Sunday, August 31, 2014

Evangelist David Lankford's Powerful Message on Non-believers vs.Un-believers

Pastor David Lankford

   Evangelist David Lankford is a preacher you want to listen to in these end days. His uncompromising message is very much needed in a day when so many people are under a delusion because of sin, and they don't have a love of the truth. (2 Thessalonians 2:10-12)

   In the message below Pastor Lankford talks about non-believers vs. un-believers, in terms of those who outright reject Jesus Christ and the God of the Holy Bible vs.those who nominally say they believe in Jesus Christ, yet in reality they don't. This is a very timely message to America especially, where the state of apostasy is running rampant. 

   David Lankford does two, hour long shows on BlogTalkRadio every Monday and Tuesday at 5p Eastern time. He also is a frequent guest on The Hagmann and Hagmann Report, which is also on BlogTalkRadio. Mr. Lankford and Steve Quayle are good friends and they both spoke at the Holy Ghost inspired meeting in Bozeman Montana on May 31- June 2 called the White Stone Remnant Conference

   My wife and I had the privilege of going to that meeting and even meeting Pastor Lankford in person. I have personally been helped greatly by his powerful messages over the last couple of years. He has helped me in many different ways to grow closer to Jesus Christ, gaining understanding of the Bible and conviction of my sins. 

   Evangelist David Lankford and his wife have a ministry called The Voice of Evangelism. He is an American man of God who is one of the Generals of the soldiers of Jesus Christ. Listen to his messages and make a habit of it, and I promise you'll be blessed. 

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

ISIS Threatens America and Christians Take Up Arms in Iraq

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   Paul McGuire provides a critical urgent update, detailing the recent threat ISIS has made of an imminent terrorist attack on the southern border. Their threat also states they already have agents inside America, ready to attack in celebration of 9/11.

   Intelligence agencies are on high alert, and he stats we do know ISIS is in the United States now. They have crossed the southern border and he states we do know they are stationed in Juarez Mexico, which is right on the border with Texas. 

   Although we don't know if their threats will materialize, these are serious threats which are intelligence agencies are on high alert over and this threat was even on the top of the Drudge Report today. 

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   Paul goes on to say that, "America will either burn with the fires of destruction, or the fires of Christian revival." His message is one of hope to the Christians and a call to action to repent and start praying for this nation while taking tangible action where we can. 

   For the unbeliever and non-believer, there is no better time than now to come to know Jesus Christ as your savior. The illusion of comfort and safety we have grown to take for granted in America is being threatened and one day will be exposed glaringly even more, as the fallacy of this modern delusion the New World Order has duped us into believing, crumbles into tyranny. All the while, as they have taken over this country and put into place the destructive elements that will cause our way of life great harm and collapse. 

   If you're a soldier of Jesus Christ or a seeker of truth, listen to Paul's message - as he is one of the Generals in the Army of God.  


ISIS Meeting Serious Resistance in Iraq and Syria From Christian Fighters

            Thousands of Christians Take Up Arms' to Finally Crush ISIS and End Persecutions!

   DAHBOO77 reports in this video about thousands of Christians in the Middle East taking up arms to fight the ISIS threat on their homeland. 

   This story is one to show the Christians here in America what defending your home looks like. The normally passive Christian Assyrians by the thousands are joining rudimentary militias to protect the Christians in Iraq. These units are formed and being added to as we speak, unit by unit the Christians are organizing to meet the radical demonic threat of the murderous cowards called ISIS. 

   One great mobilized Christian militia called the Syriac Military Council is formed of Assyrian and Chaldean Christians in the area. Even some Europeans are starting to support this movement and possibly join. These forces have formed because they are tired of seeing their loved ones and brother and sisters killed by ISIS. Children being be-headed and merciless executions have to be stopped, and these men are willing to die fighting for their faith and their people. 

    These militias have and will join forces with the Kurdish forces called Pershmerga to take back territory and defend their homes, land, and people - from ISIS. 

     Let's pray for these brave Christians who are taking a stand and fighting back against this demonic force of Satan called ISIS. For all the pacifist Christians out there, this story is asking you directly, what would you do? And are you going to condemn these people for defending themselves and their helpless loved ones against the worst evil? Or are you going to going to say amen brothers, we pray and support you any way we can!

