Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Hard Road and the Easy Road

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What it comes down to in life is one's answer to the question: When one is tempted to betray their own conscience in order to attain materialistic wealth or save their lives, will they do it?  Most people, merely, want to make money, yet how? “It doesn’t matter”, is their answer, while they take the dark, easy road that leads to death and destruction.

The only way to live is to be true to one’s conscience, never betraying that good person inside to attain: money, stuff, fame, glory, and other temporary worldly temptations.

What we need to ask ourselves is: Are we going to take the easy road in life to gain materialistic wealth and power, or will we endure hardness to stay true to our good conscience?

We make this choice early in life and build on it from there, either for the worse or the better; the sad part is seeing how utterly vain people are who value money over meaning and truth.

See, what I’m saying is most of the people in front of us in the mainstream (and many fringe subcultures) are people who’ve betrayed their conscience to get fame, money, power, etc. These people, who people look up to as sincere and authentic, are in reality soul sick people trapped in their own fearful and shameful existences.

People either choose to seek and love the truth or give up on finding answers (truth); and coupled with bitter disappointment in mankind, they become pragmatic in their thinking, which means they will cross boundaries with their conscience -- doing things they are ashamed of inside, yet not being able to be truthful about them to others (or self)-- they create secret lives full of disgusting and perverse habits that get worse and worse.

The truth is there’s a lot of ugliness in the world, yet that isn’t reason enough to give up on seeking truth and settling for the scraps this world offers. Through hell and high water, we must have the resolve to maintain a clear conscience; that is, if we want to live lives of peace and harmony with God and His creation.

For instance, say a person wants to be rich as their main motivation in life; now this person goes to college, listens to all the get rich motivational speakers, goes to seminars, hangs out with other people who want simply to make money in life; eventually, he has millions of dollars coming in every year, yet even with all the success, he’s tormented with fears and secretly hates how weak he is inside; knowing he’s become so accustomed to having a certain high-level of lifestyle (with all the pleasures), he realizes without it he’d be a miserable and utterly dependent person full of hatred and envy.

See, being rich makes people weak inside, having an abundance of money and hoarding it without any thought of the good it could do (with a giving heart and a few moments of thoughtfulness and empathy for those in need) -- this chill coldness comes over rich people who hoard their wealth and spoil their families; without the money and stuff they're simply fearful simpletons who don’t know how to take care of themselves or live with just enough to get by.

The easy road or the hard road?

I’ve chosen the hard road every since I was old enough to choose (around 10 YOA), at least, I try my best to live my life in search of truth and meaning. If we don’t know why we are here, then why should we think we know anything? And if gaining materialistic and worldly things is the answer, then why?; unless we’re wanting to use it for the good of mankind. My guess is most people’s answer to WHY is: Because I’m selfish and don’t give a F…, I’m getting mine so I can be free and independent of every one of you idiot people.

Believe me, I’ve being trying to get free from all the idiot people too, as well as trying to not be an idiot people; truth is, there is no escape with money, cause it brings other problems poor people don’t have, such as attracting insincere and back stabbing people into your life as friends and spouses.

What is the meaning of existence?

If one doesn’t seek and find the answer to this question, then one doesn’t have a foundation to build their lives upon. No matter how long it takes, no matter what hard road it takes us down, we must continue to maintain a good conscience, as well as to seek and love the truth always.
The reason being: So we can live a life of peace and enjoy the things God does provide us with, the fruits of our honest labor, understanding the value of money is below the value of meaning and having a good conscience.

A good conscience is something people can’t buy; many celebrities and mega rich people are haunted and tormented by the shameful and perverse things they’ve done to get their fame, power, and money, i.e. their bad conscience -- they would give anything to have a clear and good conscience again, like when they were a child, yet can never forget the mistakes and bad things done...Everything  bad thing we've done we'll remember for our entire lives, and if we attained money, power, fame, wealth by embracing the idea that money is everything (is God) and betraying our good consciences, then all we’ll have upstairs is meaningless garble that'll fold the instance real adversity hits…

Taking the hard road, the road less traveled, is only useful when following the truth requires it; the caveat is, following and loving the truth in a world full of lies, requires the hard road very often. One learns to love it and abhor the other way most everyone else is haplessly on with no idea why.

Don’t give up on finding the truth, and remember, there can be only one truth, not infinite truths, because there are absolutes, such as we all can agree that there is something, rather than nothing, right?

No matter what it may be, everyone can agree that there is something going on here, there is something, rather than nothing...This means there is one truth, not infinite, because if there’s one absolute, then there’s an absolute, which means one truth…

God bless in Jesus Christ of Nazareth
Sincerely, Robbie LowdownO