Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Agenda Behind Uber and the Sharing Economy
Uber Protests in Portland, OR

Uber has been an interesting topic in my taxi the last five months, which is new to me, as I've been back driving full-time after taking 4 years off. My total experience driving a taxi is four years, about half nights, half days, mostly in Eugene, but also about 5 months in Portland with a small dinky company. My experiences elsewhere shapes the opinions I'll present as well.

Already, after a year of writing content articles for many tech companies and gaining insight into what's powering the changes in business and society in modern times, this topic has helped me put part of the puzzle together, concerning the Vatican led NWO and their nefarious agenda (to take as many souls to hell with them as possible by whatever means).

I believe the powers to be either create these sharing economy companies, or have co-opted them to carry out their nefarious agenda; using intelligent and talented people as unknowing fools, whom have responding well to the brainwashing (through: education, culture, society, government, etc.), therefor are malleable by the Satan worshiping elite's influences.

The question and subsequent thought and investigation that went into this topic, led me to strong speculations and theories around why Uber and the Sharing Economy are tools for those who seek to steal, kill, and destroy; ultimately, this is the case, yet seemingly innocent and beneficial at present -- this is the allurement that disarms people into believing a lie.

I wanted to share some of the conclusions and thoughts that have manifested within me from 5 months back taxing for the largest company in Lane County, Oregon in Eugene/Springfield.

There are a few main reasons why the powers to be are letting these unregulated companies break the rules and not play fair in the local markets, while it may work at times, it's interesting how these multi-billion dollar businesses can go unregulated in our modern hyper-regulated society, where people get placed in jail for having a pond on their land that collects rain water.

  1. Condition the younger generations into a false sense of security, where everyone is just like you and there’s nothing to fear, where bad things always happen to other people, etc.
  2. Undercutting living wage jobs for taxi drivers (who are mostly men providing for their families -- attack on fathers) making taxi driving a part-time income (with full time hours) for both Uber/Lyft drivers and Taxi drivers, of course there are exceptions.
  3. Condition the younger generations into a cashless and paperless society, so they'll be more willing to take the Mark of the Beast, which will likely be in a tattoo or computer chip in the hand and/or in the forehead.
  4. Conditioning people into adopting technology to do everything in life, and making them believe it’s as safe as their virtual reality/personality, which people now have in addition to their real life reality/personality -- people are more double-minded than ever, sociopathic liars are everywhere, many times, oblivious to the truth, while obsessing over their self constantly. Of course, there are exceptions, yet these are the main trends in society being accelerated by the shared economy.  
  5. Uber and the sharing economy is a seemingly discreet place for people to fornicate and “hook up”, in other words, these platforms are facilitating sin and wickedness by seemingly being only a part of virtual reality, yet with real consequences they find out eventually.
  6. The shared economy is a way for the powers to be to keep track and monitor every single thing we do in our life. They use this knowledge to control us and persecute those who question their agenda and won’t go along.

These are some of my thoughts and conclusions on this topic, focusing on Uber/Lyft, yet hitting on universal commonalities with the entire sharing economy and its meteoric rise -- uninterrupted by the powers that love to regulate and constrict free enterprise, unless it’s something or someone working for them of course.

That’s the point, Uber/Lyft wouldn’t exist unless the powers to be weren’t investing into it and helping it grow; the business model simply isn’t sound or sustainable, the job is a losing proposition because of:
- the cost of the vehicle
- the maintenance
- the insurance (drivers and Uber are getting away with not carrying commercial insurance, it's not being enforced)
- the 25% Uber takes
- the gas and oil
- any costs from tickets/tolls
- any customer property damages
- any litigation costs from customers
- costs from accidents
- washing/cleaning/vacuuming vehicle
- taxes
- other unforeseen happenings that surely do happen to taxi drivers, including: beatings, robbery, stabbings, damages to car from rowdy/violent people, etc.

The costs are too much to make money with the discounted rates they’re charging. A recent MIT study agrees with this common sense assumption (from a seasoned taxi driver).

- Tech Crunch: "MIT study shows how much driving for Uber or Lyft sucks"

How exactly are Uber/Lyft drivers making any money with these expenses with 60% discounted rates from the average taxi? Well, that’s the part that doesn’t add up, something is fishy here…

I believe the investors are putting money into these companies in order to further the agenda of the Luciferian elite, even if some of the low level investors aren’t directly aware of this, the top ones are, and their names are likely not given to the public, they work discreetly and through various channels.

The car rental companies and dealerships are providing vehicles with discounted rates for Uber/Lyft drivers, so this is where the money is being placed; subsidies by the government or private investors to these companies they own anyway, in order to provide a way for Uber/Lyft drivers to make enough to continue being a happy slave, which doesn’t amount to much these days. Basically after all these expenses they're making about $2-4/hr.