    I for one, am moved by these Christian soldiers, and pray for their protection and strength against this enemy of Satan and his foot soldiers. If anyone thinks ISIS isn't Satan's foot soldiers, you are blind, ignorant, and in total denial of reality. 

     This may very well be a scene closer to home one day, that is why I placed these stories together. ISIS is here in America, and what are we going to do? Obviously they have been invited with an open border, by our traitorous government in high office. So, relying on them to help you isn't going to work. Christian will be helping each other, it is Biblical to defend ourselves, our loved ones, our bothers and sisters in the faith, and every innocent person who is subjected to evil. 

    Think about it Americans , Europeans, Australians, and Christians around the world...

Friday, August 29, 2014

The Muslim's Plan of Attack in America and Europe: Birth Rates

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Muslim Demographics

   Here is a short seven minute video to watch, which tells us the facts about the demographics of Europe and North America. What these stats focus on specifically is the declining birth rates in these countries of the native populations, and an alarming increase of population from Muslims. 

   Basically, what is shown is that the 52 million Muslims in Europe in 2007 are going to double to 104 million in 20 years, while the native populations will decline. One third of all births in 2025 will be Muslim. And remember the majority of the younger generations will be Muslim at this point overwhelmingly. Since 1990, 90% of the births have been Muslims!

  The U.S. and Canada aren't far behind, as the 9 million Muslims here in 2007 will be 50 million in 30 years!

  This video was uploaded in March of 2009 and from what I gathered the data was from 2007. Since this is over 7 years ago, you can guess that the numbers are even worse now for us. What this video is talking about is the birth rates, which doesn't even consider the Muslims that have been invited in to go to college, special Immigrant Visas, or illegals coming through the southern border. 

   Basically Muslims are averaging 8 children per family, while Europeans and Americans are averaging overall (even with the Latinos) around 1.8. A sustainable culture needs 2.1 to sustain itself. Are you starting to get it now? Watch the video for more information, let this sink in.


       Imagine Living in a Majority Muslim Nation of America or Europe!   

     Now, personally I want to say that I don't believe the world has 25 years to go before Jesus comes back and puts an end to all this madness. Praise Jesus Christ, in him we have hope. Cause in this world all we have is the New World Order and the Muslims taking over to look forward to. 

     Until Jesus comes back and wipes out the evil workers of iniquities with the brightness of His coming, Christians and non-Christians alike are going to experience tribulations and Great Tribulation. This means we will and are going to suffer from persecution from Muslim extremist and others who worship Satan. Cause make no mistake about it, Muslims worship Satan whether they know it or not. 


How Muslims Will Take Over Europe and America

  Up above is a compelling and deeply disturbing video showing the reality of what exactly these numbers mean to our way of life. Make no mistake, the Devil comes to kill, steal, and destroy. Make no mistake Allah is Satan, and these angry, insecure, wicked, perverted, devious radical Jihadist are Satan's foot soldiers in the flesh!

   Maybe this isn't a subject you want to be aware of, but your apathy means your children and grandchildren will be in subjection to these kinds of in-human violent people bent on killing every Christian, Jew, and anyone else who doesn't comply with their dogmatic insecure worship of Satan (Allah). 

           The Muslim Agenda


   This is a very good documentary from a British man who is objectively making the case that the Koran should be banned from the UK. I agree, that Muslims should be banned from Europe and N. America as well as the Koran. They are fundamentally enemies of our countries and the well-being of our citizens, just as the Jesuits are. 
   As if we needed more evidence, yet this video is a must see if you need to understand what we are dealing with. It's a 2 hour documentary, well worth watching when you have the time.

   What We Christians Must Do

   The Bible tells us to love our enemies, while Islam's Koran tells them to cut off their enemies' heads off. We Christians serve the one and only true God, the God of love and mercy, of forgiveness and peace. Yet, woe to those that are subjected to the mighty wrath of God the Father! Vengeance is mine saith the Lord! Eternal torment awaits them.  

