Saturday, April 28, 2018

The Subtle Darkness is Pervading in the Modern Middle Ages

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No doubt, we are again under the dark tyranny of the Roman Catholic Church dominated middle ages of the past (albeit more subtly now through technology and sophisticated brainwashing techniques), a modern middle ages, if you will, in which Rome rules the world; Vatican City being the Harlot that rides and directs the Beast.

All the kings and queens of the earth (presidents and leaders) bow to the Anti-Christ Papacy, as they wear black in submission and agreement to the white the Pope wears, symbolizing his self-alleged sinlessness, as he blasphemously proposes to be Jesus Christ, and Father God too.

That so called Protestants aren't speaking out against this horrendous act of defiance towards God, is a sign of how thick the deception is and how few Protestants are actually left. Mostly, what we have now is this ecumenical-minded, ignorant, futurist, brainwashed, Zionist Christianity, which is exactly what the Jesuits had in mind when they infiltrated the Protestant seminaries and subtly started subverting the faith.

What do these vile humans have to do before Christians stop embracing them as brothers and sisters of the faith? What wickedness must these Luciferians show the masses before they'll awake out of their idolatrious stupor and realize these people worship Satan at the core?

Of course, there are many Catholic layman that are saved, yet this is despite the Catholic faith, not because of it. If a person is truly Catholic and believes in their extra Biblical teachings, then they do not know the God of the Holy Bible, they only know the mysterious God of their false religion, which in fact is Satan in disguise; this goes for all false religions – all the daughter harlots.

Those that love the truth will seek the truth and live for the truth, for this is what’s valuable at the end of the day. No amount of fame, stuff, or worldy temptations compares to having a clear, good conscience and meaning in one’s everyday life. God loved us first, so we know how to love Him and others; His love was shown on the cross, when Jesus Christ died for our sins -- John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotton Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

I believe, no matter what kind of shape a person is in, if they love the truth, they'll find it and be ok in the end; for those who love the truth would rather suffer loss and die than live a lie; for them it doesn’t even compare, death is better than living against their good conscience.

Many people are simply ignorant and grossly mis-understand the Holy Bible, yet are prideful and boastful about their theories and so-called fact-based knowledge, especially when it comes to science falsely so called. The truth is: the vast majority of people are ignorant and way off the mark when it comes to knowing the truth about this world and themselves.

We all start out like this, yet some people vehemently won’t budge from their Godless stance, as their entire lives have been built upon these falsehoods; their entire mindset and lifestyles would be condemned by their own good conscience. If they would love the truth enough to see their own wickedness and sins, they'd be repentful and aghast at the shameful person they can be at times.

There's hardly any humility left in the land, the people are oozing with pride, the pride of life exudes from them as they shop, recreate, work, and chase after worldly pleasures and ideals. The entire scene in the city is on the whole vain and wicked, as nearly everyone is brainwashed and playing the orchestrated part the wicked masters of this world want them to play; confusion and deception rule the day, fear and hate are the result, all the while the illusion is kept afloat by the mainstream and controlled alternative media outlets, educational systems, infiltrated (government) churches, sold-out governmental bodies, and entertainment propaganda machines (including the silence from sport stars).

How can I explain the truth of our modern cities without sounding harsh and critical? The truth isn’t always so pretty, yet it sets us free from the lies when embraced. And believing selectively in truth isn’t loving the truth; those that love the truth will seek it in every area of their life and the world around them, subsequently confessing their sins and realizing the fallen state of ourselves and the world we live in.

Not everyone that loves the truth is perfect, in fact none are, yet we strive to do better and be better lovers and seekers of the truth, which in turn makes us better people and followers of the Truth, which is Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, amen. God help us all.