Supplement is what MMS stands for, and it was first discovered by a man named Jim Humble in 1997. Jim was a miner in S. America when his crew members came down with Malaria in the middle of nowhere, so he used his water purification tablets as medicine and the men recovered from Malaria.

He went on to investigate what was in the water purification tablets, and discovered Sodium Chlorite. He then went on to find by using a natural acid activator, this created a potent killer of pathogens, yet left the healthy cells in a person's body alone. The activated solution is called chlorine dioxide, which targets acidic cells in the body while leaving the healthy cells alone.

This has to do with the pH levels in our bodies, which is slightly Alkaline, while the cells which cause diseases like cancer, diabetes, HIV, and other bacteria, fungi, parasites, etc. (pathogens) – are targeted by the MMS and are Oxidized and destroyed. This allows the body's immune system to then work properly and heal a person.

Jim struggled for years to get the word out and help people in a more formal way, but had little success getting the word out in the mainstream (he did help cure thousands) because of the New World Order's agendas. He finally wrote a book in 2007 called:
The link there will take you to a site where you can download the book for free (PDF download bottom left of home page), as well as buy some MMS. MMS by the way is only $25 for a three months supply, by the way (and I don't make any money by you buying this). This is one of the reasons why the FDA and big Pharma doesn't want people to be aware of MMS.

There are hundreds of positive and amazing testimonies on YouTube alone, and many more on forums and other places. This stuff works, and it works to help cure cancer, diabetes, HIV, Malaria, asthma, parasites, hepatitis, autism, and more. Most of the people of whom it worked on to help cure these problems, were skeptical at first, but the proof is in the pudding. You can either think all these people are liars, or you can believe the FDA and big Pharma are liars – your choice.

A man named Mark Grenon and Jim Humble started a church organization called Genesis II Church, which how MMS has grown to the awareness it has today. Sodium Chlorite is used in industrial applications to sanitize food and other products, so it's available to buy. Yet, the FDA and government lie and say it's not safe for humans to use – even in the tiny doses used to cure these diseases.

The fact is MMS has never killed anyone or even hurt anyone. The only thing is does is hurt the pathogens in people, which sometimes can make them sick for a short time like a detox would. Yet, prescribed pharmaceutical medicine kills hundreds of thousands of people in the U.S. every year.

For those who understand that there's a depopulation agenda going down by the Vatican led New World Order, it's no surprise that MMS is being suppressed and banned from being used. Not only does creating diseases and treating them with their drugs, create a ton of money, but it also gives them control over our lives and eventually kills us off. The ruling satanic elite cannot allow a cure for cancer, diabetes, HIV, Malaria, and other diseases – many of which they have worked hard to create and spread.

This is why you haven't heard of this mineral, which helps to cure people of so many different maladies, which conventional medicine doesn't have a cure for with their deadly chemical drugs. Truth is, conventional doctors and medicine is a creation of the ruling satanic elite, and they've been trained to give out prescription chemical drugs, and avoid at all costs natural medicine. And over the last couple years, hundreds of scientist and natural doctors have been killed to stop cures like MMS from coming to the public.

When it does somehow get past their wicked grip and find its way to the people, then the Vatican New World Order simply smears it, and every simpleton who believes what the Cable TV says and their ignorant conventional doctors – simply disregard it and dies with their diseases. Truth is, people are being put on all kinds of chemical pharmaceuticals, which are only creating more diseases within them and were prescribed wrongly in the first place.

I've been taking MMS now for about 5 days, and am still alive and doing well. My acne on my back is going away, and I'm using DMSO to help my lower back pain – which is working very well. I'm excited to get rid of the pathogens in my body and become a healthy person like God wants me to be. My wife is also taking it for her asthma, and we are giving it to our dog for his mangy skin. I'll report later how everything went.

The sad part about people being brainwashed, esp. in America – is although we have the answer to help cure their diseases – many of them will simply not listen. Although it's cheap and safe to take, most will not listen to anything other than what their doctors (priests) say...and they'll give all their money to the beast system and then die a miserable death, when they could have been cured. That's sad, isn't it?

Yet, we're looking forward to talking to those who are willing to try this, and who will get cured from their diseases. No longer do we have to live in fear of cancer and these horrible viruses and diseases the Vatican New World Order is mostly creating to depopulate and control our lives. God has given us the tools we need in nature, and this is where we need to look.

I want to thank Jim, Mark, and most of all for me Greg Anthony, which has an Internet radio show called The Investigative Journal. This is where I heard about MMS from about a month ago, when he had on the show Mark Grenon. Mark has been on since, one day every week, and the YouTube below is one of these shows where Greg interviews Mark. 

Listen to it and really ask yourself who are you going to believe? The FDA, AMA, and Big Pharma – or thousands of regular people who've been cured of “incurable" diseases? I mean, which ones have something to gain by lying?

By the way, for those who have cancer, this is only one way to help cure your cancer, here is another article I wrote about cancer cures:

Important Note About Comments:

  Trolls are very attracted to this post, so almost all the comments below are from trolls and shouldn't be taken serious or responded to. I don't require a captcha with my comments, to make it easier for people to leave them, but I also get trolls like these. 

   I'm going to leave them because I can't block them individually and would have to delete them individually, -- but also so we can see how badly the powers to be want MMS to not be taken seriously. These are likely NWO bots sent against any MMS article online, although they may have people's names and pictures even. 

    Again, just look at the comments as evidence that MMS is real, and don't respond to any of their claims, which are simply trying to make MMS seem like a spam commercial. MMS is very real and has cured even millions of people of incurable diseases since 1997 when Jim Humble found it.