   We must prepare spiritually, by drawing closer to the Lord Jesus Christ through His Word. This will give us the guidance and ability to navigate the troublesome times ahead. Be angry and sin not, there is a Biblical anger we should have, at what is being done to innocent people around the world by the hand of Islam. We must be aware of the true nature of their religion. 

   Creeping Sharia is upon us America and Europe, and once they get the numbers in our countries they'll come with the sword more and more. They'll come after our children and our very way of life will they destroy, and replace it with their demonic worship. Don't go out without a fight! Pray for Europe and America, that God will have mercy on us. And prepare physically, mentally and Spiritually for the coming threats these Muslims are sure to bring. 

   Get to know Walid Shoebat's ministry, a former Islamic Terrorist and now born-again Christian, for more insight into what Islam is all about. Here is his website:

   Also, check out Usama Dakdok's website called Straight Way Ministries, he was born in Egypt and has studied the Koran in it's Arabic tongue. He is a born-again Christian man as well, praise Jesus!

    This was going to be a smaller blog post, but it turned out to be what it is. I know this subject could go on and on, as there is so much disturbing evidence of this happening in Europe and America. These Muslims of course need Jesus as much as anyone else, we must pray they find Him, even when their countries have no tolerance for Christianity. We must pray they are stopped as well, and that the innocent can be spared. 

   God bless America and Europe, in Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.

Here is The Lowdown Vlog #7: 
Muslim Cult in Europe and America


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Some Insight Into MTV's Satanic Video Music Awards

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   This is an interesting video of the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards ceremony. Little Wayne's eyes in his performance show that he is demon possessed. For many of us, this doesn't surprise us, yet it's still very revealing for us to see the extent of this Satanic culture that is in front of our children and youth. 

   MTV has become a demon infested wonderland full of wickedness. It's astounding that parents allow their children to watch this and buy these artists' albums. These artist should not be so popular, even if the New World Order scum are putting them in front of us to consume. 

   The other video below, shows the MTV VMA awards in 2014 are no different. The stage is obviously showing 666, which we as Christians to know to be the number of the beast. 666 is the number of the Anti-Christ. This is obviously a sign of allegiance to Satan from MTV. Is there any doubt about this? Look again at the Little Wayne video, look at all the pyramids around them on stage. Just like the Illuminati pyramid on the back of the dollar bill. 

   This is the broad road of destruction that leads to hell, I would advise every parent and person to not support these mainstream artist and ceremonies. Also, keep your children away from such vile wickedness, for their eternal life is at stake as well as their quality of life here on earth. The Devil, remember, comes to kill, steal, and destroy. 

   Jesus comes that we may have life, and have it more abundantly. Come out of Babylon people, and come into the fold of Jesus Christ. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Robin Williams Likely Murdered

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   The first video below this article points out some evidence that would indicate Robin Williams didn't commit suicide as the mainstream media is reporting, but rather was killed by someone when strangled with a leather belt.

    A Family Guy episode that aired right before his death was announced, was about the main character wanting to commit suicide the whole show because everything and everyone he came around turned into Robin Williams!

    From a clip that I've seen with Robin Williams flipping the Satanic salute with his hand and then putting it towards his heart with a nod of agreement, this shows me that he was allied with the Illuminati. At one point at least he was compromised and sold out to them. In my opinion he was an organic success many years ago, who was approached and compromised later. Nevertheless, this murder looks to be a Satanic sacrifice like Whitney Houston, Britney Murphy and many others.

   The likely reason was because Robin Williams was vocal and critical about the corrupt political situation in America as well as the New World Order. Who knows, maybe he repented and came to Jesus Christ or Satan was afraid he would. Satan doesn't want a high profile witness for Jesus Christ to come out and convert many to Jesus.

  Now, think about it...why would he kill himself? I know the NWO is making it seem like he did by portraying him as unstable and having all these problems, of course they are going to make it seem like he was suicidal. Don't many of us have the same problems though, and how many people kill themselves over it when they have all the options and opportunity he had? He could have just gone on vacation to a place far away and relaxed if he was so stressed out. That may sound naive, and I know the rich and famous life isn't what it seems, but in reality a guy like Robin Williams had way too much to live for.