Far as I’m concerned, I’ll never driver for Uber/Lyft, nor will I ever get a ride from them, yet I do believe we have to prepare for them to come into our area here, which has banned them from working here before, but has now gave them the green light with some conditions (which Uber/Lyft will agree to, yet never enforce).

Think about how bad traffic will be then! Not to mention the public will no longer have a strong taxi fleet to provide them safe rides from professional drivers at a decent price -- giving people rides will become a part-time job for young adults (with little experience driving or in the workforce) and low lives trying to get laid, whom may or may not be high on drugs and alcohol.

Taxi drivers and companies just have to let it play out, as we do our best to make enough money to rationalize continuing such a difficult and hazardous job.

Who knows, it might actually work out that we make more money and are respected and appreciated more by the public that use our services, after Uber/Lyft are seen, eventually, as villains in the public's eyes, with the rise of outrageous crimes done by their drivers and rising costs to customers, after they reach a majority share in the local markets competing in (surge pricing. etc).

See, there’s a large market of people that prefer Taxis, many exclusively use taxis because of the safety and continuity of the service. Uber will never reach this market of usually older folks and wise young people.

Also, Uber can’t handle the bulk of the rides needed in any given city, the service would collapse if taxis weren’t there to do the bulk of the work, under their many regulations. Uber and Lyft will just nibble away at business, until it has its share of customers that are fully committed, etc.

People will have to make a choice, Uber/Lyft or a real Taxi? The ones that Uber gets will mostly be the cheap and demanding younger generations anyway, so be it, they can have them; otherwise, there's business to be had on many days throughout the year, which all the taxis in the area can’t handle in a timely enough fashion, of course this is true in every city where there's increased activity at certain times, for large concerts, games, events, busy holidays, etc.

Even with Uber/Lyft, during busy times, with 300K people in the Eugene area, rides will always be lost and times will always be extended during rush hour and busy times, taxi drivers are not immune to gridlock traffic, just better at avoiding it than the average driver, including many of these amateurs driving for these shared economy ride sharing services.

Only a naive person would have some random person come pick them up, when Uber/Lyft’s background screening is flimsy and easy to scam, and the liability is enormous when considering the life changing injuries that could occur from an accident. Not to mention the person could be a horrible driver and/or person that now has your life in their hands.

Taxi drivers are screened better, both their background check, driving record and a personal interview with the company’s HR. Then they are monitored and supervised by the dispatchers and managers for behavioral issues, etc.

Uber/Lyft drivers have no accountability, except for their reviews and complaints on the app, which many can probably figure out how to game that as well. Just look at all the instances of rape, theft, murder, kidnapping, and other crimes with Uber/Lyft, and remember many instances are likely not being reported and/or not being directly linked with the company by mainstream news sources -- these companies have made a deal with the devil, in other words.

It takes a person to be very self-centered and naive to be oblivious to such real danger, and conditioned to have this false sense of security; spoiled children become spoiled adults and the results aren’t pretty, in fact, they're downright cold and ugly, which is what the younger entitlement generation has been conditioned and slated into being by the massive evil powers to be.

It takes foolish and naive people in lala land to trust such services with their life; fortunately for Uber/Lyft there’s plenty of these types of people, and honestly, as a taxi driver that likes his job, you can have those customers, please take them and make your subsidized slave wages.

From one slave to another, let’s keep plugging away, and let’s have charity one with another, even if we don’t agree at times. And for those that aren’t slaves, get a grip and start helping this dying world with your wealth, time, and ideas; see, us slaves don’t have time to think straight in-between working and dealing with the consequences of this satanic society being concocted like a witches’ brew.

I think driving a taxi will be even better after Uber/Lyft are allowed to work here in Eugene/Springfield (after about 70% of taxi drivers quit and/or become Uber/Lyft drivers); customers will then be those who are choosing to pay a bit more for a better and more safe all around service/ride from a professional driver. There will be more traffic and less calls, so many taxi drivers will become Uber/Lyft drivers or find another job.

Maybe, after 6 months, the benefits will make it a better quality job than before; drivers will be making as much as before, yet their clients will be of a higher quality and tip more, which means less work for as much money (or more) as before Uber/Lyft arrived? Or maybe not...

Likely, I'll watch the carnage from afar, as these sharing economy, ride sharing companies are expected to be here by summer 2018, and by then I'll be done with taxing anyway.

Once the taxi companies are all but turned into government medical transport services, Uber/Lyft will raise their prices and charge more than ever for substandard service (as driver moral sours exponentially with constant cuts in their pay, etc.). What's the saying, there's no free lunches out in the real world, or one could say there's no nearly free rides in modern urban America either.

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