Thursday, March 29, 2018

Control, Power, and the Sold Out American People

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There’s something really wrong with people today who've been conditioned into accepting that people who are homeless, or who can't afford to support themselves and their families, just aren’t trying hard enough; they say: “I've made it, so can they, or if not, who gives a flip, survival of the fittest (satanic mindset of not valuing all life with equal respect).

There's an entire class of people at the "top" (who work to run, or propagate, the Beast system at its main centers of power and wealth) who make an excess of money every month, we're talking $10K/month starting and up to $ 1M/month and more, for simply working in a cushy office somewhere, traveling, and other easy work; these, mostly sold out people, are those who make up the  high circles of fallen man’s society and culture -- at the top they openly worship Lucifer, Satan, through occult rituals, where dark and criminal things happen that defy human reason and enter into the insanely evil realm.

Let's get some perspective: America is a place where a journeyman roofer/tradesman that, say, works 40 to 50/ hrs/wk brings home at best $3500/month (more like $2.5k); to use towards supporting themselves, their wife, and their family.

Yet, for example, people on YouTube, MLM Marketers, plastic surgeons, activists, web developers, government bureaucrats, government contractors, those that enforce and administer the Beast system through financial means (the Robber Barons, the front men, the Rothschild Vatican Jew bankers and their secret societies buddies that spread the occult with deception, etc.), they're making hundreds of thousands a year and more, yet the honest working tradesman and worker is having trouble making $24k/year.

Whatever happened to wealthy people, who have superfulous amounts of money, actually investing into the communities and causes that are needed, giving charity to those beneath the wheel as Hesse would say? What ever happened to the people who came here during the colonial days and after who believed in helping each other out and defending our lives from the destruction of those that are evil and trying to subject us to tyranny and despotism? In other words, whatever happened to us believing the enemy is there at the Vatican and that Man of Sin sits there as the Papacy? 

If the people with surplus money invested directly in businesses and enterprises of their own creation in the communities they live and for the causes they believe in (instead of investing in the Beast system through their phony fiat currency/credit game, such as: foundations owned and funded by the NWO elite globalists, the stock market, retirement plans, 401K, savings accounts, venture capital for companies they are funding and creating to destroy us and take away our value of life, etc.), then our problems of violence and poverty would be alleviated that much.

As much as the mercy and charity of this country's people amounts to, will determine how long this country will keep going without tyranny and oppression overtaking us; as these (created on purpose by evil people) problems (Hegelian dialectic) always must be accompanied with a solution that "solves" them, yet this solution is manipulated to bring about a desired end by those purposely wicked people who rule this cursed world under Satan's domain. 

God is still with us, Jesus Christ has paid the penalty for our sins on the cross and overcame death through the resurrection, all we have to do is choose the Truth, the Way, and the love the truth, just accept the truth instead of the lies and live for it and by it, the Holy Bible in its inspired versions is the truth, the perfect and loving truth. 

Ignorant contrary people, who don’t understand or believe that modern slavery is going on in the U.S., just don't understand: not everyone who works hard and lives in America is able to live in a house/duplex/apartment; in fact, there are many hard working homeless people in the U.S. that can't afford to rent any place (just look at S. California, New York City, San Francisco ), and there are many (the majority of Americans) more that can barely afford rent, etc. -- always having to worry about financial insecurity.

Remember, those that resist the Beast system and know its deceptions, won't fit in and be accepted in a workforce that subscribes to the mainstream  and controlled alternative mediums of the NWO.

The working blue collar homeless shouldn't be a phrase that makes sense in a civilized country. 

Also, importantly, the working blue collar man (that's not homeless because both spouses work full-time in the Beast system) comes home to a wife, whom, increasingly, makes more money (usually, by working in an office for the government or in an industry subsidized and controlled by it) than him, therefor, she elevates the children as a shield and begins to take charge as the feminist society propagates. (Vatican led NWO agenda: destroy living wage jobs for men, elevate and create living wage jobs for women to fulfill the Satanic role reversal in the family).

The NWO knows exactly what they’re doing, the Devil is a very old being and much smarter than humans; for most people, it's not hard for Satan to fool them; it’s those truth seekers and dabblers that bother him, because he doesn’t want anyone to be moved by the truth and become convicted of their sins, to know that we've been wrong and have failed, thus, then repenting and coming closer to God through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior -- Satan doesn’t want this at all, and his main aim is to stop this from happening.

Like I said, most people are easy prey with the satanic conditioning being pummeled on them through education, government, culture, and society. Every main faucet of these mediums are completely controlled, censored and concocted by the sourcerers and satanist behind the agents of power and control.

The American people selling out (selling their souls) for control, power, and money, is the main aim of the ruling elite, not to make money; they created the fiat currency as a farce, never believing, even themselves, that it has any real value; rather, in the meantime, they've collected all the valuable gold, silver, and precious jewels, however they could and can...Sold out people who don't love the truth are easy to control and deceive.

The Vatican is the manifest token of this perdition, hell's doorstep is that seat of Satan on seven hills, with purple and scarlet clothing, drinking the blood of the innocent saints from a golden cup with precious jewels -- drinking the blood of the martyrs of Jesus Christ, the millions upon millions of victims murdered and tortured by Satan’s church, represented there at the Vatican.

Control and power, without anyone knowing who has it, this is the trick that deceives nearly everyone, after the decades and centuries of  the American and European people marinating in their wicked pot of Mystery Babylon brew, manifested in modern times notably as Marxist social engineering w/Kinsey and Crowley morality and philosophy, people are finally ready to be harvested for destruction as the gullible people they’ve been brainwashed to be.

Such a fine effort they give every day, these demonic agents with manifested secret societies and hordes of sold-out foot soldiers, to shamelessly smile and act like they care as they rape and kill the innocent with power hungry glee; I mean, we have to give them credit, they’ve done a fine job of turning a once Protestant colony (where tens of millions of Bible believing Christians fled to from the Satanic reach of Rome, which was hard at work to destroy Bible believing Christians from the beginning of their reign, especially since 1517 and the beginning of the Protestant Reformation in Germany, when Martin Luther officially started the righteous protest against Satan’s church) into another Catholic stronghold -- the 4th Reich.

What are people selling out for? Why does the vast majority of American people believe the narrative of the mainstream media and their controlled alternative mediums? It’s because they don’t have a love of the truth, so God is sending them a strong delusion so they’ll believe a lie and be damned. 2 Thessalonians 2:10-11

That’s why people are selling out for money, getting in bed with people that have a lot of it, either through business or sexually; these ugly, nasty circles of wealth and power in America are rotten to the core, and they do nothing but grow their vanity, lusts, and greed.

When a blue collar hard working man can’t support himself and a family of 3 to 5 when working full-time at an honest labor job, then there’s something wrong with America!

We have ceased to be a place where equality matters, now all we have is a bunch of deluded, feminist-minded, useless idiots, spouting out their controlled propaganda like good Leninist and Stalinist do and always have.

Satan works with the same tactics as always, just with different mediums and movements, peoples, etc. There's nothing new under the sun... Ecclesiastes 1:9

The truth is the truth, and it’s apparent to those that love it, yet not to those who would rather have an easy life now, rather than the hard life that comes with knowing, loving, and seeking the truth. With much knowledge comes much sorrow.

Do you love and seek the truth? Or, have you sold out to the liars and wicked who control this world?

Mark 8:36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?