  The money problems are nothing to someone like him. Even if he was dead broke, he could do stand up a couple times a month and make $5,000. That's a good living for almost anyone else. The reasons they give for him committing suicide are just not good enough for me. Then this Family Guy episode just gives it away. Robin Williams was another victim of the NWO agenda. Rest in Peace.

   On another note, think about this distraction from the Yazidis in Iraq, the Christian genocide going on over there by ISIS. Now think about Americans making a huge deal out of Robin dying, but then there are thousands of Christians being murdered in barbaric ways by Muslims in the Middle East, and there is hardly anything said about it. Where is the national mourning for these persecuted people, where is the Presidents resolve to help these people?

   It's an outrage and shows Americans to be a very sick and brainwashed people that they nationally mourn a sold out compromised actor who dies, but turn a blind eye to innocent children being crucified and beheaded in the Middle East by ISIS Muslims. It's a shameful thing indeed.

    Here is the video of by PressReleaseEarth about Robin Williams likely murder:

And here is a video about the Persecuted Christians in the Middle East being murdered by ISIS Muslims:

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Real Motive for the Columbine Shootings (Updated)

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August 8th, 2014 (four days after original post)

   This is an update of some more information I've found by peeling the layers back on the onion, or going further down the ugly rabbit hole. I watched some more YouTube videos and thought about this case further to conclude a couple more glaring cover-ups of this Columbine shooting. 

   Charles Giuliani, host of talk show called Truth Hertz, did a show in 2011 which gave what happened that day April 20th some clarity (show is below update). Let me tell you a couple things I learned and then you can read further the original article about the January Incident and Mark Taylor. 

   First thing is there was multiple shooters and conspirators directly involved there at the school that day April 20th, 1999. Upwards to 7 different adults and students who were part of the shootings. The YouTube video I'm going to post right below this update, goes over dozens of eye witnesses students giving their honest sworn testimonies of what happened that day. The radio host Charles does a very good job of reading these and putting the pieces together. Chillingly there was even a man there roving around the killing fields with a clipboard, wearing sunglasses and dressed semi-formally. 

   The second thing I realized is Eric and Dylan didn't kill themselves, but instead they were murdered and set-up as the patsies who the official report stated acted alone even though upwards of a hundred students testified differently!

   Can you believe this madness! The whole thing is chilling, but to me the man with the clipboard is the most chilling thing of all. I mean here are these Orwellian Sadistic Satan Worshiping Elite New World Order Hybrid Nephilim cronies keeping charts on the experiment they are conducting on innocent humans with the tax payers money in the supposed land of the free. These Satanic NWO elite have the gall to set-up a school shooting killing our innocent children and then lie about every single detail of the event. And when anyone demands the truth be told they are silenced even by death. Horrifying isn't it? And all to take away our guns, and traumatize our nation into further mass programming hypnosis. 

   If you are wondering what I'm talking about, you may want to start investigating these matters yourself. I just hope you realize Jesus Christ is the only hope we have and seek his protection during your mission to expose the truth and understand the puzzle. The puzzle can only be put together fully if you understand that Jesus Christ is God, the Holy Bible is true, and there is evil led by Satan, a fallen angel. 

  Just wanted to update this post, although what I found out before was shattering enough, this new evidence puts that whole tragic day in a clearer light. Although I'll be the first to admit, the truth is so convoluted and twisted, we may never know what exactly happened. I do know this though, God knows what happened, and those who masterminded this will answer their maker one day. 



Original Post August 4th, 2014

   There are so many news worthy stories going on everyday, it's hard to keep track of all of the darkness pervading our world. Nevertheless, we who are awake try to work together to focus individually on topics and events that God leads us to study. The purpose is to share what we find with others and expose the truth to bring greater understanding to this world, and to bring truth to break through the lies. 

  What I've been assigned to and feel compelled to post about here is the Columbine incident which happened in April 1999. This was one of the first school shootings that gripped the nation and the NWO used to start hyping up their anti-gun agenda. Personally, I've never looked into this tragedy very deeply, until a couple days ago. 

  Of course we know things aren't as they seem, and are usually always different than the mainstream press and authority are reporting them. This case is no different. 

   The two shooters were Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, both seniors who were set to graduate that year in only a couple months from the shooting. They killed 12 students and one teacher, and then committed suicide that day. 24 other students and teachers were injured. One of the injured students was Mark Taylor. 

   I want to talk briefly about Mark Taylor before I discuss the real motive behind these killings of Eric and Dylan. It's a motive Mark likely knew as well, but he was focusing more on the dangers of the anti-depressants they were both on. Mark Taylor survived being shot 7 times in the chest at Columbine, and went on to become an author and speaker, telling people about the dangers of anti-depressants and about his faith in Jesus Christ. Mark even went up against a major drug company and sued them. He was forced to settle with threats of imprisonment. He gave the money to a cancer society. Mark is a very gentle loving born-again Christian who cares about people. 

    Mark Taylor is now drugged and being held against his will in a mental institution. His family can't get him released and the same powers he was trying to warn people against have imprisoned him as revenge for him suing the drug company and speaking out about the hidden things at Columbine. Here is Mark's facebook page called Release Mark Taylor:

        And here is an InfoWars documentary about him:

   Think about why they would imprison Mark Taylor, if the authorities were actually trying to help the American people become safer? The whole Columbine incident is a very touchy subject to a lot of people in positions of trust, because beyond the periphery of lies they gave us as motives, is a truth they will not allow to get out to the mainstream. If you are reading this, then you will be one of the few who do hear about it. And the truth relates to most of these types of incidents which the media sensationalizes and uses to push their communistic gun grabbing agenda and creation of their Satanic New World Order. 

   The key to understanding the real motive for this tragic shooting is something called the January Incident. This is referring to January of 1998 when Eric and Dylan were arrested for mischief and breaking and entering. What seems to have happened to them while they were arrested is the real motive. See, this sounds strange, but Eric and Dylan were raped by the police or people who were acting as police or the police gave them to. This is recorded in Eric's diary, in a drawing called Walsh Buttrape, which the police have on file by that name. There is also reference to this incident and the revenge they would seek in their journals. 

   Here is a short video detailing this and a chilling clip of Eric Harris at the end trying to shrug off another student poking fun at the rape that happened to him. This video is very sad to me, in that it shows Eric's pain and anger because of this horrendous rape incident that destroyed him and Dylan. 


     Now, there is a man called Ron Agner who is investigating this case and trying to get justice. Here is an interview of him, and his website information:

    The boys were angry at what happened to them, and were baiting the cops to a showdown and taking their anger out on innocent students. They were also disassociated from their emotions because of the destructive anti-depressants they were on.

   Knowing the government's mind control black operations, including MK Ultra, this tragedy seems like it was planned by the authorities that perpetrated this crime on these boys. I can only guess of how involved this was, if these boys were programmed assassins on top of being raped. That would make sense as they both committed suicide after the killing spree, like a programmed assassin would. From the evidence of the families and friends, it doesn't seem like these boys were programmed from a young age, but more like they were targeted one year before during that January incident for some reason. I'm sure there is a reason, maybe having to do with their parents. 

   The points I wanted to bring up in this post is for you to support releasing Mark Taylor, and to help you understand the real motive for the Columbine tragedy was this January Incident, where it appears from all the evidence that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were raped and sodomized by the cops, or people in league with the cops. This horrible perverted cowardly act coupled with the anti-depressants and possibly assassin programming caused 15 people to die that horrible day in April 1999. This began a terrorizing trend of school shootings in America, most of them also having nefarious shady motives and cover-up type investigations. 

      In the end, these criminals that hide in the darkness and prey on innocent people will get the justice they deserve by the judgement of God. The only hope we have is in Jesus Christ, as this world is being run by the same dark forces that are behind these types of cover-ups. In Jesus we have hope in this world and the next. Pray for Mark Taylor, like his facebook page, talk about this evil and help me expose it. God bless those who are fighting for truth like Ron Agner and the victims of these tragedies, may God bless and protect them in Jesus Christ's mighty name.